32 Google AD special effects to enjoy the collection

this article is for reference only, not model, the site is not responsible for the reasonableness of these practices, we look at the excellent optimization program, combined with Google Adsense regulations, appropriate optimization. Don’t cheat.

Google AdSense launched a rounded effect to add the function, but the real landscaping Googl AD to be more professional. The following is from the "29 Different Google Ads Style" provides 32 kinds of Google AD display effect, also provides the source code used to facilitate the
: in fact it just provides a background picture plus a set of color code only, but such collocation is quite fine, have to agree a!
Full Banners
1- Rounded corners in blue
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When everyone knows it’s a Taobao

today in the forum to see a post, the title is "everyone knows that Taobao customers, Taobao customers will not exist", see this title can not help but we are worried, because you really want to have that day off Taobao does not exist, webmasters may be a no source of income, even the unemployment, Taobao customers feed a large number of people, many people put off when Taobao full-time job, like every day to work as hard, 15 monthly wages on time. It is hard to imagine that if Taobao really does not exist today, the owners will be engaged in what kind of work. Baidu, Google advertising alliance to make money? No traffic, it is difficult to do! The local industry website? There is no economic base, more difficult to do full-time! SEO? Technology is not mature, very difficult! What Taobao will be how to develop? Let us boldly guess. read more

Online shop Nowadays the most popular way to make money

due to limited financial resources, online shop is now the most popular way to make money. So when you shop online to choose the right investment channels

is generally used to play games, nowadays most of them have their own computer. But why not make money on the Internet these days to open a shop as long as every day to come up with 1-3 hours of publicity and disposal of orders can be a good business from a shop. However, the supply has become the biggest problem, you can find an agent. Small investment, no risk, on behalf of the delivery of this can reduce the cost of goods can prevent the trouble of shipping. read more

The development of advertising alliance

around 1997, the Internet appears a creative enterprise, called LinkExcgange. Because I brought a lot of personal "the rapid development of network, people just find a large website registered user name can put on their web page, however" done but no publicity channels.

LinkExchange provides a propaganda channel for these personal web sites or webmasters. LinkExchange owners of their own banner advertising (Banner Ads) images uploaded to the group, and then get a set of code on their own personal web page. read more

Personal website advertising money is shameful

"Our project is to subvert the advertising model", "our website does not sell advertising to make money," these are the most recent projects I’ve seen and heard more, especially the Web2.0 website.

since the ad appeared, the advertisement is always the most profitable way of life, whether online or offline, you will never get a copy of the newspaper, said not to advertising income? So, the Internet can not be divorced from advertising, and Internet advertising has intensified, even in the network game will also appear in the "master teahouse" this advertisement.

Although the

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How to make a perfect business plan

Because of the scientific and technological innovation to enhance the economic development of great hope, a variety of media on the risk of investment to give a strong report; secondly, the parties have a lot of interest in venture capital. More and more people are required to invest in venture capital, and a number of enterprises begin to manage the venture capital. In addition, the threshold of listed companies listed on the board of science and technology began to lower, the reorganization of assets of listed companies, began to attract science and technology enterprises. Venture capital has entered a good period of development. Now, the key is to enter the real operation and operation, so that technology companies really get venture capital, so that the real return of investment green. read more

How to carry out network marketing planning

we are already familiar with the SEO, familiar with the site promotion, but referred to the network marketing planning, most people are still a very hazy concept. Today to share with you a few years of network marketing planning experience:

      first, the network marketing plan for the enterprise and the site to provide what kind of benefits?

      business is the core of marketing, e-commerce is the core of network marketing, want to make their own website to make money, the scientific development of network marketing is very important. However, due to the lack of experience in the majority of enterprises and websites in this area, often take a lot of wrong road, spend a lot of money, wasted a lot of time. read more

Worthy of consideration of the seven additional value of advertising skills

in the development of online media plan, do not underestimate the value of advertising, such as text based newsletter advertising and editorial advertisement. This kind of advertising is not a popular concept, but it represents the opportunity to increase advertising.

, for example, I run an ad campaign that includes the purchase of a high CPM with a lot of value added. If we use the average click and conversion rate in digital mode, many sites will not be included in the media plan or be canceled after the first optimization. However, when the average CPC and CPA from a large number of value added text links, buttons, etc., take into account the overall purchase results, these sites will be consistent with the optimization of the promotional activities. read more

Skype announced overseas compensation program provides 7 days free period

  Beijing on August 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, Skype has apologized to users of large-scale fault the network telephone service last week, and promised to provide free service for a period of 7 days of fee for service users, as the fault compensation.

Skype network phone service last week, a large, long failure, many users began to connect from Thursday morning service, until Saturday to return to normal. Skype said that a large number of computers in the world to download the Microsoft Windows routine update after restart, resulting in millions of users almost at the same time trying to log on to the Skype service, which led to the failure. However, Skype had never disclosed Microsoft monthly routine security updates will lead to its service failure, but also did not disclose whether the future release of Microsoft Windows update will cause Skype service failure again. read more

Chengdu T entrepreneurs gathered Mobile nternet investment projects reached 17

is located in the southwest of Chengdu, though not the domestic first-tier cities, but has been the gathering place of entrepreneurship. Today, the founder of IT teahouse, Sichuan Internet Alliance sponsor Wang Jialun, finishing the acquisition of mobile Internet companies in Chengdu, a total of seventeen. (see table below)

which Camera360, hotel Daren, tin man and good photos are sponsored by the venture capital innovation China DEMOCHINA participating companies.

