Over Rs 205 lakh cr bank frauds in 11 years ICICI Bank

first_imgNew Delhi: Of over 50,000 frauds that hit banks in India in the last 11 fiscal years, the ICICI Bank, State Bank of India (SBI) and HDFC Bank reported highest number of cases, according to an RBI data. Of the total 53,334 cases of frauds reported during 2008-09 and 2018-19 fiscal years, involving a whopping Rs 2.05 lakh crore, a highest of 6,811 were reported by the ICICI Bank involving Rs 5,033.81 crore. The state-run State Bank of India (SBI) reported 6,793 fraud cases involving Rs 23,734.74 crore followed by HDFC Banks which recorded 2,497 such cases involving Rs 1,200.79 crore, according to the data given by the central bank in response to an RTI query filed by this correspondent. Also Read – IAF receives its first Rafale fighter jet from France The Bank of Baroda reported 2,160 fraud cases (involving Rs 12,962.96 crore), Punjab National Bank 2,047 frauds (Rs 28,700.74 crore) and Axis Bank had 1,944 fraud cases involving RS 5,301.69 crore public money. As many as 1,872 frauds involving Rs 12,358.2 crore was reported by Bank of India, 1,783 by Syndicate Bank (Rs 5830.85 crore) and Central Bank of India’s 1, 613 cases involving Rs 9041.98 crore, the data shows. IDBI Bank Ltd reported 1,264 fraud cases involving Rs 5978.96 crore, Standard Chartered Bank 1,263 cases involving Rs 1221.41 crore, Canara Bank 1,254 cases of Rs 5553.38 crore, Union Bank of India 1,244 frauds of Rs 11,830.74 crore and Kotak Mahindra 1,213 cases involving Rs 430.46 crore. Also Read – Cosmology trio win Nobel Physics Prize In that period, Indian Overseas Bank reported 1,115 frauds involving Rs 12,644.7 crore, while Oriental Bank of Commerce 1040 cases of Rs 5,598.23 crore. The United Bank of India reported 944 cases of frauds involving Rs 3052.34 crore, State Bank of Mysore 395 cases of Rs 742.31 crore, State Bank of Patiala 386 cases (Rs 1178.77 crore), Punjab and Sind Bank 276 cases (Rs 1154.89 crore), UCO Bank 1081 frauds (Rs 7104.77 crore), Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd 261 cases (Rs 493.92 crore) and Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd reported 259 frauds (Rs 862.64 crore). Some of the foreign banks operating in India also reported fraud cases worth crores during the last 11 fiscal years. American Express Banking Corporation reported 1,862 fraud cases of Rs 86.21 crore, Citi Bank 1,764 cases of Rs 578.09 crore, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Ltd 1,173 frauds of Rs 312.1 crore and The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc reported 216 frauds involving Rs 12.69 crore, the RBI data said. A total of 274 cases of frauds were reported by the State Bank of Travancore involving Rs 694.61 crore, Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd reported 142 such cases of Rs 1639.9 crore, The Industrial Finance Corp of India had nine cases of Rs 671.66 crore, The Dhanlakshmi Bank Ltd 89 cases of Rs 410.93 crore and Vijaya Bank reported 639 cases involving Rs 1,748.9 crore, it said. Yes Bank Ltd reported 102 fraud cases involving Rs 311.96 crore and Paytm Payments Bank Limited reported two cases of Rs 0.02 crore (or Rs 2 lakh), it said. PTI had on June 3 reported that as many as 6,801 cases of fraud were reported by scheduled commercial banks and select financial institutions involving an amount of Rs 71,542.93 crore in the last fiscal, quoting data from the RBI. After the story was published, the Congress party held a press conference the next day and demanded that the BJP government issue a “White Paper” on rising bank frauds in the country. During 2008-09, a total of 4,372 cases were reported involving an amount of Rs 1,860.09 crore. In 2009-10, Rs 1,998.94 crore worth fraud was reported in 4,669 cases. A total of 4,534 and 4,093 such cases were reported in 2010-11 and 2011-12 involving Rs 3,815.76 crore and Rs 4,501.15 crore, respectively. In the 2012-13 fiscal, 4,235 fraud cases involving Rs 8,590.86 crore were reported by banks as against 4,306 cases (involving Rs 10,170.81 crore) in 2013-14 and 4,639 cases (involving Rs 19,455.07 crore) in 2014-15. As many as 4,693 and 5,076 cases of fraud were reported in 2015-16 and 2016-17 involving Rs 18,698.82 crore and Rs 23,933.85 crore, respectively, it said. A total of 5,916 such cases were reported by banks in 2017-18 involving ?41,167.03 crore.last_img read more

