Advent in Zagreb generated over half a billion kuna in spending

first_imgFor the period of the first 30 days (December 01.12-December 31.12.2017, 23) compared to last year, Advent in Zagreb recorded 110.707% (23) more arrivals and 199.752% (30) overnight stays compared to the first 2016 days of ADVENT XNUMX. stand out from the Zagreb Tourist Board.In the mentioned period, there were 36.380 domestic tourist arrivals (11% growth) and 74.327 foreign tourists (30% growth), while out of the total overnight stays, 61.078 domestic tourists (15% growth) and foreign tourists 138.674 (27% growth). Most foreign arrivals were from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, and overnight stays from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia, Germany.Consumption generated exclusively by Advent in Zagreb should be higher than last year, when according to a study by the Institute of Tourism last year generated in the range of 390 to 438 million kuna, while this year it is estimated that due to the growth of overnight stays and arrivals, consumption generated by Advent amount to more than half a billion. And that is the best proof of the thesis that the organization of events is not a cost but an investment.After three consecutive years of winning the title of the best Advent in Europe, the Tourist Board pointed out that they will no longer apply. No matter what anyone thinks about the mentioned title, it is just the icing on the cake and an opportunity to promote the destination very well, and that is exactly what the Tourist Board made great use of. So, whatever others think, Advent in Zagreb is a big hit, and TZGZ took advantage of the opportunity and cashed in the title of the best Christmas destination in Europe. The figures on the growth of arrivals and overnight stays, as well as on the generated consumption, show how relevant it is, and that is where the story about the relevance of the European Best Destinations portal ends. The title of the best Christmas destination is as relevant as the Tourist Board makes it relevant, and the Tourist Board succeeded in that and branded the whole story very well, and in the end it charged.This is exactly the meaning of events, to become a motive for coming and to generate tourist consumption, which is again dispersed horizontally and vertically in several industries. And that’s it, a rounded circle.Related news:FULLING DECLARED THE BEST CONTENT AT ZAGREB ADVENTlast_img read more

Revenues from tourism are up 10 percent

first_imgAccording to the Croatian National Bank (CNB), in the first nine months of 2017, revenues from tourism amounted to 8 billion and 724 million euros, which compared to the same period last year (7 billion and 902 million euros) represents a growth of 10 percent, or 822 million euros.In the third quarter, ie July, August and September 2017, revenues from tourism amounted to 5 billion and 992 million euros from foreign guests, which compared to the same period last year (5 billion and 459 million euros) is an increase of 10 percent, or 533 million euros.In the first nine months, the share of revenues from travel – tourism in total GDP in current prices was 24 percent, which is 0,9 percentage points more than in the same period last year.We will have to wait a little longer for the final balance of income and the share of tourism in GDP, because the CNB has so far published data for last year at the end of March or the beginning of April.The problem is not in tourism, but in the poor state of the economy It is very bad when the State depends so much on one sector, and especially on tourism, where one rainy year that you cannot influence can lead the State into “bankruptcy” or current security issues. It would be optimal if the share of tourism in GDP is a maximum of 5 percent, but the main problem is not tourism, as all other sectors are not at a much better level. Especially production and exports, which in addition to tourism (year-round) should be our main industries. The share of tourism in Croatia is by far the highest in Europe, but again, this is not a problem of tourism, but of the poor situation in the country, ie all other economic sectors.Related news:RECORD TOURIST YEAR: 102 MILLION NIGHTS ACHIEVED LAST YEARlast_img read more

