Personal Adsense how to make money using MobileMarket

Wang Jianzhou: today 3G network is China’s large-scale construction, at the same time, a large number of intelligent mobile phone is in training for popularization, so in this case, vigorously develop the application of mobile phone market ripe. Due to the large number of mobile phone users in China, coupled with the high quality of mobile communication networks all over the country, the mobile phone application market will form a very large scale. It is a new development opportunity for all enterprises in the industry chain. read more

Gold Rush 5 years of persistence

early readers should be aware of the gold rush, I created the original intention of the gold rush station is to make money by teaching novice online money. And this profit is not profit from the novice, but profit from the recommended platform. Then the idea is quite simple, recommend a beginner into a Wangzhuan platform, he can also get some money I smoke.

and if the number of recommendations can be expanded to 500, and is a fixed, loyal readers, then the benefits must be. In fact, after 2 years of accumulation, a group of loyal readers I have their own, each recommended a feasible project Wangzhuan can quickly pull to a large number of referrals. The number of loyal downline is still growing with time, there is a new blood to join, but also to give up, but in general, the new blood to join far greater than the number of people to give up. read more

What do you want to make money the fastest network marketing opportunities

business opportunities in the information age, what to do business to make money fast, do what is the fastest to make money is one of the many entrepreneurs are most concerned about. But what kind of business is to make money fast? Ten thousand investment, a year to recover the 1 million! "," what is the shortest, so easily earn a lot of money "and other enticing scam too much, everything looks like a God arranged for their rapid profit opportunities, so in the brain fever driven, many entrepreneurs will can’t help the chain fell into the trap, being a little read more

Open a website can make money

Open a website can make money? Uncover the mystery of Internet MLM???

"online marketing is a challenge is an opportunity!

is a business opportunity or a trap?

The survey found:


a "money Guayou" MLM website to see a very "wonderful" words –

read more

Small flow website profit model

now there are a lot of online SEO optimization, website ranking, the provision of Web site traffic. However, if you have done some work, but is not included, site traffic, whether you have discouraged? But if you although the website flow is small, but still see some income, you are not able to cheer up? This is the purpose of this paper, the flow of small, we have the same income. This is our reason to go on. As long as we stick to it, the flow will always come up slowly, the flow up, and your income will come rolling. The following experience does not involve any cheating! read more

Reduced integration difficulty attracting channel partners

And most of the pure ISV, like how to sell software was once the most troublesome problem in Beijing tornado company. Because sales can be said to be a weakness of this kind of company. But now, the tornado company in the software products how to sell on the issue made some experience. Even, there are other ISV come from.

since its core value is the technology and product advantages, so weak sales Never mind can not go directly to do, end user. Based on this idea, the tornado focus back from the terminal user is transferred, in close cooperation with channel partners, the formation of industry division of labor service and value system, establish and improve the system of channels. read more

Webmaster essential software

webmaster software to do the main conditions with some software tools for maintaining the website when involved.

from the first page three musketeers about it, the so-called "Three Musketeers Macromedia Dreamweaver Flash

is Fireworks!

Macromedia Dreamweaver the main function is to write code in visual design ", we often use it daily site maintenance, because the visual interface it can make some people do not understand the program is easy to modify the page. Flash is the production of animation software, some of the most beautiful animation ads are from its hand. In addition to the production of animation, commonly used in the production of related dimensions of advertising animation. Fireworks image processing software, the image can be divided into ", most of the time with the use of Dreamweaver, but Fireworks is not a supporting role, the animation is very powerful, a lot of GIF animation are from his hand. read more

To do Wangzhuan friends and not to earn money

if you do Wangzhuan, whether you are new or veteran, if you don’t make money, you can take a look at this article.

1 you are not in the back of the day with others, to see who made money, received the money, the account number more, and then follow up. Then I tell you, you’ll never get it. Lu Xun said: to be the first person to eat crab. You don’t dare to eat. Others eat you eat cooked head? Stir others to eat, you eat beef broth. Eat your own personality.

2 you are not in all day thinking about whether their income increase, the account is more of a few good? If it is, then you thought Wangzhuan have serious problems. As a student day score, do a few exercises to solve, we all know that this is counterproductive. It is said that the soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers, but most of the generals who want to be generals were killed. People don’t want to make money is not a good Wangzhuan, so most people want to make money online Wangzhuan owners buried by competitors. read more

Taobao customers make money mentality decision outlet

now do Wangzhuan, the most popular is the Taobao customer, with the publicity of Taobao passenger, and Billboard’s temptation, now engaged in Taobao off force is growing, more and more people to do Taobao customers, the inevitable competition is big, in Taoke way to earn money it is very difficult, the previous method is not suitable for the. So I want to make money from the Amoy Road, will have to explore new ideas and methods.