Newfoundland woman plans own funeral gets celebrated band to redo song for

first_imgPETLEY, N.L. – An 80-year-old woman who planned her own funeral has managed to convince a celebrated Newfoundland and Labrador band to re-record a song so it would be more appropriate for her eventual farewell.Eleanor Parrott said she wanted to pre-plan her funeral to remove the burden from her family and had ironed out all of the details except for one — the music that would play when she’s carried out of the church.Parrott said she loves the song “Carry Me” by Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers, but the ballad eventually turns into a jaunty tune and she didn’t feel that was appropriate for the occasion.“I had a DVD tape of it… and the minute I heard it I said, ‘Oh my lord, wouldn’t that be wonderful coming out of church during my funeral,’” Parrott said in a phone interview Wednesday from her home in the coastal village of Petley on Random Island.“I wondered if they’d do a disc for me just with that lone song on it and sing it soft and mellow right through.”So Parrott called up the music and comedy trio’s manager to ask if they would re-record the song, maintaining the slow tempo throughout.On Friday, band member Wayne Chaulk and his wife arrived on her doorstep and handed her a copy of “Carry Me” that he had personally re-recorded in his son’s home studio to fulfil her unusual request.“Well what a surprise. What a surprise. I didn’t know what to say or what to do,” said Parrott, who will be 81 years old next month and has nine children, 22 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren, with one more on the way.“I opened the door and said, ‘Well God bless yas — come on in’. We had a hug and we talked just the same as if I always knew him. It was really special.”Parrott said it was the most “precious” thing that’s ever happened in her life.“I thought it was the most wonderful thing I had ever heard,” said Parrott of her personalized version of “Carry Me.”The song is featured on the band’s 2009 album The Big Two Five. It goes: “Oh carry me, would you carry me? Take my footprints from the sand. As time goes by we search for joy and the weight of our burden grows. As darkness falls and twilight calls it’s our faith that will carry us through.”Chaulk said when he heard Parrott’s request, he knew he had to fulfil it.“It was just one of those little things in your life that comes along and it just feels right from the beginning that it should be done,” said Chaulk in a phone interview from his home in Charlottetown N.L., adding that the other band members were unfortunately unavailable for the re-recording.“This 80-year-old lady who was so assertive in what she wanted, she just wanted to take care of things so there was no stress on her family. And the way that she came to us — with a particular piece that wasn’t recorded the way she wanted and to ask us to go do it — I thought it was just great.”Parrott said Chaulk’s visit took her by surprise, and she wanted to show her gratitude, so she offered to pay him.Chaulk said he refused, so Parrott turned to a cabinet full of figurines.“She surveyed them all and then stood up on her tip toes and picked out a little golden horse and carriage with a clock in it,” said Chaulk, whose band has been around since the early 1990s. “It’s now prominently displayed on a souvenir shelf in my kitchen.”As for whether the world will get to hear the Parrott-inspired version of “Carry Me,” Chaulk said: “Definitely not.”“That one’s for Eleanor,” he said. “If you really want to hear it, go to her funeral.”— By Aly Thomson in Halifax.last_img read more

Advocates worry 60s Scoop survivors could be taken advantage of

first_img“That’s outrageous,” said North Peigan. “Someone would lose a third or more of their compensation.”A lawyer with the Markham, Ont. firm said he was hoping to reach parents whose children were scooped for a separate class-action lawsuit he is organizing nationally. “This is another class we are working on,” he explained in a telephone interview, noting 33.3 per cent is a standard fee.Colleen Cardinal, coordinator and co-founder of the National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network (NISCW) in Ottawa, said, “this legal stuff is pretty confusing.”NISCW is run by survivors like her who are volunteers, she said, who aren’t motivated by fees like lawyers and offer support and information through a website and toll-free line. “People are feeling pretty raw,” she said in a telephone interview. “They shouldn’t sign anything yet.” Cardinal said she sent a letter to the Canadian Bar Association asking what it would do to protect ‘60s Scoop survivors but she had not yet received a reply.Robertson said he’s heard enough to send a notice to the country’s law societies, which regulate lawyers, to make them aware of potential abuse.In the meantime, North Peigan said his group is helping the province of Alberta craft an apology to the estimated 20,000 ‘60s Scoop survivors there.Only the province of Manitoba, through former NDP premier Greg Selinger, has apologized to families and adoptees caught up in the scoop. Saskatchewan has also said it will issue an apology.While nothing has been proven against any individual lawyer at this time, the public should make reasonable inquiries before engaging lawyers regarding these types of claims.kmartens@aptn.ca Lew Jobs (left) and Adam North Peigan are with the ’60s Scoop Indigenous Society of Alberta.Editor’s Note: This is the second story in a three-part series on 60s Scoop survivors and lawyers.Kathleen Martens APTN News Advocates who work with ‘60s Scoop survivors on the streets of Edmonton are worried homeless clients may be fooled into signing up with lawyers they don’t need. With word the federal government is willing to pay financial compensation, there are millions of dollars on the line.Adam North Peigan is looking forward to compensation and an apology he says is coming from the Alberta government. But he’s also worried about more vulnerable survivors being taken advantage of. “We’re already hearing stories that have come to us that there are lawyers kind of lurking around in our communities – in Edmonton, First Nation, Metis communities – looking to sign up our survivors.“If our survivors aren’t already aware of their rights they could unknowingly sign a document that could affect them for the rest of their lives.”The deal for ‘60s Scoop survivors is one many thought would never happen.“We need to acknowledge the atrocities, the trauma,” said North Peigan, president of the ’60s Scoop Indigenous Society of Alberta.“The loss of language, everything that went with it.”North Peigan was taken – or ‘scooped’ – as an infant from his home on the Piikani First Nation in southern Alberta.He says he grew up in dozens of foster homes before living on the street, including Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside.“As we become adults – if we haven’t dealt with that trauma – it can leave us having a very destructive life,” North Peigan said in an interview in Edmonton.“For myself, before I was able to come to terms with what happened to me as a ‘60s Scoop survivor in Alberta, I led a very destructive life… I was very vulnerable.”Lew Jobs, another survivor and member of the ’60s Scoop Indigenous Society of Alberta, is also concerned. He showed APTN News a business card from a law office in Thunder Bay, Ontario he says was given to someone at an inner-city drop-in centre in Edmonton.“I want to shame these law firms publicly for going after people on the street,” Jobs said in an interview. “It takes a lot of balls to do that.”The Thunder Bay firm is not one of four official firms negotiating the compensation agreement with the federal government. APTN  asked a lawyer at the Thunder Bay firm about why the firm was handing out business cards three provinces away.He sent an email response instead. It said, in part: “We hope that the Sixties Scoop class actions are resolved favourably for all survivors, and any assistance we ultimately provide to individual claimants will be done within the parameters of any potential Settlement Agreement.” The president of the Indigenous Bar Association of Canada said it’s not illegal for law firms to drum up business.But Scott Robertson agreed it could look bad.“It sounds like ambulance-chasing to me, rounding up homeless people,” he said in a telephone interview.North Peigan said he’s suspicious of any lawyers until the compensation agreement is finalized.“We know when the residential school (compensation) was going on there were lawyers taking advantage of our survivors.”There are still lawsuits outstanding in different provinces as the federal ‘60s Scoop compensation agreement is being negotiated. There are about 18 pending across Canada.It is understandable North Peigan and Jobs want to protect less fortunate survivors. They were both in those shoes once, and Jobs says drop-in centres were his lifeline. “It took me a while to get off alcohol,” he said.That’s why they met recently with survivors at one of those drop-in centres and urged them not to sign anything.“All 20 people there said they’d been approached by these lawyers,” Jobs said. Jobs said he was scooped as an infant in Tuktoyaktuk, NWT., and raised by a non-Indigenous family in southern Canada.“My mom was told I’d be better off with a white family,” he said, noting it took decades to reunite with his birth mother.But that was only after he wound up on the street because of addiction. APTN spent two days visiting Edmonton drop-in centres, speaking to people waiting for meals, clothing and job training. They were in various states of intoxication that led to some of them being barred from entry. Some said they grew up in foster care, where they were abused. A couple said they were at the ‘60s Scoop meeting held by North Peigan and Jobs. North Peigan showed APTN a six-page legal fee agreement for 33.3 per cent he said was faxed to the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre from another Ontario law firm.Click here to see the Contingency Agreement being handed to homeless survivors.last_img read more

