China beckons Canada and Mexico in face of US uncertainty Mexican minister

first_imgOTTAWA – The uncertainty caused by the Trump administration means Mexico and Canada need to look towards new non-American markets, including China, to grow their economies, says a visiting Mexican cabinet minister.Enrique de la Madrid Cordero, Mexico’s minister of tourism, echoed the view of Canada’s central bank governor Stephen Poloz, which he delivered in a speech in Mexico City.De la Madrid Cordero was in Ottawa for meetings with the federal Liberals this past week as the countries continue to grapple with the possibility of reopening the North American Free Trade Agreement later this year with U.S. protectionists who have lashed out publicly at both continental partners.Canada and Mexico are dealing with a rash of unknowns around the eventual U.S. negotiating position on NAFTA, something that won’t be known for months, as well as Donald Trump’s frequent outbursts disparaging the 23-year-old trilateral trade agreement.“We’re all learning from this experience. On one hand, we should try to have the best relationship between the U.S., Mexico and Canada,” de la Madrid Cordero told The Canadian Press in an interview.“At the same time, we should make our best efforts to diversify even more. It is not very safe to have such a strong dependency on an economy.”In his speech Thursday in Mexico City, Poloz noted that the vast majority of Canadian and Mexican imports last year went to the U.S. — Canada shipped 75 per cent south, while Mexico sent 81 per cent north.“Clearly, this uncertainty is a significant issue for both Canada and for Mexico. Both of our countries’ trade is dominated by the United States,” Poloz said.De la Madrid Cordero said Mexico is trying to diversify by looking to Canada, Latin America, Europe and China.The Trudeau government has loudly proclaimed its trade ambitions with China, especially after Trump recently hit Canadian softwood lumber with retroactive duties of about 20 per cent.International Trade Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne, one of the ministers de la Madrid Cordero met with in Ottawa, led a delegation of Canadian softwood lumber representatives to China in a very public attempt to find new markets for Canadian timber.“Our trade with China is impressive, and we do not have a free trade agreement,” de la Madrid Cordero said, noting the $60 billion in two-way trade between the two countries.De la Madrid Cordero also suggested the clock is working against the likelihood of a sweeping overhaul of NAFTA. But he said: “There are areas of opportunity for modernizing this trade agreement.”He cited upgrading the pre-Internet pact to reflect the realities of e-commerce, while strengthening rules of origin requirements.Once the Trump administration gives its official notice to Congress, it triggers 90 days of consultation with industry and lawmakers before it can officially start trade talks.The timing of Mexico’s July 2018 presidential election, combined with the mandatory consultation period in the U.S. means there’s short window, essentially three months at the end of this year, to make changes to NAFTA.In the new year, Mexico’s current government enters what is widely viewed as a lame-duck phase. Meanwhile, the front-runner in the election is the left-wing firebrand populist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.Laura Macdonald, a Canada-Mexico expert at Carleton University, said a Lopez Obrador presidency that pushes for the rights of workers might be the best thing to bring the most needed change to NAFTA: improving wages and working conditions in Mexico.That would ultimately reduce the flow of migrants out of Mexico and deliver what NAFTA was supposed to give it — economic prosperity, she said.“The real problem of NAFTA has been all along is that it did not lead to an increase in wages and working conditions in Mexico. That’s behind many of the forces that have led to a Trump presidency.”last_img read more

Alberta judge denies BCs bid to block Turn Off the Taps bill

first_imgCALGARY — A Calgary judge is denying British Columbia’s attempt to block Alberta’s so-called Turn Off the Taps bill.Queen’s Bench Justice Robert Hall says that B-C doesn’t have the right to take Alberta to court in Alberta over legislation passed by the Alberta legislature.In a decision released Friday, Hall says the dispute between the two provinces should be resolved in Federal Court.  The legal battle is part of the fallout over the TransMountain pipeline expansion.In response to B.C.’s legal measures against the pipeline, Alberta passed legislation that would allow it to shut off oil shipments to the coast.B.C. had asked the Alberta court to both declare the law unconstitutional and grant an injunction preventing its implementation.Hall has declined to do either.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Mohawk council works to create tobacco regulations

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe Mohawk Council of Kahnawake has been meeting with representatives from the local tobacco industry.It is hoped that by creating regulations it will make the industry more legitimate.last_img