We all know that

is the best way to do Amoy Amoy to build a website, this is a must, to build what kind of website promotion what? We have recently seen on weight loss breast ranking sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like smoke, so now you go to follow this station has to die, keywords are accounted for. So we have to continue to think constantly sum up, and open up the way to make money Taobao. Some people do Shopping for Refund, should I also do this, my Babanu Shopping for Refund network ( to do a period of time, but the effect is not very good, there are several large sites, such as the 51 rebate network has to return now to seize the market, but they do PPC, it is difficult from here to break. We have to do now have to do less, do have their own website, can make a small classification, designed to do the same, for example, specializing in computer peripheral, cross stitch, small range can do it so fine, so as to attract people, the user viscosity will be high. Do these popular is also a good idea and method. We are in a promotion, also want to think more, in many ways, now thin out, a lot of people are playing this, then we can get a little up to product promotion, then you must have a certain number of fans, promote the products according to the season, according to your fans and consumption habits for example, now is the summer consumption capacity, you can choose some toilet water, ice pad, notebook cooling fake sunscreen ah, these products are very easy to clinch a deal, so you came to the commission. Promotion does not have to be yourself, you can go to the Witkey publishing task, let others help you back, you only need to give them a little tip, they may help you earn a lot, you also worry and effort, put more effort in thinking of how to do the guest, or plan of action steps you. That is to say we have a mind to do the boss, boss why money, why employees output also can not earn much money, the boss is a day of work for the project, looking for a partner or investment planning, Taobao customers should also be like the boss this thought and action. read more

Some personal experience about website operation

first explained that this article is not my original, in the original text on the basis of my years of operational experience to join. If you have any questions please leave a message to my BLOG.


operator involved knowledge very much, including software, databases, search engines, each site layout, marketing, economic management and other aspects of knowledge and wisdom. So in the hope that everyone can understand and will see a wider vision, rather than just the keyword selection, link building as the core of the evaluation of operators. Of course, the choice of key words is a kind of wisdom between ideas, such as air tickets booking, ticket booking, you said the customer will enter what to search? This is a high probability event or small probability of choice, for a keyword ranking, will bring the actual conversion rate; while the link building is to get the ranking of the foundation, good link building will get good rankings. But still that sentence, first ask your website has no reason to rank, of course, promotion, sponsorship except. Here no matter what your misunderstanding of the operator, but from my point of view: read more

Robin Li entrepreneurship 12 years entrepreneurial spirit to change the fate of Engineers


Bill · Gates won the world’s richest man for 18 years, who will care about windows operating system known as Windows, the actual patent belongs to the famous Xerox copier products; if Baidu did not create, who would know the basic patent search engine "Robin Li’s super chain analysis" even more than Google Page Rank two years earlier……

as the world’s largest source of technical information, patent contains world technology information from 90% to 95%, while the vast majority of engineers contains bizarre inventions as their master, as the withdrawal time become the historical background: some are permanently stored in the patent office in the papers all over the world, and "change the world" missed some are inventors; in addition to explore the achievements of its creator, elusive business empire and brand myth. read more

Google AdSense cannot access page error

in the early hours of the morning, to see their own Google AdSense account, found that the contents of the page turned out to be a multi language error message. As follows:

below for the reference:

The Google  AdSense website temporarily Please try later.
We apologize for any is unavailable. back inconvenience.

Google AdSense of web is a Japanese and those in the nursing period ICDRG: at Ma’s estate. After the test and was once again. On the last national nursing and may last longer yo ~ masu ICDRG: ~ masu.
and number of hands and, or mount ICDRG: coding language and O ~ masu and surprised: ICDRG: ~ masu. read more

Relead tell you the position and the phone number of the site visitors

recently, the emergence of a website called Relead visitor source analysis company, claiming to be able to turn visitors into the sales channels". Relead is a unique and mysterious visitor information database, its function is powerful enough to query the visitors personal information, archives of the company even before the visitor contact analysis tools cannot access to information.