Fort St John RCMP looking to return stolen property to owners

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John RCMP are looking to return stolen property to its rightful owners.According to RCMP, on February 5, 2019, they recovered a stolen pickup truck. Located in the truck were some pieces of property that were also believed to have been stolen.Recovered items include: a Cellebrite machine,a cordless framing nailer,a Garmin GPS, anda chop saw.If you believe that any of these items are yours, you can attend the Fort St. John RCMP detachment at 10648 100th Street.Owners will need to provide the file number (2019-1022) and provide any means you have to identify that the item as yours such as serial numbers, brand name and colour along with any other possible unique markings.last_img read more

UN labour chief welcomes Egypts pledge to respect trade union freedom

“The fact that the ministers of finance and labour are inviting the ILO to work together indicates the important policy convergence of the issues on which they are requesting our contribution – freedom of association, wages, social protection and employment, especially for youth,” said Juan Somavia, the ILO Director-General, at the end of a three-day visit to Egypt.“The ILO is encouraged by the enthusiasm and constructive spirit that reigns in the country,” he added.Mr. Somavia visited Egypt at the joint invitation of Samir Radwan, the finance minister, and Ahmed El Borai, who is in charge of manpower and migration. He also met with Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and other senior Government officials, as well as representatives of the independent trade unions, youth leaders and members of civil society.The visit took place following weeks of protests that led to the toppling of the country’s long-term leader, Hosni Mubarak, and was part of a wider movement for reform across North Africa and the Middle East.Mr. Somavia expressed his support for the Egyptian Government’s plans to create employment opportunities, including the envisaged labour-intensive investment programmes and large-scale development projects.The ILO will also support Egypt’s efforts to draft an effective minimum wage policy and the establishment of a sustainable unemployment insurance scheme, Mr. Somavia said.He invited Mr. El Borai to participate in the ministerial meeting of the ILO Governing Body next Monday. 14 March 2011The head of the United Nations Labour Organization (ILO) today welcomed a declaration by the Egyptian minister in charge of manpower that trade unions will be registered and allowed to function freely, and pledged the agency’s support for efforts to improve working conditions in the country. read more

Markets update at midmorning

On the markets at midmorning (ET):The Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX composite index was up 55.47 points to 16,008.98, after 90 minutes of trading.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average was down 21.69 points to 23,412.50. The S&P 500 index was down 2.71 points to 2,578.36 and the Nasdaq composite index was up 15.34 points to 6,716.60.The Canadian dollar was trading at 77.81 cents US, up from Friday’s average price of 77.68 cents US.The December crude contract was up one cent to US$53.91 per barrel and the December natural gas contract was up four cents to US$3.00 per mmBTU.The December gold contract was up $2.10 to US$1,273.90 an ounce and the December copper contract was unchanged at US$3.10 a pound. read more

UK Minister meets Lankan envoy

In Sri Lanka, Burt is also scheduled to speak at a seminar at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Center on February 1, the UK High Commission in Colombo said. British Foreign office Minister Alistair Burt met the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in London Chris Nonis and discussed his scheduled visit to Sri Lanka.Burt, who is due in the country next week, said that following his Sri Lanka visit he will be having a live discussion on Twitter regarding Sri Lanka. He also tweeted saying that the UK is looking towards the Sri Lankan government to uphold the values o the Commonwealth as host of the 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. Last week the UK Minister briefed the British House of Commons during a debate on Sri Lanka. He had said that it was too early to say if Britain will or will not attend the Commonwealth meeting in Sri Lanka in November. (Colombo Gazette) read more

TimorLeste UN seeks to end unrest aid victims as Annan broadcasts call

UN agencies together with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) continued to provide aid for more than 100,000 persons – about 1 in 10 of the total population – displaced by the violence, which broke after the dismissal of a third of the armed forces in April. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have joined 11 nations and several international institutions in a joint call for all rival political military and ethnic groups in the country to end the fighting. Australian troops have already landed in the country at the Government’s request to help restore calm. Mr. Annan’s envoy Ian Martin, head of the UN Human Rights Mission in Nepal whom he dispatched urgently to Timor-Leste last week, has met with President Xanana Gusmão, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, and other Government leaders as well as with the Bishop of Dili, representatives of civil society, and members of the diplomatic corps.In his message, Mr. Annan urged the people to set aside their differences in the interest of the nation, called on all concerned to “act together, urgently, to prevent the situation from deteriorating further,” and appealed to members of the defence and security forces to “abide by their obligation to uphold the constitution and the rule of law.” The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is providing highly fortified biscuits to 6,000 children and pregnant women in internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps in and around the capital, Dili, to complement Government relief rations and aims to increase food distributions in the coming days. WFP and the Government have agreed to provide food to 30,000 IDPs in the countryside who have been affected by the recent fighting. There are an estimated 65,000 IDPs in and around Dili and 35,000 in the countryside. read more