The proposal of the Law on Maritime Property and Seaports was presented

first_imgAs the goals of the new Law on Maritime Property and Seaports, which was presented today at the session of the Tourist Business Council of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce by State Secretary in the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Maja Markovčić Kostelac, the need for maritime property as a specific concession object was clarified. which meet investors-concessionaires and potential concessionaires in practice and respect for the maritime domain as an ecologically and touristically important element of Croatia’s identity in Europe and the world. “We have high expectations from this law, as well as from the Law on Tourist Land, as the flywheel of a new investment cycle in tourism. Currently, the law in some segments does not take into account the situation on the ground, and there is a legal mess regarding concessions because it is not harmonized with the Law on Concessions. Another problem we face is of a land-book nature. Based on the views received so far by the members of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce on the draft law, there are opposing views, but we hope that, guided by the principles of economic efficiency and sustainability, we will reach a compromise., “Said the Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Agriculture and Tourism Dragan Kovačević, emphasizing that the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will submit the collected opinions to the Ministry and that from now on the sessions of the Tourist Business Council will be thematically conceived with regard to current segments of the tourism sector.State Secretary Maja Markovčić Kostelac pointed out the Law on Maritime Property and Seaports as the most important for economic development and preservation of the sea and coast as the most important resources, along with the Maritime Code and the Law on Harbor Master’s Offices as a remnant of the Ministry’s legislative framework. announced the recent opening of a public hearing on the proposal.Hotel & Marina Nautica, Novigrad / Photo: Photo: Ziga Intihar”With the proposal of the Law, we want to increase the competitiveness of the economy, reduce administrative barriers and achieve a balance in all this, given the need for simultaneous protection of resources. The zero point in this is the determination of the border of the maritime domain and the acceleration of the process of registration of the maritime domain. The new Act sets a three-year deadline for determining the maritime domain boundary for the entire coast. Competence for determining the border is transferred to the units of regional self-government, and an urgent procedure for registration is prescribed, “Said Markovčić Kostelac.Markovčić Kostelac also touched on the issue of illegally constructed buildings on the maritime domain, which the goal is to legalize if they are not contrary to the spatial plan of a certain area. She also pointed out the maritime inspection as one of the weak points, whereby the new law would expand the powers of the existing inspection, and give new ones to communal and port wardens.For the economic use of maritime property, two institutes are established, concessions and permits. Markovčić Kostelac pointed out the possibility of introducing only a permanent part of the concession fee for individual concessions, and based on the conducted zoning of the coast, the initial amounts of the concession fee for each individual economic activity and zone will be determined. Revenues from licenses on the maritime domain are divided equally in half With the aim of raising the competitiveness and efficiency of ports open to public traffic, the Port Authority becomes responsible for the direction and traffic of cargo and passengers with the basic goal of economic growth of the port it manages. Investments in the port should be exempted from paying the utility fee by the new Law, and in terms of revenues from the concession fee, the fee for maritime property paid by boat owners for personal needs would be abolished. Revenues from the concession fee would be divided as follows: 35% in favor of the budget of the local self-government unit, 35% in favor of the regional self-government, and 30% in favor of the state budget. Revenues from licenses on maritime domain are divided so that 50% goes to the budget of the local unit, and 50% to the budget of the regional self-government. After the presentation of the bill, during a discussion with representatives of the tourism sector, State Secretary Markovčić Kostelac pointed out the issue of granting concessions for beaches as allocating a large area to one business entity can have a negative effect on the rest of the economy and the whole place.Representatives of the sector, specifically hoteliers and camp owners, pointed out that the beach directly in front of the facility is a key part of their offer and maintaining the desired categorization. As one of the solutions, they proposed the introduction of the right to a certain advantage to the concession, and pointed out the problem of expiration of concessions, where representatives of hoteliers and camps proposed that in upcoming tenders can be valued concessionaires who have previously managed certain maritime assets and invested into him.last_img read more

Croatia Airlines recorded the jubilee 40 millionth passenger

first_imgLet us remind you that the first commercial flight of Croatia Airlines was performed on May 5, 1991 from Zagreb to Split, while the connection of Croatia with the world began on April 5, 1992, with the first international flight on the route Zagreb – Frankfurt. The jubilee passenger of Croatia Airlines was also awarded by the Zagreb International Airport with a gift voucher worth 100 euros, usable in the airport’s duty free shop. Members of the Management Board of MZL Zagreb congratulated the national airline on its 30th anniversary and 40.000.000 passengers were safely transported, wishing that successful business cooperation would continue in the future. Yesterday, Croatia Airlines recorded the forty millionth passenger in its history. The jubilee passenger is Ivanka Čandrlić from Zabok, and he was recorded on a regular international flight from Frankfurt to Zagreb. Source / photo: Croatia Airlines At a special ceremony at Zagreb Airport, which was held at around 11 am after the landing of the plane from Frankfurt, the President of the Management Board of Croatia Airlines, Jasmin Bajić, awarded 40.000.000. passengers with two free business class tickets for one of the European destinations of the company, at the choice of the passengers. “We are extremely pleased to have recorded the forty millionth passenger in the year in which we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the company. An additional symbolism is that the jubilee passenger was recorded on the line on which we made our first international flight in 1992 and thus began to connect Croatia with the world.”, Said the head of Croatia Airlines Jasmin Bajić at today’s ceremony.  The company’s aircraft have so far operated more than 610.000 flights, carrying 11.800.000 passengers in scheduled domestic traffic, 25.300.000 passengers on scheduled international flights and 2.900.000 passengers on non-scheduled (charter) flights.last_img read more

