Open voting for the best Croatian restaurants “100 leading Croatian restaurants – Restaurant Croatica”

first_imgThe 23rd annual elections for 100 leading Croatian restaurants organized by the Gastronaut Club are underway.The project of 100 leading Croatian restaurants – Restaurants Croatica is a project of encouraging quality in catering through the annual elections of leading and publishing an accompanying publication. It was initiated in 1995, and the basic idea was to do market research on which restaurants best meet the needs of guests and highlight the leaders in order to motivate others to improve the quality of offer and service.The whole story began back in 1995, when the survey covered about 700 restaurants, while in 2017 that number climbed to over 2400 restaurants. Part of the voting is conducted over , and voters can further emphasize the quality of the offer, service and ambience. In parallel, caterers, restaurant managers vote for 10 of their colleagues, and fill out questionnaires with a detailed description of their offer and service. The final word after reviewing all the materials is given by the Honorary Committee of the project, which announces a new list of 100 leaders.The project of 100 leading Croatian restaurants is being implemented by the company Abisal in cooperation with the Association of Croatian Restaurateurs. Comparing the data from the questionnaire for restaurant managers from year to year, we noticed an increase in the offer and details that can motivate the guest to return, long-term investments in the quality of the offer and education of staff and numerous events in restaurants. The title of 100 leaders has become prestigious over the years, and caterers are aware that even today they can defend or earn it only if they are recommended by many satisfied guests throughout Croatia. “Pointed out prof. Karin Mimica is the project manager and editor of 100 leading Croatian restaurants.Restaurant MOnte, Rovinj100 leading restaurants are presented with their offer, natural and historical environment in the annual edition of the same name, which is published every year in print and online Croatian and English editions in May / June. The content of the edition has been expanded with recipes from leading specialties in order for the edition to retain its place in the home library even after the appearance of new annual editions. The book also advertises producers of quality and top wines and groceries, as well as gastronomic events. You can browse the last few editions Online. ” The quality of the restaurant grows from year to year, they watch what is happening outside, they connect, they educate so that absolutely the whole gastro story develops for the better from year to year. The market develops through two segments, one is creativity and the other is autochthony, which is an ideal combination”Concludes Mimica.Reward those who work hard, develop restaurants that are quality and that you can personally recommend. You can vote hereRelated news: DAYS OF ADRIATIC SQUIDS IN NORTHWESTERN ISTRIA AS A TRUE GUIDE TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF OUR TOURISM


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