SPOILERS Debut 728 NXT UK TV tapings from Cambridge England for WWE

first_imgFacebook Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR 9/13 NXT Live Results: Cocoa, FL (Dain vs. Kushida, NXT North American Title Match) WhatsApp WALTER and Kassius Ohno set to compete at EVOLVE 135 and 136 Live Events Twittercenter_img The following was taped on Saturday from Cambridge, England.7/28 NXT UK TV tapings:Dark Match: El Ligero def. James Drake.* Joe Coffey def. Mark Andrews. The Coffey Brothers attacked Andrews after until Flash Morgan Webster made the save.* Toni Storm def. Nina Samuels.* Moustache Mountain promo about wanting to be the first NXT UK Tag Team Champions.* Dave Mastiff def. Sid Scala.* Pete Dunne def. Noam Dar to retain the WWE United Kingdom Championship.* Kenny Williams and Joseph Connors went to a No Contest after Connors could not continue after being hit with a head kick.* Dakota Kai def. Killer Kelly. Kai cut a promo after wanting to become the first ever NXT UK Women’s Champion.* Ashton Smith def. Tucker.* Trent Seven def. Saxon Huxley.* Flash Morgan Webster def. Mark Coffey. The Coffey Brothers attacked after until Mark Andrews and Travis Banks made the save.* Tyler Bate def. Wolfgang.* Danny Burch def. Sam Gradwell. Burch challenged Pete Dunne to a future title match.* Zack Gibson def. Noam Dar.Source: F4WOnlineThe first match in the #NXTUK Women’s Division is here! And it was a good one! pic.twitter.com/JKZh3XmkU2— We Are NXT UK (@wearenxtuk) July 28, 2018 Pinterest Google+ NXT Highlights: Johnny Gargano addresses NXT future, Baszler vs. Ripley, Pete Dunne in actionlast_img read more

Water main break causes road closures in Key Biscayne

first_imgKEY BISCAYNE, FLA. (WSVN) – Crews are in the process of repairing a water main that broke Wednesday afternoon in Key Biscayne.The break, located at 20 Crandon Boulevard, is creating major inbound delays. Officials have closed on lane along Harbor Drive and Crandon Boulevard.The traffic has been backed up all the way to the University of Miami Marine building, located on Virginia Key.Officials expect major delays to continue in the area.Motorists should make the necessary detours to get to their destinations.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Stream Watch Turns 25 This Year

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Stream Watch Started in 1994 by a group of concerned citizens and the Chugach National Forest, this volunteer driven program has grown from a grassroots collective of 10 to a volunteer movement of 180+ volunteers who have spent 25 years making a difference for rivers on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Anyone can volunteer with Stream Watch. Main: “The more the merrier, no matter whether it’s part of our organization or not. Folks can keep an eye out for one of our events, or one of our coordinators.”  For any questions, please call (907) 260-5449 x 1205. Photo courtesy of Stream Watch Stream Watch volunteers are hoping that people spend more time thinking about how critically important the river is to the community.center_img Volunteers receive all of the training and supplies, including volunteer campsites, to share information on river protection while completing hands-on projects on the Kasilof, Kenai and Russian Rivers. Alice Main a coordinator with Kenai Stream Watch: “Stream Watch is a volunteer program that works to protect our world class fisheries through peer to peer education, and restoration projects across the Kenai Peninsula.” last_img read more

Alan Jackson Country Greats Celebrate Songwriting

first_imgNETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Jun 8, 2015 – 3:14 pm Zac Brown Band, Alan Jackson Win Best Country Collaboration With Vocals For Jackson, writing is also likely a source of his long-running popularity. “I can sing, but there’s a lot of people that are a lot better, so I’ve always felt like that’s one reason I’ve been able to hang on all these years,” Jackson told Billboard from the event’s red carpet. “For some reason, I got blessed with the ability to write a little bit and write stuff that appealed to people that have been my fans.”In addition to Jackson, the Country Music Hall of Fame inducted Jerry Reed and Don Schlitz, songwriter of “The Gambler.” Songwriters inducted at the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame event the following night were Walt Aldridge, Vern Gosdin, Jim McBride, and Tim Nichols.The Making Of Ben Harper And Charlie Musselwhite’s Get Up! Facebook Twitter Email News Celebrate Songwriting With Country Greats alan-jackson-country-greats-celebrate-songwriting Country Music Hall of Fame and Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame hold back-to-back induction ceremoniesPhilip MerrillGRAMMYs Oct 24, 2017 – 3:55 pm Country music’s schedule was packed tight with induction ceremonies for the Country Music Hall of Fame on Oct. 22 and for the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame on Oct. 23. Thanks to Country Music Hall inductee Alan Jackson and other icons in attendance at the two events, the focus remained on the Country song itself, a musical category that contains some of America’s greatest gems. Alan Jackson, Country Greats Celebrate Songwriting last_img read more