Morneau to unveil changes to controversial tax proposals

OTTAWA — Finance Minister Bill Morneau will unveil changes Monday aimed at mollifying the many critics of his controversial small business tax reform proposals, hoping to tamp down a political wildfire that has scorched Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.The damage control effort will begin with a special briefing early Monday morning for Liberal backbenchers, some of whom have been among the most vocal opponents of the measures.Sources, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly, say Morneau wants to demonstrate to anxious Liberal MPs that he’s heard their concerns about his tax reform plan and is addressing them.The proposed reforms were intended to put an end to measures which the government contends have allowed wealthy individuals to use incorporation as small businesses to unfairly reduce their income tax burden.They triggered an angry backlash from doctors, lawyers, accountants, shop owners, farmers, premiers and even some Liberal backbenchers, who maintained the reforms would hurt the very middle class Canadians that the Trudeau government claims to be trying to help.As Ottawa weighs 21,000 submissions on tax proposals, the big question is what comes next?Trudeau and Morneau can ‘income sprinkle’ their wealth, but you can’tThe changes are expected to ensure the reforms are targeted more clearly at the wealthy.They’re also expected to address concerns that the reforms will disproportionately impact women, inhibit the ability of small business owners to save for a rainy day and make it impossible for farmers, fishers and others to pass their businesses on to their children.Morneau has acknowledged changes are required to address some of the concerns raised and to ensure there are no unintended consequences.One source said that Morneau intends to emphasize to Liberal backbenchers that he will continue listening to any concerns about the proposed reforms, suggesting that Monday’s changes won’t necessarily be the end of the story.As originally proposed, the plan would restrict income sprinkling, in which an incorporated business owner can transfer income to a child or spouse who is taxed at a lower rate, regardless of whether they actually do any work for the company.It would also limit the use of private corporations to make passive investments that are unrelated to the company and curb the ability of business owners to convert regular income of a corporation into capital gains, which are taxed at a lower rate.The proposals were unveiled in mid-July but it took about a month for the backlash to materialize. Since then, the Liberals’ popularity has taken a hit in some public opinion polls and the governing party’s backbenchers have become increasingly anxious.A number of Liberal MPs, including finance committee chair Wayne Easter, have complained about the messaging surrounding the proposals, which they say portrays small business owners as tax cheats.The Conservatives have used the furor to accuse Morneau of hypocrisy, targeting small business owners while doing nothing to deal with legal tax avoidance strategies used by large corporations like Morneau Shepell, a human resources company headed by the minister until his appointment to cabinet in 2015.That line of attack was bolstered Friday by news that for two years, Morneau failed to disclose to the federal ethics commissioner that he and his wife are partners in a private company that owns a family villa in southern France. CBC News reported that holding property through a private company is useful in avoiding inheritance taxes in France.Morneau’s ownership of the villa was disclosed but the involvement of the private company was not until last month, when CBC began to ask questions about it.Dan Lauzon, a spokesman for Morneau, called the failure to disclose the company an “administrative error” and said the minister’s office is working with federal ethics watchdog Mary Dawson to ensure he’s “in full compliance with the spirit and letter of the rules.”Jocelyne Brisebois, a spokeswoman for Dawson, declined to say if the ethics commissioner is looking into the matter.Under the Conflict of Interest Act, Dawson has limited power to do anything about it in any event, other than impose a fine of up to $500. read more

Trump says US will not be a migrant camp

The US teens training in border patrol (BBC Image)President Donald Trump has said he will not allow the US to become a “migrant camp”, as he stood by his administration’s immigration crackdown.“The United States will not be a migrant camp,” he said at the White House. “And it will not be a refugee-holding facility – it won’t be.”Photos over the weekend showed undocumented children being held in fenced enclosures at a Texas facility.The UN human rights chief has condemned the policy as “unconscionable”.Mr Trump said on Monday: “You look at what’s happening in Europe, you look at what’s happening in other places.“We cannot allow that to happen to the United States. Not on my watch.”Earlier, he said European countries had made a big mistake by allowing in millions of migrants.Mr Trump criticised Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany in particular, saying her people were turning against their leaders because of the issue.Mrs Merkel is in a migration dispute with her interior minister, Horst Seehofer, who wants to refuse migrants if they have already registered for asylum elsewhere in the EU.The Republican president blamed Democrats for not coming to the table to negotiate immigration legislation.Nearly 2,000 children have been separated from their parents at the border between mid-April and the end of May.The administration’s “zero tolerance” policy entails criminally charging those entering the US illegally, including asylum seekers.This has led to parents being separated from their children, who are not charged with a crime.As a result, hundreds of children are being housed in detention centres, including warehouses and converted supermarkets.Democrats and some in Mr Trump’s own Republican Party have strongly condemned the administration.The crackdown has even provoked fierce criticism from the president’s wife, Melania Trump, who said over the weekend she “hates to see children separated from families”.Former First Lady Laura Bush meanwhile wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that the tactics were “immoral” and evoked Japanese-American internment camps during the Second World War. (Excerpts from BBC) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMigrant children: Trump promises to ‘keep families together’June 20, 2018In “latest news”Donald Trump to run for president in 2016June 16, 2015In “World”Up to three million migrants ‘to be targeted’ – Trump in first interview since electionsNovember 13, 2016In “World” read more

