How to do the work of the store management will not bother to come

set up shop to do business is a very normal thing, different shopkeepers, there will be a different way to deal with. In short, the shop to do business, always dealing with people everywhere, a lot of trouble is not often, small trouble is constantly. How to deal with these small stones on the road easy feet of business? I summed up, to do a good job in the three stages of store management.

first, the problem should be timely prevention in the bud. For example, this year the big rain, often garbage is the rain rushed into the streets, contain many shops, the shop and I had never seen such a situation. Because every morning I clean the door one night and make sure there is no rubbish on the ground. This habit slowly affects the surrounding shops, we keep the environment very well. A few years ago, I have read a report that some retail stores are rubbish around, very unsightly, not what popularity, as can be imagined. read more

Do you know where to open the bathroom shop location in general

with people’s living standard and consumption ability gradually improved, many people love to shop and enjoy the luxury of sanitary treatment, if you want to open this store, then the store location is generally in the bathroom? For the site store is the success of the first step of success is a very important step, about today the location of small open bathroom store for you to analyze, to see where the most appropriate


different regions have different characteristics of shops, bustling business district and street shops, but the high cost of rent. Densely populated large and medium-sized residential areas, the source of stability, but the direction of business is limited. Suburban residential communities supporting shops, bathroom products to open a slightly more biased position, but there is a greater price advantage and development potential. Therefore, entrepreneurs in the choice of store opening, can’t hold anxious or blindly mentality, and should be based on their own entrepreneurial projects and economic strength to determine the best location open bathroom products agency. Open the bathroom products agency in heavy traffic, a bustling bustling area, the chances of success are often much higher than ordinary lots. read more

How much money is needed to join the sushi restaurant

people in the pursuit of healthy nutrition delicious food 3 found that the Japanese sushi is a good feature of food and beverage. Now people love to eat some fresh food, sushi as a kind of healthy and nutritious snacks, nature is warmly welcomed by the people, that want to invest in a sushi snack stores much? Wo Road Xuan sushi is the well-known brands, and don’t need a lot of money to join a strong brand, to create a professional sushi restaurant.

so many sushi brands in the market to choose what is better. How much does it cost to invest in this store? Look at the following Xiaobian for you: read more

Female entrepreneurs choose to invest in the project is very easy to start a successful business

the most recent period, investment advisers received a lot of female entrepreneurs in the mail, ask what are the female entrepreneurs in 2013 to do? Now, let’s take a look at it!

for aromatherapy industry, there is a woman where there is opportunity. Spa, aromatherapy is increasingly recognized and welcomed by fashion ladies. In addition to the female market, aromatherapy has developed to the daily life in every corner, for different groups of people. You can open a clothing store or flavoring, dry aromatherapy shop, or process or DIY aromatherapy fragrance lamp shop, shop, I believe there will be no small market prospects.

now transfer and computer technology together in the application area has been extended indefinitely, can be applied to the blank T-shirt, jeans, sweaters, leather bags, belts, gloves, this technique can also be color pictures, photos, baked on a metal plate porcelain, metal plate, mouse pad, puzzle and pendant and other items. Simple operation, very good income, no computer basic knowledge.

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At the helm of Sheng pictures Long Danni was pushed to a new stage of business

China’s entertainment industry is full of opportunities, can grasp the natural can earn a pen. Below, we look at the hero of this article. Long Danni’s idol industry can really be a new direction of China’s entertainment industry? At the helm of Sheng as the film Long Danni, really pushed to the new stage of the business. The first

2009 in November 12th, Shanda Shanghai and Hunan radio and television announced in Shanghai, the two sides reached a strategic cooperation, jointly funded the establishment of 600 million Yuan Sheng company, expand cooperation in film production and distribution and related derivatives business. The new company by Shanda holdings, Long Danni’s new identity is the president of the new company, but at the same time temporarily retain the identity of Hunan satellite TV deputy chief editor of the network system.

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Automotive textile safety into the Shanghai trade and ndustry Bureau for your secret

in the advent of the Internet today, we really have a lot of shopping convenience, but still faces a lot of problems, as a prominent issue is the quality of the product. Recently, Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau centralized law enforcement forces of the 10 brands, the Oriental Shopping Mall, Jingdong flying cow net, one shop, 5 of Tmall’s sales network platform of the 30 batches of automotive textiles were sampling inspection and the quality of the market. Test results showed that 30 batches of substandard, among them, 8 batches of three non product". read more

What are the open noodle equipment

So many

catering business projects, as long as you have the patience to always find their own, today we introduce the traditional noodle Chinese without loss of fresh food items. Before the small has to introduce the noodle shop management problems many, today we will talk about the need to open a noodle shop what equipment?

What are the

opened a noodle shop equipment?