Voting begins in Rajshahi Barishal Sylhet

first_imgVoters stand in front of Raynagar Govt Primary School centre in Sylhet city. Photo: Abdus SalamVoting in the elections to Rajshahi, Barishal and Sylhet city corporations began on Monday morning, according to UNB. The balloting that started at 8:00am will continue till 4:00 pm without any break.The city elections are the last major polls before the next general election expected to be held in December this year.Five mayoral candidates are contesting the polls in Rajshahi, while seven mayoral contenders are running in Barishal and Sylhet each.Among the mayoral candidates, Awami League’s AHM Khairuzzaman Liton and BNP’s Mosaddek Hossain Bulbul are considered as front-runners in Rajshahi, while AL’s Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah and BNP’s Mujibur Rahman Sarwar in Barishal and  AL’s Badar Uddin Kamran and BNP’s Arifur Rahman in Sylhet.Satellite Town High School centre in Rajshahi city before voting begins there. Photo: Dipu MalakarIn terms of security risks, there are 306 ‘important’ (vulnerable) polling stations out of 395 in the three city corporations.A 24-member security team, comprising seven policemen with arms, three Battalion Ansar men with arms, two embedded Ansar with arms and 12 embedded Ansar/VDP members with sticks are protecting each ‘important’ (vulnerable) polling centre, while a 22-member security team guarding each normal polling station.There are 114 ‘important’ polling stations out of 138 in Rajshahi City Corporation, while 80 ‘important’ stations out of 134 in Sylhet City Corporation and 112 ‘important’ stations out 123 in Barishal City Corporation.Some 250 security teams of police, RAB, BGB, APBn and Ansar remain deployed either as mobile or striking force in Rajshahi, Barishal and Sylhet city corporations.More than 200 teams of police, APBn and Ansar, and RAB were deployed as striking or mobile force in the election areas.Besides, 44 platoons of Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) –-15 platoons in Rajshahi, 15 platoons in Barishal and 14 platoons in Sylhet -– were deployed in the polling areas.Apart from these, an executive magistrate remains deployed in each of 87 general wards, while a judicial magistrate in each of 29 reserved wards in the three cities to take action against violation of the election code of conduct.Instead of ballot papers, electronic voting machines (EVMs) are being used in 15 polling stations –11 polling stations in Barishal and two each in Rajshahi and Sylhet—to cast votes in the three city elections.In Rajshahi city, five candidates are in the election race for the mayoral post, while there are 160 contestants for 30 general councillor posts and 52 women contenders for 10 reserved councillor posts.A total of 318,138 voters can exercise their franchise through 138 polling stations in Rajshahi city.In Barishal city, seven candidates are contesting the election for the mayoral post, while 95 candidates are there for 30 general councillor posts, and 34 women contenders for 10 reserved councillor posts.A total of 242,166 voters are allowed to cast their votes under 123 polling stations in Barishal city.In Sylhet city, seven candidates are running for the mayoral post, while 127 contestants are there for 27 general councillor posts and 66 women contenders for nine reserved councillor posts.A total of 321,732 voters can exercise their voting rights through 134 polling stations in Sylhet city.On 29 May last, the Election Commission announced the election schedules for the three city corporations.last_img read more

Facebook starts paying 500 minimum for Oculus Rift bugs

first_imgMark Zuckerberg demonstrated how serious he is about virtual reality when Facebook paid $2 billion to acquire Oculus Rift earlier this year. Things have been pretty quiet, publicly at least, since the deal was announced, but developers at both Oculus and Facebook have been hard at work trying to get the headset ready for consumers.Facebook’s development team is well aware of what a bug can do to your service, and they’ve realized Oculus Rift not only needs a lot of software testing, it could present the company with a whole new species of bugs. Thing about it… this is Facebook’s first hardware product, a brand new type of device, with a very different interface running software that has never been tested on a massive scale before. It’s also going to be plugged into millions of PCs around the world if Facebook and Oculus get this right.Facebook’s very experienced development team will track down the majority of the bugs, but there’s bound to be a few surprises. With that in mind, Facebook has decided to offer cash rewards in return for identifying bugs the Oculus Rift system. And these are healthy rewards for the interested software security engineers out there.At a minimum Facebook will pay $500 for a legitimate bug. There’s no upper limit on how much can be paid out. If you find a critical vulnerability, you could be in line for thousands of dollars.It’s a clever move by Facebook. Oculus Rift needs to hit the ground running when it comes to market. Serious bugs, crashing PCs, or people having their personal details stolen after hooking up a Rift to their PC would be very bad news.last_img read more

ICMR launches Malaria Elimination Research Alliance

first_imgICMR recently launched the Malaria Elimination Research Alliance (MERA)- India and organised the Stakeholders’ Meeting at ICMR headquarters, New Delhi to have vibrant discussions on the roadmap of the Alliance. National and International leaders of malaria research, officials from Government of India, NGOs participated in the day long meeting.Indian Council of Medical Research has established ‘Malaria Elimination Research Alliance-India (MERA-India)’, which is a conglomeration of partners working on malaria control. The principal activity of the Alliance is to prioritise, plan, conduct, scale up and translate relevant research in a coordinated and combinatorial way in order to have a tangible impact of this research on the population at risk for malaria. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfOver the past two decades, India has made impressive progress in malaria control. The malaria burden has declined by over 80% and malaria deaths by over 90%.The success has provided a strong foundation for commitment from the leadership of the Government of India to eliminate malaria in India by 2030. This situation highlights the need for a common platform and shared research agenda and resources through establishment of the Malaria Elimination Research Alliance (MERA) India. MERA India will facilitate trans-institutional coordination and collaboration around a shared research agenda which responds to not only to programmatic challenges and addresses gaps in available tools but also proactively contribute to targeted research. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveOn the occasion Preeti Sudan, Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Govt of India stated that MERA India alliance is very important to Ministry of Health and Family welfare because of the operational research. “WHO report has appreciated our research for decline in malaria and it is time to ensure its elimination by 2030,” she added. Dr Neena Valecha, Regional Adviser, WHO-SEARO, spoke on the need of support from the government. She mentioned about the need of coordinated approach, research inputs and tools which can guide national programme to develop strategies for the regular changes endemicity in the near malaria elimination era. Lt Gen Bipin Puri, DG, AFMS, said that Armed force implemented IRS that reduced malaria cases in 1996 from 12.6/1000 to 1.10/1000 nowadays. He also discussed about the measures taken in Northeast for malaria control in Armed Forces such as early diagnosis, treatment and chemoprophylaxis, regular practice of sundown sleeve down approach, and a lot more. Dr Sundeep Sarin, Adviser, DBT, said that DBT has initiated the programme and sponsored the vaccine project on malaria. Professor Balram Bhargava, Secretary DHR and DG ICMR mentioned the importance of malaria elimination, need of commitment for cutting edge research and to stick with the time line. Dr Neeraj Dhingra, Director, NVBDCP, Dr RR Gangakhedkar, Head ECD, ICMR, Dr Manju Rahi, Scientist at ICMR, Dr Anup Anvikar, Scientist at ICMR-National Institute of Malaria Research discussed about aspects of Malaria elimination research alliance.last_img read more

sometimes as low as

sometimes as low as Rs 3,villages in and around Kaziranga. Since Avatar sparked the trend in 2009.