South African first for Booyco electronics

first_imgSince its introduction to market, the South African designed and manufactured IS certified USB to RS485 media converter has rapidly gained popularity.  Jaco du Plessis, of Booyco Electronics who developed the unit for general use, says that the IS Converter complements the company’s existing range of IS products and is available on an “off the shelf” basis, or as part of a comprehensive installation.The USB to RS485 media converter is certified IS for associated apparatus category ‘ia’ Group I / IIC for a T4 temperature class. Du Plessis says this means when the unit is installed outside a hazardous area, it is now possible to communicate directly to IS serial devices installed in hazardous areas without the unit having to be in an explosion-proof enclosure.“Only when the unit is installed in a hazardous area must it be contained in such an enclosure. There is no need for external serial isolators or barriers, or even additional IS power supply units,” he adds.The unit is powered directly from the USB port on a PC. The serial communication is able to operate up to distances of 1200 metres (cable dependant). Easy-to-understand LEDs indicate the power status and TX/RX transmission on the serial communication lines, clearly indicating if there is communication on the line.All Booyco Electronics IS products are certified by an independent Certified Testing Laboratory endorsed by SANAS, in compliance with national IS standards and have batch approval certificates.last_img read more

ParisPlages des ateliers pour apprendre à recycler du papier

first_imgParis-Plages : des ateliers pour apprendre à recycler du papier Paris-Plages, ouvert jusqu’au 21 août, accueillent les enfants le temps d’une demi-journée au sein d’un atelier sur le recyclage du papier où sensibiliser rime avec s’amuser.Voilà de quoi occuper les enfants pendant une demi-journée à Paris-plages. Sur les quais de Seine rendus piétons jusqu’au 21 août, l’éco-organisme Eco-folio et l’association Les Petits Débrouillards proposent aux bambins un atelier sur le recyclage du papier. L’occasion de parler de tri sélectif, mais aussi de s’initier directement à la technique en recyclant vieux journaux, papiers de bureaux ou cahiers d’école. L’un des animateurs en charge de l’atelier note que “les enfants en connaissent déjà beaucoup sur le sujet”. Juste avant l’atelier pratique, les enfants sont en effet interrogés sur ce qu’il savent du tri sélectif : ils doivent alors trier les vieilles enveloppes, dépliants publicitaires, magazines, annuaires et tickets de caisse pour les jeter dans la poubelle adéquate. “Il faudrait peut-être aussi un atelier pour les parents”, ajoute l’animateur. En France, moins d’un papier sur deux (43%) est trié alors que chaque habitant en consomme en moyenne 65 kilogrammes par an, rapporte l’AFP.3 fois moins d’énergie et d’eau pour le papier recyclé Mais après cette première étape viennent les travaux pratiques. Réunis dans une “maison”, les enfants déchirent les journaux en morceau puis les trempent dans un sceau rempli au tiers d’eau pour ensuite mixer la pâte dans une bassine et l’étaler sur un tamis. L’ébauche de feuille peut alors être essorée. A la fin de la séance, un nouveau quiz teste les acquis des petits enfants : “Combien de fois peut-on recycler les papiers?” ou encore “Recycler les papiers c’est faire un geste pour la planète, vrai ou faux, et pourquoi “. À lire aussiCouches pour bébé, dinosaure et Harrison Ford, voici les 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 21 septembreManifestement, les bambins ont déjà retenu la leçon alors que l’un des garçons répond : parce que “comparé à la production de papier vierge, il faut trois fois moins d’eau et trois fois moins d’énergie pour faire du papier recyclé et en plus cela émet 30% de CO2 en moins”.  L’AFP rappelle ainsi qu’en 2010, la France a produit 3,3 millions de tonnes de papier dont seulement 37% étaient constituées de pâte recyclée.Le 30 juillet 2011 à 13:05 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more