Relead can accurately locate the visitor’s information, while analyzing the value of the visitors may bring and whether they are interested in your product or web site. Such information is of great value to any enterprise. read more

believe that self Wangzhuan experience sharing

time always let people in the past, when you chat online, time will be in your words in the past. When you play online games, the time will not be able to find who they are in the past, when you do not know what to do when the time is not in the sense of passage. What is it? Think about yourself, has been wandering in the virtual network for 6 years, in the past 6 years, I do not know what they are doing, games, chat, read novels…… , can not find their own. Until June 08, a chance to see on the Internet for free money, I thought this is also good, the money in the network, a very hairy occupation. So go online to find information. May be tired of the Internet some false things, really do not want to waste their light shade in ignorance, so every day I was beside the computer, go to Baidu search some of higher things, want to find a good way to make money, I did the investigation. Hang up surfing, click on the mail, BUX PTC and other free Wangzhuan abroad. read more

How to make good use of the resources of government Tencent and Alibaba

future social development will make more and more people become service providers, that is, entrepreneurs. Ma has raised the small and the United States does make sense, it is not what he wants, but more and more fine division of labor in the process of social development.

As the founder of

, a way of adhering to lean entrepreneurial ideas, founding executive team is versatile, as CEO, I was born in various positions, due to market, so to promote the more advance planning.

in the app is still in the development stage, began to consider the future of marketing issues, we are very clear, if the product solves the problem of trust, it will attract more users. Here to share with you how I step by step to improve our products in the current Internet environment, the basic trust. read more

15 2010 to beware of scam Wangzhuan

English: freezing Wangzhuan forum webmaster inexhaustible ways to make money online, and constantly update the pattern. A lot of friends through the Internet to a part-time job to earn some money, but the novice friends Chushe Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, with a superb collection of beautiful things inevitably confused and disoriented, I do not know how to start. A liar is the use of novice friends to make money and do not understand the Wangzhuan psychological deception, and often succeed. Now I finished recently in 2009 the forum, which often occur Wangzhuan scam, hope can help Chushe Wangzhuan the friend, I hope you read carefully, and remember. In the new year in 2010, can be smoothly wangzhuan. At the same time to welcome the freezing Wangzhuan Forum (, communication and learning. read more

Ali CEO Wei Zhe B2B three four two hole rate

Wei Zhe proposed Chinese B2B industry history far exceeds the B2C business, but has not ushered in a large outbreak, a large factor is the law of development of the industry and the development of the real economy on the contrary, when the recession has B2B industry growth.

he also pointed out that B2B is the cake industry rather than making a cake, cut into the platform vertical industry must meet the "fight", "poly", B2B2.0 is a chemical reaction, the financial attribute is born, need to meet the "three poor" – regional difference, the scale difference and time difference; expansion needs to pay attention to the "four the rate of" coverage rate, conversion rate, repurchase rate, permeability. Finally, Wei Zhe remind B2B entrepreneurs do not fall into the "two hole" subsidy trap, only pay attention to KPI transactions. read more

Chinese entrepreneurs imagination to learn American work to learn Japanese

Abstract: now, many entrepreneurs can get a lot of resources and support is not good enough in the early days, not because of the ability, but imagination after lack of vigor, is like a wonderful beginning, behind vague; or simply dare not to think, give yourself a cap that everywhere the wall was abandoned.

in the autumn of 2015, former general manager of China before the impression of taking leave. Now, she and Ventures capital (Hemi) to manage the identity of the partner once again into public view. read more

Beauty shot deft small lips to activate the social is mobile video belong

Abstract: whether the beauties of the beauty shot, or quick, small lips, or headline video, test their comprehension and understanding are the contents of the. This is the same as ten years ago, Tencent, the ability to transform the formation of a huge flow pool, and finally to activate social.

2016 coming to an end, mobile video in a short video broadcast, but as the representative of staged a big circle, behind the story is the climax of the mobile video and social imagination, the United States took the parent company to be listed on the U.S. chart. According to foreign media reports, the United States figure has identified 8.5 Hong Kong dollars stock; the company has Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty camera several explosive goods, has been trying to transition to social community tools, in addition to the United States to shoot, listed on the eve of Mito also launched a social chat — "flash chat", aimed at young users the main groups of fancy chat. Unfamiliar street is also telling the story of social and mobile video everywhere. In this mobile video bonus period has passed, accelerate the stalls stalls, socializing is really the home of mobile video read more