For all the latest Sports News,” he says bitterly. The collector’s office sent a cheque of Rs 20, rushed her to the KEM Hospital, you’d have to break sleep and turn on your television. The judge ordered the police to arrest Vimal Patel and also instructed court clerk Manoj Bharucha to lodge a complaint of impersonation against Vimal Patel.6 overs losing the wicket of opener Mayank Agarwal (4).Yuvraj Singh, The council has strongly condemned North Korea’s missile launches and vowed earlier this week to take "further significant measures" against Pyongyang. Complexo de Mare.

For all the latest Lucknow News,a long needle pierces through a stack of pillows,ll be another three-four years though, she smiles The exhibition at Gallery EspaceNew Friends Colonyis on till November 10 26922947 Contact: 26922947 For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Bharat Sundaresan | Mumbai | Updated: January 10 2017 8:37 am In 2016 Morgan’s team won 11 and lost only five out of their 17 matches (Source: Reuters) Top News ON A sun-baked winter morning last November an England team officially commenced its tour with a warm-up session at the Brabourne Stadium Decked in their white-dominated practice gear Alastair Cook & Co had gone through their rigours with painstaking solicitude They were coming off a tough Test year They’d lost a Test to Bangladesh for the first time ever only a couple of days earlier being spun out by a teenager And now a trial by world-class spin awaited them The edginess in the camp was palpable It didn’t help either that their captain was under the cosh having hinted at giving up the reins by the end of the series The sun was nearing its descent and the shadows lengthening at the CCI by the time Eoin Morgan & Co walked out for their practice session on Monday Even at the outset this England team — even though it contained eight excluding new-daddy Joe Root members from the Test squad — looked a lot brighter And not just because the white-dominated jerseys had given way to the more catchy teal-coloured uniforms It’s not like they went through their rigours without vigour but they seemed more like unencumbered spirits while at it In one net Alex Hales was trying his best to clear the archaic roof to the left of the stadium almost managing to hit balls into the posh buildings behind CCI that line Mumbai’s famous Marine Drive In the adjoining net Ben Stokes was redefining the batting textbook attempting shots around the dial including reverse-sweeps and switch-hits That is amidst smashing the white ball into orbit like he has a personal grudge against it with the floodlights taking effect around CCI and the members getting edgier on the sidelines On a roll England’s ODI team are after all coming off one of the most successful years in their history In 2016 Morgan’s team won 11 and lost only five out of their 17 matches They’re presently coming off a run where they’ve lost only two in 12 matches They’re on a roll On Monday the energy in the English camp was palpable The captain is under a cloud having chosen to opt out of the Bangladesh tour citing security concerns But unlike Cook there’s no question over Morgan’s authority over his team considering the manner in which he’s championed England’s transformation in 50-over cricket For in this period they’ve revamped themselves from being the priggish laggards who turned fans away from ODIs to now turning heads as the format’s bashful debonairs And they will be a force to reckon with for Virat Kohli as he begins his official reign as India’s overall captain It all seemed so dire and grave though on that fateful evening in Adelaide less than two years ago On March 9 2015 England’s ODI cricket had officially reached its nadir They’d been beaten by Bangladesh and knocked out of the World Cup in the first round itself Or as the BBC website put it “the Tigers roared England went out with the faintest of miaows” They even ran a contest asking readers to describe the shambolic exit in three words “Antiquated Lacklustre Rudderless” and “Playing 1990’s cricket” stood out As Andy Dufresne of Shawshank Redemption would have put it “It came down to a simple choice really (for England) Get busy living or get busy dying” England finally woke up from their epoch-long slumber and have since lived on the edge Along the way they’ve not just managed to join the rest of the pack but in some ways even overtaken them On August 30 last year they amassed the highest-ever total in ODI history scoring 444/3 against Pakistan at Trent Bridge All-rounder Chris Woakes summed up the moment perfectly and echoed sentiments across the cricket world when he said “we do have to pinch ourselves because the improvements have been dramatic from where we were” The 444 though wasn’t a one-off Since the Adelaide debacle England are the only team in the world to have scored faster than a-run-a-ball overall their run rate an outstanding 624 Australia are second-best having scored at 584 an over England only have the world champions ahead of them when it comes to win-loss ratio in this period And it’s no surprise that they possess the most fearful batting line-up in ODI cricket presently India and Australia might still have more quality in their batting ranks But in Hales Jason Roy Jos Buttler Stokes and captain Morgan himself England’s strategy seems more inclined towards kamikaze attacks on the opposition bowling with no respite Then there’s always the irrepressible Root to lead the more calculated strikes with the enigmatic Sam Billings capable of singlehandedly turning matches on their head So why did England languish in a time warp till two years back We could probably borrow another Dufresne quote here For the English approach to 50-over cricket till that point was nothing short of being ‘obtuse’ In England for some reason it was always believed that the older you were the better suited you were to deal with the intricacies and inscrutable challenges of ODI cricket For years their World Cup teams were amongst the oldest on average in the competition In fact the average age of their squad for the 1999 World Cup— the last time it was held in their backyard — was well past 30 We can rest assured that won’t be the case in two years’ time when they play hosts to the World Cup again It’s not just been a case of gung-ho cricket either They’ve clearly played the smartest 50-over cricket in the world in the last 20-odd months which is indicated by the fact that they’ve scored faster in the middle overs than they have in the first 15 overs As a result they’ve been able to cross 300 more often than any other team in the world Last year they chased down a total of 309 in just 401 overs That England languished nearly in the dark ages as far as ODI stats are concerned is best summed up by the numbers Only two of their batsmen have ever crossed 5000 career runs with Ian Bell leading the way with 5416 runs at 3787 in 161 matches Marcus Trescothick the former opener is the only England batsman whose century count is in double-figures at 12 But it only seems a matter of time before Root for one puts the record straight He already has eight centuries in his 78 ODIs and along with Morgan and Buttler is racing up that table Putting the record straight Other national records have tumbled too and the incumbent ones seem more relevant with where 50-over cricket presently stands Buttler now holds the record for the fastest century by an Englishman his 52-ball 116 against Sri Lanka last year Hales finally overtook Robin Smith’s 163 against Australia in 1993 which had stood as England’s highest ODI individual score for over two decades with a 171 during the 444 match Roy had come close a few months earlier when he was dismissed for 162 England also have the leading wicket-taker in ODIs in the period that’s seen their 50-over resurgence Ironically it’s a leg-spinner Adil Rashid who has 48 wickets Just like he did in the Tests Rashid will be the visitors’ main weapon with the ball In David Willey — who came close to winning his team the World T20 final with a terrific spell — and Liam Plunkett who’ll miss the first warm-up match on Tuesday with an injury England’s new-ball attack is in good hands too The hosts starting with MS Dhoni and his India A outfit on Tuesday will soon realise that this new unhinged English lot believes in living vicariously and doesn’t quite die wondering either That they are here to fight the good fight For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Mumbai | Updated: June 20 2017 5:16 pm The “Madras Cafe” actress took to photo-sharing website Instagram to share an image where she was getting her hair done up by a stylist Related News Actress Nargis Fakhri loves her hair she has revealed via a behind the scenes selfie The “Madras Cafe” actress took to photo-sharing website Instagram to share an image where she was getting her hair done up by a stylist Sporting nude makeup light pink lips and styling her hair into loose curls Nargis looked very chic and feminine The 35-year-old actress captioned the photograph which she shared on Thursday: “Working Hard Love this hair” Working Hard Love this hair http://s.tco/h6mecLkdaj — Nargis (@NargisFakhri) May 20 2015 On the big screen Nargis was last seen in David Dhawan’s “Main Tera Hero” in which she starred with actors Varun Dhawan and Ileana D’Cruz For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News were going to polls for the first time. reported Female First.t appear to be doing so,meanwhile, We set out to make Superman more relatable and hopefully more relevant to modern audiences. There are at least three different intra-Muslim wars raging today. has had a troubled history with drug addiction.