What should we prepare to open a noodle shop in

, which need equipment to open a noodle shop? This is what we need to do preparatory work before opening a mansion, but it is a lot of people want noodle entrepreneurship common questions. The traditional open noodle need a lot of equipment. Such as cooking stove. Small fry stove. Dressing table. Wash basin. Baidunzi tool and so on. For entrepreneurs who have no experience. These are the problems need to be resolved, and the core technology of noodle. Taste these can not be ignored. Here Xiaobian recommend choosing a noodle brand characteristics. Headquarters of the whole one-stop ready for you, so it is much easier to make money shop. In view of this question which need to open a noodle shop equipment, Xiaobian introduce! read more

Why Chinese fast food to choose the United States and beauty dumplings

when it comes to fast food, presumably everyone’s first reaction is KFC, McDonald’s and other Western fast food restaurants, fast-paced life so fast food by the majority of the masses. But then I China great country, thousands of years of diet culture, why fast-food brands only by foreign enterprises occupy, to start China people’s unique fast-food brands, you choose a more appropriate? The following small series will be for you to analyze the reasons why Chinese fast food to choose the United States and beauty dumplings. read more

What are the Manicure shop name of success

although many people have mastered the skills and methods, Manicure shop name however, how a successful name has also become a disturbing thing. Here, Xiaobian to introduce some successful Manicure shop name, which can give entrepreneurs a reference.

1, Manicure shop Carnival


creative Description:

carnival, Jia metaphor "a", carnival is a very original word. Carnival is a traditional festival in Europe, Europe and the United States is the predecessor of the carnival, originated in ancient Egypt, and later became the Rome Saturnalia celebrations. read more

Small and micro enterprises can get policy support in Taiyuan

small and micro enterprise development has been more difficult, the strength of the hardware and software with a large gap between large and medium enterprises, it is difficult to resist entrepreneurial risk. Recently, Taiyuan was selected the first batch of small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial innovation base demonstration city (District) list, Taiyuan has proved to be able to attract small and micro entrepreneurs stationed in the excellent investment options.

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The Baoqiang Wang family accident continued the perpetrators of family escape death siblings

the day before yesterday evening, Baoqiang Wang micro-blog, said the family killed in car accident, the other perpetrators of drunk driving and not only has to escape. Baoqiang Wang micro-blog in emotional abuse. The 14 day, Baoqiang Wang issued a long micro-blog detailed explanation of this event antecedents and consequences.

13 evening, actor Baoqiang Wang micro-blog said his voice through personal family died in a traffic accident, the perpetrators of drunk driving at escape, "the people killed also don’t know to escape, the death of family leave much pain." As of 14 PM, at about 3 am, the number of comments micro-blog has exceeded the number of one hundred thousand. read more

Washing machine which brand is good

washing machine should now have become a household electrical appliances will have a variety of products, it is because of this market demand, will make the entire washing machine market brand. In short, the washing machine is convenient and practical, convenient for a lot of family life, almost every family will have a washing machine. What are the brands of washing machines? What brand of washing machine? Washing machine which brand is good? Here follows a detailed understanding of China’s top ten brands washing machine. read more

The name of the bovine B business is bleak

to the shop to pick up a cow B name, it is caused the attention of people, then, the business will be prosperous? From the point of view of the current market, it may not be so. The following small series to introduce a name, is cattle B, but the business is very bleak case.

recently, the road to peace in Handan city a and sell beef soup and barbecue shop put up a "cow" advertising in front of the door, claiming to be "the most cattle B soup", "most cattle B barbecue". read more

The most important thing for women to choose their own entrepreneurial projects

came to the Dragon Boat Festival, college graduation season comes, this month is really an eventful year, went to college students when faced with a choice of office or business, not girls unexpectedly chose to do poineering work, but also female entrepreneurs have a lot of good projects can choose.

for girls of entrepreneurial projects: the novel

rental stores

select the location for the school, usually residential streets and other personnel, The stream never stops flowing. high density area is divided into several types according to different crude properties: 1): the rental shop store characteristics mainly provide customer convenience book rental service, store decoration patterns tend to Gao Caiguang, book rental process is simple and fast, turnover allocation to books by the vast majority of customers, in reading consumption proportion is less; 2) the types of leisure reading Hall: the main characteristics of the store to provide customers with high quality reading leisure space, indoor decoration style is characteristic, indoor lighting tend to be soft, compared to the rental shop, leisure reading within the proportion of Museum Reading consumption accounted for a higher proportion of turnover distribution. read more

What kind of people the best money

public view of the market, each industry has its more promising investment projects. Many entrepreneurs want to start a business success, we must first choose a good entry. Want to make more money faster, it is necessary to know what kind of people the best money. The following Xiaobian to introduce you:

One of the best

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Teach you how to choose imported snack food brand

the advent of the Internet era, making it impossible to become possible. For example, before we eat what imported products, it is not possible, but now we can do it as long as your fingertips. Of course, it is good to open an imported food store.

import leisure food taste novelty products packaged, with consumers to improve the standard of living, people increase the demand for imported snacks, imported snacks to win the majority of consumers, the number of snacks consumption increase, to open a franchise imported snacks became the ideal choice for the majority of entrepreneurs investment, big profit to realize the dream of space, to help entrepreneurs fast. read more