Some advice to rectify the network to individual webmaster

      a few days ago, after the occurrence of the purple network fault, I guess a lot of IDC service providers are still dark in the heart. Now Shantou telecommunications room was closed, Lanmang technology suffered heavy losses, the IDC server will feel insecure up.

      purple field after the incident, many people are accused of brutal law enforcement, Henan Telecom now, I’m afraid this decision is not necessarily to Henan local telecom local decision is likely to be the domestic telecom operators in the country to carry out an iron fist remediation start.

      I feel as a personal webmaster, at least should pay attention to the following points:

      the 1 Party Congress to be held immediately, the Department of homeland security is successfully held for Congress, do everything possible to create a harmonious atmosphere, so politically sensitive your website is best not to;

      2 some newly debuted personal webmaster, two ears do not hear out of the window, did not understand the current form of the Internet, also add some unprofitable SMS Union Film alliance and then do a few color "cheat other people registered, don’t take their lives when things back, if you still earn money would advise you to stop;

      many owners are 3 domestic love collection of others, so sometimes to collect some of the posts, or some places do not pay much attention to sensitive illegal content do not know, resulting in disastrous, in the very period, if your website is collected, or check the contents well, a friend of my website because the acquisition of sensitive content but they do not know is a fine of 3000 network

      dot the latest news: August 28th, Beijing City Public Security Bureau officially announced 110 capital network virtual image of the police. Since September 1st, virtual police patrol began in the network, under the jurisdiction of 9 types of harmful information, virtual property damage can also be reported.

      Shanghai Internet company received a reminder:

      here is the Shanghai Internet company customer service department, now issued an emergency notice: led by the Ministry of information industry, the Ministry of public security and other ten ministries to carry out cooperation against the spread of Internet pornography and other illegal and criminal activities, peace problem remediation on the Internet, the special activities have been carried out for nearly 6 months. During this period, the Ministry of information industry for the outstanding performance of the special Internet pornography, gambling, fraud, drug trafficking, illegal sales of satellite TV equipment and other information, 1

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