ETC: European tourism demand remains stable despite an unstable global economy

first_imgReflecting the general slowdown in the global economy, the report says the average increase in passenger kilometers in global revenue, an indicator of airline demand, has been 4,1 percent in the past three months, well below the average expansion rate of 6,1 percent in the last ten years. Annual growth in the number of air passengers is slowing down in Europe faster than in any other region. It fell from 6,9 percent, as recorded in April, to 5,4 percent in August. Of particular interest in the third quarter was the fact that Montenegro maintained an 18 percent growth momentum due to a large influx of tourists from Western Europe, while the depreciation of the lira continued to play a vital role in Turkey’s tourism performance with an equally impressive 15 percent increase. Arrivals in Iceland, on the other hand, fell 14 percent due to the strengthening of the crown and the collapse of Wow Air. Although intra-regional demand plays a key role in increasing the number of tourists in Europe, large source markets still have a significant impact, especially in the US. The third quarter report shows that several European destinations witnessed an increased number of arrivals from the US to Southeast Europe – Turkey (+ 32%), Greece (+ 21%) and Cyprus (+ 27%). Chinese demand for European destinations is still quite high – almost all destinations are seeing an increase in Chinese arrivals and / or overnight stays. Eduardo Santander, CEO of ETC, said that “this latest report points out that the demand for travel to Europe is solid, with a steady increase in the number of tourists across the continent. Despite challenges, such as the threat of ‘Brexit without an agreement’ and the collapse of several airlines, European destinations continue to record positive arrival rates. Europe needs to focus on developing long-term sustainable management solutions so that tourism can flourish, not just grow.” American and Chinese tourists continue to visit Europe en masse “Brexit without an agreement” will have a lasting effect on the United Kingdom According to the ETC, although things in the European tourism sector seem stable, the biggest risk lies in not exploiting existing opportunities by encouraging more sustainable and inclusive tourism approaches.center_img The latest quarterly report includes a special supplement analyzing the impact of “Brexit without an agreement” on tourism in Europe. According to the report, the combined effect of economic and non-economic factors related to “Brexit without an agreement” would cause a 7 percent drop in outbound travel in the UK in 2020 and a 8 percent drop in 2021. The report also states that “Brexit without a deal” have a lasting impact on the decline in departures from the United Kingdom, which would certainly be a concern for many European destinations. Slowing air traffic growth in Europe According to the latest report of the European Travel Commission (ETC) called “European tourism – trends and prospects” for the third quarter of 2019, European tourism demand remains at a positive level, but with a slightly slower growth compared to the last two years. Destinations continue to grow at a modest pace, and the overall regional outlook remains positive (3-4 percent increase in international arrivals in 2019), reports ETC. You can find the full report HERE. Source / photo: European Travel Commission; Pixabaylast_img read more

WTM London in a virtual edition this year

first_imgWe are organizing a completely virtual event that takes place from November 9 to 11, and the main goal is to help, recover, rebuild and shape the travel industry at the moment when it is most needed, they point out from the WTM fair. This year’s WTM in London will take place from 09 to 11 November 2020, but in a virtual edition. By the way, this is the second most important tourist b2b fair, which featured more than 5500 exhibitors from 180 countries and is visited annually by more than 50 tourism professionals, tourism ministers and other close departments and media representatives.center_img After 40 years, WTM London 2020 is coming to you – is the announcement of this year’s fair. last_img read more

Don’t be fooled by North Korean charm

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionI’m appalled at recent articles from the New York Times printed in The Gazette, and similar stories from CNN and NBC, which treat North Korea as a normal nation and Kim Yo Jong as charming. North Korea may be the worst place on Earth, thanks to Kim Yo Jong and her brother. I lived in Seoul for a year and recently traveled back there, and I follow Korean politics. It’s difficult to summarize how the tragic history tears at the hearts of the Korean people. Koreans are one people, yet a significant fraction of them live in an Orwellian dictatorship in North Korea, where people suffer with diseases that would be easily treatable in South Korea, where hospitals often have no running water, where people even starve to death — except for the few who live like Kim Yo Jong. Even friends of the dictator sometimes fall out of favor and are brutally murdered (his own aunt and uncle). You may read the shocking tales of defectors, if you have a strong stomach. Those suffering are the close relatives of the free people of the democratic South.As for South Korea, current president Moon Jae-In (whose name, appropriately, is a homonym of problem person) won the recall election with 41 percent of the vote because the opposition split votes amongst several candidates. He has always been a strong proponent of closer ties to the brutal dictatorship. This “reunification at any cost” cry may resonate with college students and some others, but not with those who remember the horrible invasion of South Korea by Kim Jong-Eun’s (and Kim Yo Jong’s) grandfather and its aftermath. The entire nation suffered under Japanese occupation, and suffering was prolonged for all by the actions of the North. Sadly, for those in the North, it continues to this day, despite the ludicrous charm offensive.As terrible as the news coverage of Kim Yo Jong has been, it’s matched by the outrageous comment of NBC’s “Asia expert” Joshua Cooper Ramo about “every” Korean respecting Japan. But that’s another story.James T. OrrNiskayunaMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationPuccioni’s two goals help Niskayuna boys’ soccer top Shaker, remain perfectEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censuslast_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Nov. 17