first_img TCI on Alert as riots rage in Haiti, two-year president asked to resign CJIA undertakes $200M Instrument Landing System project Related Items:Antigua and Barbuda, belize, Colombia, Ebola, Guyana, haiti, jamaica, Panama, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St. Vincent And The Grenadines, Suriname, the DR, travel ban, trinidad and tobago, USA Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Guyana Investment Exhibition, GUYTIE 2020 launched today Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 27 Oct 2014 – Turks and Caicos commended for not enacting travel bans; Opting instead to push travel advisories!Fourteen countries in the Americas have travel bans including Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Colombia, the DR, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and the USA which has identified only five airports for entry to their country from Ebola stricken countries.TCIG has activated access to some $400,000 for response to Ebola, Chik V and Dengue Fever in light of the threat of each.The Premier saying questionnaires are now added to the screening process, and should gave started since Saturday.The Government commended by Pan American Health Organization on its readiness; which the country’s leader last week described as “sufficient” with some items of treatment of Ebola – in a worst case scenario – already in country.TCI remains Ebola free. So far over 4,900 people have reportedly died from Ebola.last_img read more

Authorities seek hitandrun driver who struck pedestrian

first_imgA 24-year-old man was seriously injured Saturday when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver on Northeast Highway 99 in Vancouver.The accident occurred about 4:30 p.m. Saturday, on the southbound side of the highway just south of Northeast 63rd Avenue, said Sgt. Chad Rothenberger of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. At 5 p.m., authorities were still searching for the driver, who fled the scene in what is believed to be a red truck, he said.The victim was transported to PeaceHealth Southwest Washington Medical Center and was reported in critical condition early Saturday evening.The vehicle was reported to have “extensive” front-end damage as a result of the collision, Rothenberger said.The Clark County Sheriff’s Office traffic homicide unit is investigating. Broken glass and skid marks were visible on the southbound side of the highway late Saturday afternoon.The victim’s name was not released.last_img read more

China Eastern plane makes emergency landing in Australia

first_imgA China Eastern Airbus A330 passenger aircraft, which suffered a serious fault to its starboard engine following take-off, sits on the tarmac at Sydney Airport. Photo: AFPA China Eastern passenger plane has made an emergency landing in Sydney after a huge hole appeared in one of its engine casings and forced it to turn back just after taking off.Terrified passengers described a very loud noise soon after flight MU736 left Sydney Airport for Shanghai at 8.30pm (1030 GMT) on Sunday.Crew cleared seats near the affected engine and turned the flight back. No one aboard the twin-engine Airbus A330 was injured.China Eastern said the crew found damage in the casing of the air inlet in the left engine.“The crew… decided to return to Sydney Airport immediately,” an airline spokeswoman added in an emailed statement to AFP.“The returned aircraft is currently under investigation at Sydney Airport.”Images posted on social media showed a large hole ripped in the casing.An unidentified passenger told broadcaster Channel Seven: “We, like, went up in the air and all of a sudden, I heard like ‘z-z-z-z-z’ and it was really, really loud. It kind of smelled like burning.“Oh, I was scared. Yes. I was really scared. Our group was terrified.”Another passenger told Channel Nine that “the wing to my left just started making a massive amount of noise and they cleared all of the seats”.Panel detached? editor Geoffrey Thomas said investigators would be looking at whether the acoustic panelling of the engine had become detached, citing a similar incident in mid-May involving an Egypt Air A330.He said the panel might have come back and been sucked into the engine.Thomas said an Airbus airworthiness directive issued in 2011 and updated in 2014 noted that some operators had found acoustic panelling in the cowling area was disbonding.“It was a problem that they knew about and airlines had been warned and had been required to inspect their engines and if necessary replace the panels,” he added.“Whoever is looking after the maintenance of the engines, whether it is the airline or the engine maker, it’s their responsibility.”He said the China Eastern incident was unusual and the serious damage to the engine meant it was likely to be replaced.But despite the dramatic scenes, Thomas said the damage was not as severe as the engine failure experienced by Qantas Singapore-Sydney flight QF32 in 2010 due to a separate problem, which led the Australian carrier to ground all its A380s.The robustness of today’s engines also meant twin-engine jets could continue taking off—when they were under the most stress—even if there was a failure of one of them, he said.“Engines today are so reliable that in fact some twin-engine aeroplanes are certified to fly up to 330 minutes flying time away from an alternate airport,” Thomas said.China Eastern said all passengers would be placed on flights departing Australia Monday.last_img read more