Dong Jun the use of a single page Taobao monthly income of 10 thousand of the actual combat process

is now a lot of friends to do Taobao customers, the basic is to use Taobao mall to do Taobao off, because many of the mall’s products. There is no pertinence. Well, I do not say nonsense, and I would like to say how I use a single page Taobao guest to achieve monthly income of more than 10000 yuan.

first step: select a product

recommends that you choose health products, such as whitening, weight loss, breast these commissions are relatively high. Up to 50%, Dong Jun is to do weight loss products. read more

t is such a naive mistake so that the U S electricity supplier entrepreneurs eventually committed

(this article from Business Insider, tiger sniffing compiler)

last week, we reported the electricity supplier startups Ecomom failed, founder Judy Sherman (Jody Sherman) suicide news. Judi was shot at the end of January this year, two weeks after the Ecomom company became a creditor to sell the project, into bankruptcy liquidation procedures. Today, the company updated its Facebook and website information, announced that it has been acquired by the end of March etailz, the site will be re launched this summer. read more

A simple method for novice webmaster monthly income thousand yuan

we are a group of small webmaster from the network, we have the same hobbies and interests, we are still a group of professional webmaster, we use their hands on the keyboard to write their own life.

as the saying goes: "life is not as good as eight or nine."." We do not also do the webmaster, every day facing the computer, constantly beating the hands on the keyboard, every night to open the Google, looked at the little income, it is pitiful, day 0.X$, even more when the meal can not buy, we pay out and not return proportional to, this is normal, many webmaster is the only way which must be passed. This is our webmaster, our small owners, we have a small, small contact surface, the site is small, the only big energy is big, because we are young, we have a small, small contact surface, the site is small, the only big energy is big. read more

Why is it hard to make money on your website

site more and more, because we want to use the site to help make money. However, want the website to help their money is not too easy, a few years, I studied many silent money website, also did a lot of research to spend a lot of energy but still not profitable website. If your site has not yet helped you make money, if you want to make a profitable website, please read this series of articles:

One of the reasons for

: profit model is not clear enough!

a lot of friends in the website before, think are very simple, because they have such an idea: to expand the site, and then consider the profit. This idea may be mentioned, many people are still very senior network identity, because many of these successful cases can take years to prove this concept, such as SOHU, Sina, NetEase, and other major portals, they initially do not thought about how to make money, just want to expand the site, then really earn a lot of money. However, Wang Tong believes that if you use this concept to engage in the site, then your chances of success will be very very small. You may ask why? read more

How to correctly view guest it can bring income for you

launched the Amoy promotion business from taobao.com, the name of Tao to now is not strange, a lot of people are doing, or are preparing to do so in the end, how to correctly understand the Taobao customer, avoid blind investment, the first analysis is the Tao do not you, it can bring revenue is very important for you? The.

Amoy promotion is taobao.com as a way to deal for Taobao passenger meter commission income promotion of its own Taobao shops and goods taken, is to pull people to promote its shops and goods. Don’t understand Amoy Ali mother advertised in only a few steps to earn money, but not like the billboard advertising a monthly income of tens of thousands, the reason is very simple, only someone from your link to get a deal, only the Commission, this is not so simple, no guest, pay no income. If you don’t know how to build a website, or no contacts or do not understand the network marketing strategy, in order to make money, from hard to Amoy Amoy! Anyway also is a salesman, or a qualified webmaster, you do not have this ability, it is best not to do, because saw those crazy propaganda how to make money and advocate Amoy Ali mother to blind investment, is not rational. Amoy seems simple, actually not so easy, even if you created a website, your conversion rate is not done well, high flow again, no income, like my Babanu Shopping for Refund network traffic every day is too many, in the low conversion rate, improve the conversion rate and is a branch of knowledge. read more

The secret of making money online

may be a lot of people have seen my published articles, mostly on the Wangzhuan and full of my own experience of http://s.www.admin5.com/member/index.php? Uid=yjkffny did not read can go to see

1, not to learn Wangzhuan

, I believe many of my friends have learned to pay but Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, people I don’t pack 100% cheated, but at least 95% cheated, plenty of online package on how much money, wrote many temptations articles, examples, but were careful not difficult to find that in fact there are loopholes in the package, others a day you earn 100 yuan, three hundred yuan tuition, you said it is possible to flow and novice can learn, what else is there to learn, of course, simply forget, not Wangzhuan, completely is impossible, but if possible, this project is not long, will fail in a short period of time I also received the same apprentice, also received tuition fees, others pay the first time, my project soon finished. Why is not the most ~ because of the higher share, is because of the higher flow method, but a share is equal to share traffic and others, to share the money with others, would you do so? read more

Entrepreneurial opportunities in the nternet Finance those online financial security startups

security concept in the United States is very hot, especially in the financial, data security direction, but rarely sought after in china. Start-up companies, in 2013 the entire Silicon Valley close to 100 security services related companies to invest. Mature foreign companies, nearly 300 listed companies to provide financial services technology, risk, security companies, is the performance of classification of all increase ranked second, second only to the classification of retail banking services. In addition, the acquisition of events involving security, there are dozens of. With the recent wave of Internet banking, as well as the recent Ctrip and other Internet Co frequent accidents, risk, security related services will gradually enter people’s vision. read more

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Make a dream Poly Wangzhuan is suitable for novice to full time

Hello everyone: net name dreamer, currently only get together to download a website. Want to discuss a topic with you today: Wangzhuan is suitable for our full-time operation.

today my third, Wangzhuan engaged in more than a year’s time! A project site is too many to count, change and change every sleepless night! Let me remember. The original is so obsessed, so crazy! Now, third, face the graduate looking for work! When I slowly recalled more than a year of hard Wangzhuan life! Let me give up all the other is so not to engage in. Let me courage Wangzhuan is so powerless in the end. read more