How to correctly view guest it can bring income for you

launched the Amoy promotion business from, the name of Tao to now is not strange, a lot of people are doing, or are preparing to do so in the end, how to correctly understand the Taobao customer, avoid blind investment, the first analysis is the Tao do not you, it can bring revenue is very important for you? The.

Amoy promotion is as a way to deal for Taobao passenger meter commission income promotion of its own Taobao shops and goods taken, is to pull people to promote its shops and goods. Don’t understand Amoy Ali mother advertised in only a few steps to earn money, but not like the billboard advertising a monthly income of tens of thousands, the reason is very simple, only someone from your link to get a deal, only the Commission, this is not so simple, no guest, pay no income. If you don’t know how to build a website, or no contacts or do not understand the network marketing strategy, in order to make money, from hard to Amoy Amoy! Anyway also is a salesman, or a qualified webmaster, you do not have this ability, it is best not to do, because saw those crazy propaganda how to make money and advocate Amoy Ali mother to blind investment, is not rational. Amoy seems simple, actually not so easy, even if you created a website, your conversion rate is not done well, high flow again, no income, like my Babanu Shopping for Refund network traffic every day is too many, in the low conversion rate, improve the conversion rate and is a branch of knowledge. read more

The secret of making money online

may be a lot of people have seen my published articles, mostly on the Wangzhuan and full of my own experience of Uid=yjkffny did not read can go to see

1, not to learn Wangzhuan

, I believe many of my friends have learned to pay but Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, people I don’t pack 100% cheated, but at least 95% cheated, plenty of online package on how much money, wrote many temptations articles, examples, but were careful not difficult to find that in fact there are loopholes in the package, others a day you earn 100 yuan, three hundred yuan tuition, you said it is possible to flow and novice can learn, what else is there to learn, of course, simply forget, not Wangzhuan, completely is impossible, but if possible, this project is not long, will fail in a short period of time I also received the same apprentice, also received tuition fees, others pay the first time, my project soon finished. Why is not the most ~ because of the higher share, is because of the higher flow method, but a share is equal to share traffic and others, to share the money with others, would you do so? read more

Entrepreneurial opportunities in the nternet Finance those online financial security startups

security concept in the United States is very hot, especially in the financial, data security direction, but rarely sought after in china. Start-up companies, in 2013 the entire Silicon Valley close to 100 security services related companies to invest. Mature foreign companies, nearly 300 listed companies to provide financial services technology, risk, security companies, is the performance of classification of all increase ranked second, second only to the classification of retail banking services. In addition, the acquisition of events involving security, there are dozens of. With the recent wave of Internet banking, as well as the recent Ctrip and other Internet Co frequent accidents, risk, security related services will gradually enter people’s vision. read more

Wangzhuan promotional materials

Attachment: the National Forum website:

000013001; Forum

000043004; TOM Forum

000143005; Forums

000151006; 21CN.COM Forum


000244008; QQ group discussion

000307009; community

000388010; Game Forum

000940016; SoGua Entertainment Forum

001463019; hi you full Forum

read more

Make a dream Poly Wangzhuan is suitable for novice to full time

Hello everyone: net name dreamer, currently only get together to download a website. Want to discuss a topic with you today: Wangzhuan is suitable for our full-time operation.

today my third, Wangzhuan engaged in more than a year’s time! A project site is too many to count, change and change every sleepless night! Let me remember. The original is so obsessed, so crazy! Now, third, face the graduate looking for work! When I slowly recalled more than a year of hard Wangzhuan life! Let me give up all the other is so not to engage in. Let me courage Wangzhuan is so powerless in the end. read more

2009 Google AdSense speech video summary

in the severe economic situation, how to use the website Google global leading advertising technology platform to grasp business opportunities, and seek common development? Since mid July, the title is "the leading trend of speed wisdom to win the future" the 2009 Google AdSense partner day will launch a lecture tour, in the country’s 4 largest city at that time, you will be full of confidence answer and enlightenment.

the event will bring the following: authority about Google AdSense product development strategy; new product function and practical guide to the official platform; revolutionary Google ad management system, efficient management website advertising. Of course, we will answer questions and exchanges for the hot issues. read more

Lianmeng is my guide to register the latest advertising category

thank you for your partner’s support for the alliance!

is my personal portal ( is a new generation of Internet portal, to provide personalized as the core, so that everyone can completely according to their own preferences and needs of personalized home page customization, and everyone can play free personality space, while the formation of a unique personalized community, so as to meet people for the full range of individual needs and social information.

requirements: registration and verification and a return visit can be considered a valid registered users. Note: the registration of the same IP within one day is only counted as a valid registered user; read more

99 alliance formally launched e commerce website Content Alliance

99 alliance formally launched the domestic e-commerce website content alliance


alliance is 99 Shanghai Jiujiu reader Cultural Industrial Co. Ltd. in 2007 set up a new business alliance. The majority of the site owners to join the 99 League, you can have a fully functional, rich content of the online mall, easily experience boss feeling at home.