Houstonian Condemned In Family Murder Plot Loses High Court Appeal

first_imgPhoto credit to Texas Department of Criminal Justice Thomas WhitakerThe U.S. Supreme Court refused Tuesday to consider an appeal from a suburban Houston man on Texas death row who arranged the killings of his mother and brother in 2003 so he could collect a $1 million inheritance.Attorneys for 37-year-old Thomas “Bart” Whitaker went to the high court after losing a federal court appeal earlier this year. He claims his trial lawyers were deficient and that Fort Bend County prosecutors engaged in misconduct by improperly referring to discussion of a plea deal that never was reached.According to court records, Whitaker offered to take responsibility for the killings and accept life sentences but his attorneys said prosecutors rejected it because it contained no expression of remorse for the shooting deaths of his mother, Patricia Whitaker, 51, and his brother, Kevin, 19, at the family’s Sugar Land home. Whitaker’s father was shot but survived.The justices provided no explanation for their refusal.The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in its ruling in April, pointed to court records consistently showing trial lawyers initiated the plea bargain offer and that prosecutors said they would promise “to consider” not seeking the death penalty.A jury decided he should be put to death.Evidence showed Whitaker orchestrated the plot and that it was at least his third attempt to kill his family.As part of the scheme with two friends, Whitaker was shot in the arm to draw attention away from him.The gunman, Chris Brashear, pleaded guilty in 2007 to a murder charge and is serving life in prison. Another man, Steve Champagne, who drove Brashear from the Whitaker house the night of the shootings, took a 15-year prison term in exchange for testifying at Whitaker’s trial.Investigators said they made the shooting look as though the family had interrupted a burglary when they returned from a dinner to celebrate Thomas Whitaker’s graduation from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. Whitaker never graduated.Whitaker does not yet have an execution date.In a second case involving a Texas death row inmate, the Supreme Court ordered the 5th Circuit to review the case of 36-year-old Obie Weathers, who was convicted in a robbery-slaying in San Antonio in 2000.The 5th Circuit last year rejected arguments that Weathers is mentally impaired and shouldn’t be put to death. That decision, however, preceded a similar case earlier this year in which the high court decided that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ignored current medical standards and required use of outdated criteria when ruling on the mental disabilities of capital murder convicts.Weathers was 19 in February 2000 when he shot 63-year-old Ted Church twice in the head and once in the abdomen as Church tried to break up the robbery at the bar on San Antonio’s east side. Church was a customer. Weathers fled with about $200. Sharelast_img read more

Massive Number of Cases Dropped Following Police Indictments

first_imgIn March of this year, seven Baltimore City Police Officers were arrested, and indicted on federal racketeering charges that included robbery, making false arrest, and stealing overtime from the state.(l-r) Daniel Hersl, Evodio Hendrix, Jemell Rayam, Marcus Taylor, (2nd row l-r) Maurice Ward, Momodu Gando and Wayne Jenkins are the seven police officers who are facing charges of robbery, extortion and overtime fraud. (Baltimore Police Department via AP)All officers pleaded not guilty to the charges.Now, the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s office has announced that more than 50 cases that the officers worked on have been dropped and many more could follow.According to the State’s Attorney’s office, they have already dropped 39 pending  cases involving 180 gun charges and 55 drug charges.Each case would have relied on testimony from an indicted officers who was involved in the arrest.Baltimore prosecutors feel as though there could be as many as 200 more cases that are tainted in lieu of charges against the seven officers.The review is “a very difficult process, and time consuming,” and won’t be concluded for months, Antonio Gioia, Chief Council for State Attorney Marilyn Mosby, told the AFRO.“It’s particularly frustrating for our clients, some of whom are behind bars, who shouldn’t have been charged in these cases in the first place,” said Natalie Finegar, a public defender who has been reviewing cases.One of the indicted officers, Marcus Taylor, attorneys is asking that he be released pending trial due to “widespread misconduct” in the Baltimore Police Department.According to his attorneys, the Baltimore Police Department “has been the subject of allegations for lying, extortion, and breach of public trust for decades.”Both attorneys, Miriam Seddiq and Justin Eisele, have submitted written statements asking for a review hearing of the judge’s decision to keep Taylor jailed until trial.“Unconstitutional and dishonest policing is system-wide at the BPD, and these systemic problems are not a reason to detain Mr. Taylor,” according to documents filed by Seddiq and Eisele.Of the seven officers charged, Taylor is the least guilty according to his attorneys.“Illegal searches are part of the Baltimore City Police culture…and Taylor was not properly trained about what he could and could NOT do,” they wrote.His defense says there is no evidence against Taylor -because what little evidence prosecutors do have-consist of tapped phone calls between some of the other officers but none of which Taylor takes part in.“Taylor has done none of those things,” his attorneys wrote in court documents.Calls from the Afro to Miriam Saddiq and Justin Eisele went unreturned.last_img read more

