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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 20th news, recently announced that Jingdong and offline more than 10 thousand convenience stores, expanding O2O business. This is followed by the Jingdong and Shanxi Tang Long hypermarkets to carry out the success of O2O cooperation, the first large-scale promotion of this business model, the future, the plan is also expected to cover all the provincial capital cities and prefecture level at the end of the year.

select Jingdong orders, as long as the convenience store near your home, the goods will be provided directly by the convenience store and distribution, the fastest 15 minutes will be able to receive convenience store goods." – this is a joint venture Jingdong O2O convenience store launched personalized logistics services.

online giants do O2O, will be based on their own advantages to find an entry point. Suning is represented by the O2O model is a combination of online and offline store integration, from the supply chain, logistics and distribution and finance, such as a comprehensive integration, Suning chairman Zhang Jindong called this one". The starting point the Alibaba to enter the O2O is relatively large, from the micro Amoy, Amoy little, Taobao mobile phone, fast taxi, and Alipay wallet to multi-point penetration. The social network to start Tencent through WeChat mobile social customer relationship management, the line of business Tuo Zhanxin members. The Jingdong choose community service market cut, it is based on the ability of Jingdong logistics and distribution is outstanding, can provide local distribution services to businesses, as well as the integration of IT technology resources under the line.

analysis of the industry, Jingdong announced the convenience store alliance strategy at this time, it is in the increasingly fierce O2O layout in the first enclosure. Advantage of the convenience store to fight Ali’s Tmall, Taobao, in the eve of the IPO to get more chips. In this regard, Jingdong has no positive response, but said it would take the role of the Internet industry leaders to promote the transformation of the retail industry O2O.

Jingdong Chief Logistics Planner Hou Yi said that through the integration of O2O, Jingdong to further achieve the channel sink strategic layout, and made a great breakthrough in the localization of life services. Jingdong and thousands of convenience stores, is not only the traditional retail brand recognition of Jingdong online strength, but also for consumers, industry and regional economic development to create a new retail format value. Previously, group purchase coupons, cash back, has been the mainstream mode of O2O is not open around, but Hou Yi seems, compared to the current O2O based industry group purchase by Jingdong, O2O model is a model of innovation essence. Because we have opened up a number of online and offline information technology, supply chain and other aspects of the electricity supplier platform to achieve seamless docking with traditional retail stores." Hou Yi said.

it is understood that in signing ten thousand convenience stores at the same time, Jingdong and retail mainstream ERP software service provider SAP, IBM, Haiding also signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to achieve seamless retail ERP system and Jingdong platform, upgrading the retail ERP systems support Jingdong electronic membership card and mobile phone payment function, consumers can also choose to pay by the Jingdong. ".

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