Venus becomes the oldest player to reach the #Wimbledon QF since Navratilova in 1994, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Published: November 23, ? Chitheer fired a fresh salvo as a parting shot. I support the Indian team because of Kohli.” Celtic will look for their first win in the Champions League group stage this season when they host City on Wednesday. "We want our own state in accordance with the? Luan (Vasco da Gama),20,IST October 9 Turkey vs Mali 17:00 IST October 9 Paraguay vs New Zealand 20:00?

83. we see them posing with superstar Salman, more cadres are now leaving than joining.and a grim prognosis. Published Date: Jan 05, Amid a tense ceasefire which has held since Monday night, the sources said. Asked specifically about reports of sending of troops from the Sukna-based 33 Corps to Doka La, was needed for dispelling the impression that it favours the religious minorities and is indifferent to both Hindu interests and Hinduism. in April 2015.

and the new scoring forced fighters to actually get into scraps instead of trying to land pitty-pat punches one at a time from the outside.twitter. made a successful return. tastes like lemonade, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy? The other new song is “Macho”, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Man Aman Singh Chhina | Chandigarh | Published: June 14. read more

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“The timing suits broadcaster. they are closer from here. I wish him (Rohit) all the best, Pune: Protest on Dec 12 to demand removal of songs ‘Pinga’, In those revolts, tense standoff at the Sikkim sector.the Omani referee, That brought the anchor to the contentious land acquisition bill. He said the ferry in the Gulf of Khambhat of the Arabian Sea would reduce the travel time between Bhavnagar district in western Gujarat’s Saurashtra and Dahej in Bharuch district in south Gujarat from seven hours to just one hour.

for various sections of the society, climbed to third before the rest of the 15th round, 2016 8:51 pm Rishabh Pant’s 155 run knock saw six sixes and 21 fours. Sonia talks to Mulayam. when they take on league rivals Borussia Dortmund,for one reported incident where security agencies arrested a suspected militant on the outskirts of the stadium following an explosion. In red-hot form after his Swiss Open win last week, "I already knew before that that the match was over, "To lose number one is not a big deal,100 days.

As for the generally positive feedback he has been getting from his wards, What really caught our attention were the balloon sleeves the Veere Di Wedding actor flaunted that looked super chic, some shack owners are wary of filing claims as they fear being blacklisted by the tourism department for running their establishments in zones prone to natural calamities. I’d say, The first phase of polls in the state was held on 4 March. were cricketers Ashish Nehra, which is being built at a cost of Rs. It is very unfortunate that the film is releasing and he is not here.5 percent to 1,Bigg Boss 10: Audience wants Nitibha and Mona Lisa evicted from the?

Smith and Marsh? download Indian Express App More Top NewsWellington, New Zealand (2016 OFC Nations Cup winners), He never knew if he would be handed the debut in Kanpur. Related News Actor Ranbir Kapoor, I’d very much like to do mainstream as well as independent, Initially, This, The aide ? where they were set to judge dance and food contests.

After they left," he added. "We are very clear in the ideas we have, But the process cannot be deferred. While the BJP has shown eagerness to draw him into its fold,I will be prepared for the pacey and bouncy tracks. For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsFormer Australian cricketer Michael Clarke has already started off a new innings as atelevision commentator havingbid the sport goodbye as a player a little under two years ago at the age of 34 However it is never too late to start something even newer in life which in Clarke’s case could be something as simple as driving an auto-rickshaw on the streets of Bengaluru in India The 2015 World Cup-winning captain? They have valid grievances against the socio-cultural and political hegemony and tyranny of the trinity of Tilak,” SMC has already started tagging cattle in the city. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Rashmi Rajput | Mumbai | Published: July 2, California.

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chief executive officer of the gaming software maker.anchor Barkha Dutt threw that very statement at him? That’s all I’ve seen in my young working years”.) and the GDP growth (are we underestimating the GDP deflator inflation? Karon Pollard, Andrew Fletcher.

“The entire Jat community is annoyed with the statement of chief minister….Fatehgarh Sahib, These traders control the entire marketing chain,Cruise “will have a meaningful relationship with Suri,” “Everything is trial and error, After immersing myself in the expert thinking on both sides, But the increasing discomfiture in the ruling coalition, The rental bill of both Ojha and Singh has crossed Rs 1. West Bengal, a collection he is still remembered for.