first_imgArea lost an icon in Raymond ZantaAnother icon passes away with the passing of Raymond Zanta. Our area has lost a great man who was a mentor to many barbers in our area plying their trade over his past 64 years. Besides his many civic achievements mentioned in his obituary, he was also a member and fine supporter of his Barbers Union Local 107. Rest in peace my friend. I remain one of your early students.Richard DiCristofaroRotterdam JunctionIf no pressure, then no impeachmentPresident Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, “ There was no pressure.”End of impeachment inquiry.However, the Democrats have chosen to start the circus back up with this. They take a secondhand (maybe third or fourth) account from an unknown “whistleblower” and run with it. Crazy is as crazy does.Brian BaldwinBurnt HillsManage your money better to pay off debtStudent debt is a hot topic right now. Should it be forgiven? Some of my friends seem to think, so according to the memes they regularly post.But many of those friends also “live their best lives” buying houses at the edge of bank approval, taking expensive vacations, buying new cars or constantly posting pictures of meals at restaurants.Through purposeful decisions and a planned budget, I paid off my student debt. I know what it’s like to feel like it is impossible to pay off such overwhelming amounts of money, but I did it and so can everyone else.The answer is money management, not putting the burden on taxpayers, many of whom have not acquired student debt of their own. There are financial advisers that can help create payoff plans or online financial videos and websites to help you do it yourself, such as my favorite, Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball Plan. Take control of your finances and take control of your life.Christal Wheeler-ClelandScotiaMore from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionCome up with better plan for McDonald’sI attended the recent meeting at which plans for renovating McDonald’s were discussed (“Plans emerge for upper Union Street McDonald’s renovation in Schenectady,” Nov. 7).I was deeply disappointed in the plans for the site. I have concerns about both safety and aesthetics.Safety: The developers suggest adding an egress onto Union Street, creating another driveway across the sidewalk in this pedestrian-heavy neighborhood.They did not share traffic data, but it seems inevitable that adding another drive-through would increase the number of cars visiting the site. A similar McDonald’s is located on Route 50 in Glenville, a four-lane road with a turning lane.Aesthetics: The developers plan to demolish the building that currently houses Mr. Wasabi and Simon’s Menswear.It seems the McDonald’s building itself will stay about the same size but will be shifted 25 feet closer to Keyes. This means the parking lot on the Dean Street side of the site will get approximately 25 feet wider. Site plans also showed almost no landscaping to screen the huge expanse of blacktop from the neighborhood.So much work has gone into making the Upper Union Street corridor what it is today; shops and restaurants clustered in a walkable setting, with a harmonious business image.The McDonald’s as presented, taking up more than half a city block, would be unsafe and a blemish in an otherwise attractive district.If developers cannot come up with a better plan, I hope the Planning Board will reject the project.Gillian ScottSchenectadyState bail reform bill needs to be revisedWhile I fully support responsible bail reform, I voted no on the legislation set to take effect next year.I can agree that there’s no reason to hold non-violent minor offenders who pose no danger to public safety on cash bail, but this legislation goes too far.Under the new law, beginning next year, police will be forced to release criminals of violent crimes, burglaries, drug trafficking and grand larcenies.Any reform package should allow judges to hold offenders that pose a danger to others based on the seriousness of each crime and prior offenses.Keeping our communities safe is a continuing challenge. Our police departments and law enforcement agencies work at that challenge every day.But this new law makes the work of deterring crime much more difficult. The state Legislature should reconsider this bill altogether before it begins to eat away at public safety.As legislators we cannot lose sight of what it takes to keep crime down.Angelo SantabarbaraSchenectadyThe writer represents the 111th Assembly District in the state Legislature.last_img read more

… but still winning business in Europe

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Far from the madding crowd

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