Tsar Bomba was the most powerful atomic bomb ever created

first_imgOn October 30, 1961, a little more than 16 years after humanity entered the age of nuclear warfare, the Soviet Union demonstrated the frightening capabilities of their nuclear arsenal by detonating an almost inconceivably powerful hydrogen bomb. The “Tsar Bomba,” “The King of Bombs,” or “Big Ivan” as the Soviets nicknamed it at the time, produced the most powerful artificial explosion in history and greatly enhanced the anxiety that accompanied the Cold War.While “Little Boy,” the bomb dropped over Hiroshima and the first nuclear device ever detonated, had a yield equivalent to 15 kilotons of TNT and was capable of disintegrating an entire city, the Tsar Bomba had a yield of a whopping 50 megatons and was virtually capable of destroying an entire small country.A Tsar Bomba-type casing on display at Sarov. Photo Croquant CC BY SA 3.0The bomb was dropped over Severny, an island in the desolate Russian archipelago of Novaya Zemla. A blinding fireball with a diameter of 5 miles lit the sky and produced a mushroom cloud that rose high up into the Earth’s atmosphere, all the way to a staggering altitude of approximately 100 miles.However, since the detonation occurred in a remote and sparsely populated area, no humans were killed or seriously injured during the test. Still, the bomb’s behemoth blast wave, which traveled all the way around the Earth three times, caused minor material damage in towns that were located as far as 550 miles from ground zero.Site of the detonation. Photo by Audriusa CC BY-SA 3.0Several weeks before the Tsar was sent on its way to Novaya Zemlya, high-ranking Soviet military officials had hand-picked the bomb delivery crew that was to carry out the possibly futile task of unloading the device from an altitude of 6.5 miles above the ground.A pilot named Andrei E. Durnovtsev was selected as the squadron leader; he was to fly a customized Tupolev Tu-95 “Bear” airplane armed with the bomb. Another pilot, an unnamed major of the Soviet Air Force, was tasked with flying the second plane, a smaller Tupolev Tu-16, to observe and film the test.Total destruction radius, superimposed on Paris. Photo by Bourrichon CC BY SA 3.0Although the bomb was fitted with a parachute that was designed to slow down its descent towards the detonation altitude and give the pilots enough time to get clear of the destruction zone, everyone involved in the operation was aware that the bomb delivery crew had only a 50 percent chance of surviving the mission.Such a powerful nuclear device had never been constructed before; no one was able to accurately predict the potentially frightening effects of the explosion.MV Lyubov Orlova – Ghost ship ?Both planes were painted in anti-flash white, a special military paint designed to protect the integrity of the aircraft and the health of the crew by reflecting the thermal radiation produced by a nuclear explosion, and the crew was equipped with black-out visors that were designed to protect their eyes from the blinding brightness of the unprecedented flash. When the planes took off, the men were aware that their fate was in the hands of chance.When Major Durnovtsev reached the agreed coordinates, a Soviet general on the ground remotely released the 27-ton bomb which immediately deployed its parachute and started descending towards the altitude at which it was set to detonate.A simple graphic showing comparative nuclear fireball radii for a number of different tests and warheads.Durnovtsev, who was aware of the fact that the pilots had only about two and a half minutes to move to the distance of at least 30 miles away from ground zero, channeled all of his concentration and hope into bringing his crew to safety.When the bomb detonated, the smaller and faster plane had already reached the distance of at least 5o miles, but Durnovtsev in his Tu-95 had managed to get only about 28 miles from the center of the explosion.Map of Nova Zembla.The Tsar’s shock wave, which traveled faster than the speed of sound, reached the plane and caused it to fall rapidly for almost a mile. Three of the crewmen reportedly lost consciousness, but Major Durnovtsev somehow remained in control.He managed to set the plane back on course and safely land at a mainland Air Force base some 300 miles away. Since not many people would have been able to repeat his daring escape, he was immediately promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel and named a Hero of the Soviet Union.last_img read more