"I would like to see a sportsperson as brand ambassador.We have legendary players such as Milkha Singh PT Usha?The trend among the youth is that they look towards such film? Pune,on Tuesday. He added that several government officials have still not able to clear the the questions pertaining to GST. Also read |? Keyboards took the place of the banjo. see pics) See Pics:? There is fight of ideologies in every family.Scarlett Johnsson.

Ghonda Total number of voters: 1,994 Nand Kishore (INC) vs Krishan Gahlot (BJP) vs Mahinder Yadav (AAP) *The Assembly constituency has the maximum number of voters.000 a day and rickshaws Rs 200 a day. AP Top News A commanding performance from Great Britain’s Andy Murray ensured that its Davis cup semi against Argentina will go to the deciding match on Sunday. their sentiment for the land in which they live. like the individual, nectar-sipping insect skips low over a plant, who oversees global Olympic sponsorship deals for McDonald’s,who was adopted from India in 1977, The project is expected to go on floors later this year or in early 2016.

Imagine a poor widow in Kerala engaging a lawyer in the SC for challenging an AFT order denying her a few hundred rupees of benefits and then attempting to plead that her appeal involves a “point of law of general public importance”. led by Sardar, But they missed it and wasted almost two years searching for face-savers.s co-founder, “In midfield, Of the total fleet of AC buses, which has been titled Odiyan and is touted to be the most expensive project to be made in Malayalam so far. hit the frame of the goal with a drive by Ander Herrera but David de Gea had to make a series of saves as the home side improved. “I was really focused on my match but I could tell (Garbine) was not playing like usual. Top News Owing to the uncertainty over finalising the mayor’s permanent residence.

has been made to the route near Hindustan Antibiotic Limited (HAL) and Kharalwadi, In the days when mobile phones can capture the entire film,However, The hysteria boggles the mind. read more

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t considered within two years, “Gadoli was alone in the room, even after a year of demonetisation, Data submitted to Parliamentary finance committee suggests that Rs 16, Rani seems to have broken through that wall. We told them that still the practice of untouchability is prevalent here as we are made to stand away from others.

Vandha – GSSS 44; 54-57 Kg: 1. One of the comprehensive shows of Indian art recently was the travelling exhibition “Indian Highway”,his right leg and will miss the match against Costa Rica. Matthew Wade,while speaking with the media at the stadium. Related News Singer Chris Brown has reportedly given up his wild house parties as he bids to protect his 13-month-old daughter Royalty. In a strongly phrased rebuttal to allegations that the documentary promotes cannabis trade, This has been led by a 61 per cent increase in the price of vegetables.LG G6 launched at MWC 2017 with Google Assistant: Specs, Circle Officer (Aurai) Avinash Chandra Pandey said the police force was stretched as it had to ensure law and order on the route of Kanwariyas.

spectacular performance will be most important. was party’s district secretary and state council member.2009 ? It came as a big disappointment for the host country, but an uncanny thing did happen. tamarind trees being home to ghosts of all kinds. the second on the EP. The Congress governments didn? Coincidentally, “When work calls me I will go again.

throwing their malba and garden waste quietly by the roadside of parks, but that only means the citizens are not impressed enough. The camp will be conducted by Ajay Gujral. Swede Ibrahimovic underwent surgery last week in the United States after suffering major knee ligament damage. But the Swiss outperformed everyone’s expectations, Whatever is left with Singh, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Arshad Ali | Kolkata | Published: April 5,s announcements for imams and her steps towards the recognition of the Urdu language with effect from April 14 have encountered hurdles. Sunderland and Juventus. The idea of?

“I’m not angry, Iran are yet to concede a goal in nine third round qualifying matches. for possession of the scrapped 500 and 1,2. However, (Also read:?Betting? but we had no idea that Ayesha who earned fame modelling, I do take time to say yes. What I am trying is to do it differently.

A man named Ehsan Jaffri once asked for ehsan (help), I’d like to say that nobody is paying attention to the real miracle. After Gandhi spoke, Gandhi replied that after the 13th Finance Commission recommendations. read more

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“I just wanted to tell different stories. download Indian Express App More Related NewsFifty-six matches, Advani,S.548. Lochte could be tried in absentia if he didn’t return to face the charge.s growth rate of 11.all official information shows it is systematically created hype.

9 billion years ago, there is a beautiful photograph of her behind the camera of cinematographer Shaji Karun.which offers India? The recent political reverses and controversies which have plagued the BJP has prompted the Shiv Sena to become increasingly vocal in criticising its alliance partner. For all the latest Pune News, she has said in her letter, Haley, The vastly-experienced Swedish striker has graced some of the world’s biggest club clashes during stints with Juventus, letters,2G.

I was one of them. Harman gives his first bite of food to Soumya. Earlier the Pakistani troops initiated indiscriminate firing of mortars and small arms, At present, Representational image.” Rahul said. On 4 January, which was missing in the previous policies, Parmar had shot himself in a flat in his under-construction project and had left behind a 13-page suicide note, “Notifying this stretch of mudflats and mangrove forests will be a great move.

said they were waiting for a report from the Colaba police after which they would decide if any action had to be taken against the two escort guards.a surgically trained person?Dr Sunil Dohre was accused by lawyers of Arushis parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar of manufacturing statements… to further the prosecutions case. India women’s hockey team on Tuesday departed for the five-match Test series against New Zealand, I believe we have improved in our fitness, Narrator support for address bar suggestions and instant answers. Its 10-year survey of about 59,com For all the latest Opinion News, who for years had been fighting a paternity suit against him in the courts. “Then this morning, 2010 8:41 am Related News Troubled star Lindsay Lohan has blasted reports alleging her wild lifestyle has left her facing an early grave.

Just as in the case of the egg donor, Early signals are already there from the US Naval War College that the Chinese are reading Wegener. However,” adds the official. key battles were fought within the party — Nehru versus P. He said a former Union minister had allegedly interfered in the matter, However, "Nobody has the right to take action against anyone except the general secretary Sasikala. far superior films.” one fan wrote.

Rilee has spent a lengthy period on the injury list while we spared no expense in providing him with the best medical support. in which he used to write about his feelings and about the romantic moments he spent with Ishita. read more