Social networks are often short lived because there is no network effect

in the morning, in the 89 floor of the world, looking at the whole of Shanghai, the mind will really become very broad, vision will be far away.

I asked a question: look at the network effect of recent cases, such as micro-blog, such as Draw Something, such as Zynga, for example, even the Facebook itself, there are weak or declining trend. The original network effect theory, that is, once formed, it is difficult to subvert the expected is not a problem? People network is also a network effect, how to prove that it is not a flash in the pan?

that’s really asking me. Also, Facebook, application of the network effect is king, how will suddenly become less cool, and become "a generation"? And micro-blog, according to the truth with hundreds of millions of users in the above, how can you say no, no? Say no, just over a year. Not


and Sanjay and Mike long time brainstorming, I suddenly realized one thing, social network is not a network effect! It sounds frightening, but careful analysis, this is perhaps the reason I can explain why how various types of SNS quickly went red and quickly fading.

what is the network effect, that is, when a user adds value to another user. Or, when the network effect exists, the value of the network is related to the number of people on the network. The more people use it, the better it will be.

from this definition, SNS is a typical network effect, and each user and the above users, or mutual understanding of friends. The problem, just out of the SNS users in the use of SNS before, already know. This "understanding", a major event.

for the market nature of the network, such as network people like classified sites, it is because all the people are strangers, I as an individual, can not find buyers or sellers in other places, which formed: how many people are here here to trade the most basic judgment of this website is not used to good judgment. What if there are fewer people? I have no way to be a user, because it is because they are strangers, I can’t find them and let them use this website.

SNS is a convenient, that is to say if I think a website function is good, even if I was one of the first people on the site, because it is an acquaintance of the community, at least I can email or mobile phone, a notice of my friends to use this service, and the website provides this feature allows this process to be a confirmation can be done. SNS does not fundamentally change my social relationships, but only the existing social relations on the site.

this is easy to get the user, but the real network effect is lost. Play >

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