China’s first children’s green network community Rock Kingdom began operations

recently, Chinese’s first children green network community "Rock kingdom" ( officially started operations, the product is considered to be the milepost type China children network entertainment, network education of children in the history of the development of events.

It is reported that

, "Rock kingdom" is launched by Tencent dedicated to children users of the Internet community products, by dozens of domestic well-known children’s education experts to participate in the guidance of "safety" and "health" and "Puzzle" is the core of the three children of the community property. During the closed beta, "Rock kingdom" by many users favorite children.

according to the latest release of CNNIC 2009 China Youth online behavior survey report shows that as of December 2009, China’s young Internet users has reached 195 million people. Chinese Youth Association for Network Development Institute executive director of adolescent psychological stress that, from the point of view of modern education, children appropriate access to social networking is favorable to their growth, health and social networks to promote child brain development, enhance children’s creativity and communication skills.

domestic education experts said that now most parents do not deny the importance of the network for children to learn life, it is impossible to prohibit children from contact with the network. Just more Chinese parents want to give their children a healthy and secure network environment. In recent years, both the State Press and Publication Administration and the Ministry of culture, are communicated to the market signal to create green children’s network products "," the kingdom of Rock "to fill the gaps in the domestic children’s green network community products.

For the future development of the kingdom of Rock "

", the Tencent executive vice president Ren Yuxin said, to provide educational, entertainment sync online services and create the largest children’s online green community, to establish a healthy and safe and has a social reputation of the children’s Internet entertainment brand, is the "ultimate goal" of the kingdom of Rock. I owned 195 million of young Internet users, Internet users and the trend of younger age is more and more obvious, but this part relates to the future society young people are the most easily overlooked. As the coverage of 90% Chinese Internet users Tencent Inc to promote the healthy development of children’s Internet market is incumbent.

industry insiders said that the "Kingdom of Rock," a high-profile appearance, for Tencent to further improve the one-stop online life platform, to strengthen the network of small age users with a milestone. The kingdom of Rock holds high the banner of "green", help to promote the orderly and sustainable development of the domestic children’s Internet industry.

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