99 combines the characteristics of advertising alliance alliance and Content Alliance respectively, launched the first domestic integrated advertising alliance and content alliance alliance marketing platform, and uses CPS (Cost Per Sales, based on the actual product sales quantity and amount to convert ad amount of commission payment). As the main site you can according to their needs, or choose the ad code put to the existing site, or configure the two domain of new online shopping mall integrated into the existing site, finally get the high returns provided by me alone. At this stage of the League promotion period, the proportion of the 99 coalition is valid for the amount of the order of 7%, echocardiography is not immediately action. read more

Alternative BOSS Feng Xin venture walk on the road of virtual reality

Abstract: Feng Xin to do is put it down to the threshold can not be lower, you only need to wear special storm mirror, open App intelligent mobile phone, mirror through the optical lens and can realize the users’senses upgrade, the effect of virtual reality can be simple experience of immersion, cost only 99 yuan.

Internet BOSS, Feng Xin is an alternative.

The office of

big two pieces only monotone table, a tea table, decorated with tea, love tea and Feng Xin, employees or visiting guests to sit at the table chatting, talk about things, another table in addition to display several Ling scattered documents, no other. read more

The market calls for regional advertising alliance

    currently targeted at the regional nature of the site, the requirement to judge the region IP, only Google, sogou  have this technology. Other advertising alliance with very little,
      there have been a lot of businesses and websites that need local advertising, but can’t find the source.

within the targeted advertising that is short-term can effectively promote the read more

Network information security issues become increasingly prominent

As one of the greatest scientific and technological inventions in the twentieth Century, the Internet has become an important tool for communication among people all over the world. In twenty-first Century, the wave of information technology represented by the Internet swept every corner of the world, penetrated into all economic and political culture and national defense and other fields, to people’s production, work, study and life has a great and profound influence, but also to make the world economy and human civilization has entered a new historical stage. However, with the rapid development of Internet, the problem of network information security is becoming more and more important. How to strengthen the network and information security management in promoting the informationization of society, safeguard the fundamental interests of all parties of Internet and social harmony and stability, promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development, has become a major problem we must solve in the information age.

A is specified in the direction of development of the party and the country to promote informationization determination and clear policy for China’s internet. In 11th Five-Year, the plan fully implemented the party’s sixteen major spirits, and stressed the need to adhere to the information driven industrialization, industrialization to promote information technology, improve the level of economic and social information." In the process of promoting the development and application of information technology, accelerate the process of social information, as an important carrier of information technology transfer and application, the Internet will usher in a vibrant spring.

read more

Et Men at their birth Adult supplies on line advertising delivery welcome

announcement content:

Hello! At the beginning of the adult product advertising on the line, the majority of the owners are welcome to put forward, I believe it can bring good revenue for the webmaster. Customer service qq:183288818 319035197

data return: real time

settlement cycle: Zhou knot

advertising price: 25 yuan /1000IP

Union address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information: read more

for one year and three months of Wangzhuan Road

Do Wangzhuan

it has been more than a year, this year did not earn what money, even space costs did not earn back, but let me know Wangzhuan is possible, but as a higher master takes time, need to keep learning and change their thinking, idiom well, thought out decision.


this year and three months, I probably earned 1500 yuan, even I am not to go to work when half of the monthly wages, so do Wangzhuan is not so easy.

got to know Wangzhuan from July 15, 2007, that time is still at work, it is time to get the site, put a GG Adsense, which began collecting the station road, to SEO in the 07 year low, but unfortunately in 2008 Baidu K my site, the first time realize the acquisition brings about the final effect. The station brought me $50 in revenue. read more

Entrepreneurial website operations

1, remember the website localization, the formulation of site long-term and short-term business objectives.

2, practical integration of enterprise resources.Common problems of

3, establish smooth and orderly operation mechanism of enterprises.Department structure read more

Game companies reached the nternet Banking pioneering new ideas

The news

the giant game I see, how the virtual currency into the real money game player is actually not too difficult technical means for online platform, full of treasure products the biggest risk is likely to become a game player means of money laundering.

first look at the basic steps of money laundering:

1, need to have two matched the identity of A and B, A is the hands of a large number of money laundering identity, B is the identity of A

2, A selected a commodity, sell at high prices, with the money to buy read more

Who learn Chen Xiangdong to do something with six elements

October 25th, entrepreneur online open class second Education held in Beijing stars drama village, with whom the founder chairman and CEO Chen Xiangdong, Hiroshige Education Group Chairman and general manager Huang Bo 101 long-distance education network to do the theme of sharing, work together with the network founder and founder of Jin Yan shields, college geeks love school education technology founder Wang Jianhong the discussion around online education market, the accumulation of early users concern; in addition to dry cargo share, site link warm-up exercises is to let the audience high turn, full heat. read more

Types of online advertising

Types of online advertising

button (Buttons) is the most commonly used button sizes are four, respectively is: 125× 125, 120× 90, 120× 60, 88× 31 pixel location in the page, because the size is too small, relatively simple expression.

wallpaper (Wallpaper) advertising content advertisers to show the reflected in the wallpaper, and arranged on the wallpaper with content on the site, for people who are interested to download. read more

The domain name investment Wangzhuan Research Notes

has nothing else to do, how to study in wangzhuan.

Go to the two famous Adsense nets

during this period: and read some recommended articles, also a little bit of experience, money has not started earning, the first few notes, novice, I hope that the JavaEye master who give advice.

a. Domain name investment

by cybersquatting (corn, this does not mean and FANS), and then improve the people price transfer, called minon. Online is easy to find them by 1 domain name to make millions of classic cases. The most recent event is a thousand oaks high price to buy (now Renren) domain name to combat, the effect I do not say that we know. Legend has it that thousands of people selling Kaixin domain name once earned 300W, do not know is true or false. read more