The latest version of Android WeChat open beta by scanning the two dimensional code to complete

The latest version of Android

WeChat open beta: by scanning the two-dimensional code to complete the


[TechWeb] reported on May 7th news, WeChat team news, Android version of the latest version of WeChat Japan before open beta.

it is understood that the latest version of Android added 5 new features: to make money through the display of two-dimensional code; small video can be saved and shared; multiple chats can be combined into a message forwarding support; step function, pay attention to "WeChat" no public and friends PK sports achievement; can set the WeChat font size.


, through the upper right corner of the "+" fast scan two-dimensional code money function which greatly facilitates the users to transfer fees and other requirements. The TechWeb pro test, by scanning the two-dimensional code quickly completed the process of money, and the money received direct access to WeChat.

insiders pointed out that WeChat through this move to enhance the user experience, but also to strengthen the demand for non payment between friends to meet.

it is understood that some of the features in the iOS version has been achieved, such as step by step function before the establishment of the M7/M8 coprocessor iPhone can be recorded by WeChat public concern to record. However, after the media reported that the Android version of the client will also support the feature, but also need coprocessor support, so part of the phone does not support. (Aruhan)

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