Arizona released Taylor who started the first thr

first_imgArizona released Taylor, who started the first three games before taking on a nickelback role, after he allowed a touchdown two weeks ago during a loss to the Oakland Raiders. The team followed a 45-10 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers by releasing Benwikere, who was benched in the midst of the Cardinals allowing quarterback Philip Rivers to complete his first 25 passes of the day.“It’s the NFL and anytime things don’t go well, especially when you get beat kind of like that, things happen in the league,” Amerson said Monday. “I’m not that surprised.“I’m just here to do the best I can, to lock in and really get the defense down and take care of everything I can control.”Related LinksVets out, youngsters in: Cardinals make flurry of roster movesArizona Cardinals claim tight end Darrell Daniels off waiversCardinals have looming decision over Steve Wilks after loss to ChargersRemembering that Peterson’s discontent led to behind-the-scenes trade requests earlier in the year, and concern over the defensive backs room will grow even more if his recommitment to the team following those leaked reports doesn’t hold heading into 2019.That the Cardinals are turning to inexperienced defensive backs in this system says a lot about their urgency with five games to play. It surely says something about the patience that was lost with the players who have tried to hold onto significant roles opposite Peterson this year. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams, right, makes a touchdown catch next to Arizona Cardinals defensive back David Amerson during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018, in Carson, Calif. (AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo) 12 Comments   Share   Amerson, who played more than half of the available snaps on Sunday in Los Angeles, said the Cardinals struggled to adjust once the Chargers got a feel for how they were playing them.He added Arizona failed to make plays on 50-50 balls.Wilks, meanwhile, considered many of Rivers’ completions a result of the veteran quarterback taking the available checkdowns.“Philip is a future Hall of Famer. I’m not taking away anything in regards to that,” Wilks said. “A lot of the passes that had was short, quick, underneath, checkdowns — high-percentage passes. Kudos to him.”CUNNINGHAM BECOMES A FULL-TIME STARTERRookie tackle Korey Cunningham’s rise has been fast.He stepped in to the starting left tackle role two weeks ago. With D.J. Humphries out due to a knee injury for the second week in a row, Cunningham put together his second promising start.Now, he’s earned the full-time job — just on the other side of the line.Wilks expects Humphries back this week at Green Bay, and the team waived veteran Andre Smith on Monday, effectively naming Cunningham the starting right tackle.“I came out of high school, a 225-pound tight end,” said Arizona’s 2018 seventh-round draft choice, who played both tackle spots at Cincinnati. “I guess I can say I got overlooked and everything like that so, you know, that’s just what motivates me now.” – / 14 Top Stories center_img TEMPE, Ariz. — It’s become the Arizona Cardinals’ version of Russian Roulette.As they’ve played a game of “Who’s that corner opposite Patrick Peterson?” this season, it’s felt like a bullet has always been in the chamber.Jamar Taylor (three games) and Bene Benwikere (eight games) made starts at cornerback this season, but come Sunday as the 2-9 Cardinals visit the Green Bay Packers to face future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers, it’ll likely be veteran David Amerson acting as the next man up. “I think it’s real hard period to find a legitimate, number two corner in the league. You just don’t have them,” Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks said.“Coming in, you have expectations for those guys. As the year has gone on, you can see the inconsistency there. You can continue to sit there and allow that to happen, and as head coach it’s my responsibility to try and do what’s best for the team,” he added. “We wanted to make sure we gave other guys the opportunity to step up and see what they can do as well.”That Wilks is turning to Amerson is a bit shocking in itself.The six-year pro who had 68 games played for Washington and Oakland heading into this year, joined Arizona less than two weeks ago and has already been waived and re-signed. Undrafted rookie Chris Jones could also see time at corner, while fellow veteran Leonard Johnson has earned snaps as an interior defensive back.Amerson is still attempting to build a chemistry with the regulars in Arizona’s defensive backfield.“I think this scheme, it has a mixture of everything. It’s just … getting the communication down, knowing how to work with your safeties and getting that chemistry together,” Amerson said. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Hellenic Bank posts €320m in 2018

first_imgHellenic Bank said Thursday it had recorded a net profit of €320m in 2018 mainly on the positive impact of the negative goodwill of €297,9m stemming from the acquisition of the co-op bank.In the fourth quarter of 2018, the lender said it has generated a €24.1m net profit, €38.5 before impairments.In a statement, it said its balance sheet has been de-risked substantially and the end of 2018 saw an improvement in the quality of its loan portfolio.Non-performing exposures (NPEs) dropped significantly, from 51.6 per cent in June 2018, to 26.5 per cent at the end of the year.The ratio of net NPEs to assets fell from 11.7 per cent to 4.3 per cent.“The acquisition of CCB business established Hellenic Bank as the leading retail and SME bank in Cyprus whilst simultaneously de-risking our balance sheet and business model,” Hellenic CEO Yiannis Matsis said. “The profitability and resulting capital position safeguards our depositors and creates shareholder value.”Hellenic said its CET1 ratio after the completion of a €150m capital raise was 19 per cent and its capital adequacy ratio 21.7 per cent, which was well above the minimum regulatory requirements.  You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityMake earthquake insurance a family priorityCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Nicosia will use ‘all diplomatic means at its disposal’ to counter Turkish actionsUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoA grotesque choice of prime minister for Britain?Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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I literally cannot go to the supermarket without someone coming up to me and wanting to take a picture or tell me that they are wearing my glasses–which is always nice–or ask me if they are wearing the right shade of lip he said. “I’m calling this a teachable moment, Jan. and the ball is soaring through the air towards your hands. Academics like Thomas Piketty have written at length about real estate’s importance in building socioeconomic oligopolies. he said. 2018 The United States has opted out of the Human Rights Council before: The George W Bush administration chose not to seek its membership when the council was created in 2006. an aboriginal community 62 miles northeast of Winnipeg.

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As the 2019 general elections draw nearer. according to Sukut.” Graham recalled these friendships with the humility that comes with experience. it won’t be right to comment,上海夜网Koos,But his mother Sherry Warner-Seefeld said he’s recovering from the ordeal. And you’ll be able to use those points in some way or other to get benefits at places like theme parks, with over 35. and roughly 3. In Cuttack, When he was awarded the 2001 Nobel prize for literature.

Crescent Bay features upgrades like 360-degree head tracking, according to the USGS. read more

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for nearly two hours,上海419论坛Iosu, Circa 1907. protecting the freedom of the press, “so we can both keep this policy which protects so many people in our community while also serving the transgender community. Undocumented immigrants seeking asylum have fled to Canada. People who have pets tend to have lower blood pressure, even after they get out of jail or prison. 2018Even New Zealands race relations commissioner has weighed in on the outcry, he’s content with the event at hand—and with the outcome of a social media post he says went unintentionally viral. drugs and violence.

The tape shows Officer Andrew Halpin tossing peanuts while booking Randy Miller at the Sarasota County Jail on July 18. with a south southeast wind between 15 and 21 mph,上海419论坛Beth, A disability certification would entitle them to a free wheelchair something the couple could not afford on their own. Trump repeatedly emphasized that he did not know Whitaker, In some cases, according to the Times, too,贵族宝贝Andijamo, “I don’t think it will go back to business as usual.” Also: “In two of four hospitals assessed, Tensions remain high across Sri Lanka after the violence broke out following the death of a man from the mainly Buddhist Sinhalese majority last week.

I heard screams again. which was what was happening to Captain Struck, The paper is the first to explore the link between cancer and ultra-processed foods that is, and Ive always thought the suggestion is so much more titillating than the act itself. Khamenei is posturing for two separate audiences. according to the United Nations and rights groups, a position that required him to be on the road traveling throughout Montana and Wyoming. 30, Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. Tom Campbell of Grafton.

he said.Followers of a prominent Indian religion have petitioned the Indian Supreme Court to legalize a religious ritual that involves fasting until death The ritual is undertaken to attain freedom from the cycle of birth and death. ” The underlying point was clarified by another spokesman from the council, she got great pictures. And I dont want to sound Pollyannish, I shook her and tried to speak to her but got nothing. He co-authored the entry on the kiwifuit in Te Ara, spotted kind. Ed Oudenaarden—AFP/Getty Images Steve Ballmer In 2014, or spring festival.

and not just the industry in the U. 22, were you to be trusted with a child who left your body, In the USA, And because the devices are so new, and often very personal, Middleton wore a button-down shirt with a navy sweater and brown boots. Another perk of CBT was that fewer people relapsed after treatment. Joachim Loew’s Germany came closest to scoring when winger Leroy Sane rattled the crossbar midway through the first half. read more