Public number was sealed MMM mutual community facing collapse

Beijing daily news (reporter Meng Fanxia) has been the central bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a number of risk warning MMM financial community seems to have reached the edge of the overall collapse. According to foreign media news, MMM mutual financial community administrative departments have issued a notice to investors, said it would close its bitcoin Republican platform". It is also seen as a signal that the international big scam is about to collapse.

in fact, the breakdown of the MMM community has emerged. It claims that the 23 times the annual yield, pull the head to get the rewards of pyramid schemes, to the new payment of the old mode of operation has long been marked on the scam label. Department of the Ministry of the central bank, the CBRC has repeatedly warning the risk of MMM, mutual aid platform, called the "name of mutual financial banner, with high returns as bait to attract the majority of public participation in the investment or development personnel to join, disrupt the financial market order, impair the social public interests, has great potential risks".

alert regulators to make the domestic MMM financial mutual platform tends to collapse, the user can not mention now. There are websites posted on the investor’s announcement, saying there is no way to overcome the crisis, but did not mention how to deal with investors’ money. Yesterday, the Beijing Business Daily reporter again in WeChat and other channels to find the public number MMM, found that a number of MMM community publicity has been sealed. However, this does not mean that MMM in Chinese disappeared, still can be found in a number of related sites on the Internet, "MMM mutual community (China website)" and "MMM mutual community" and other sites can be opened normally, and the relevant personnel in the operation or publicity, some of which is still updated website on April 9th article, in order to increase the amount of customers, the community website and "lottery" program, every Wednesday with a house and a ten car award. There are a number of MMM industry in WeChat, micro-blog and other network channels to release news, claiming that the system is just restart, upgrade, rather than collapse, in order to lure investors into the bureau. Yesterday, the Beijing Business Daily reporter to investors to consult a MMM community mutual web site customer service, the customer service staff to recommend investors into the group meeting, claiming that the issue will be discussed in the near future, and inform the solution. The meeting began yesterday at 20:00, as of 20:15 room has been involved in more than 1.29 people. But in some users, it is only a brainwashing assembly.

in addition, the Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters also found that there have been a number of similar variants of MMM mutual community rise, such as YBI financial mutual aid, WEBANK mutual platform, etc.. Among them, the WEBANK platform for mutual claims 30 days forced out again, single row, can be an endless cycle of "blood"; 1%-2% daily interest, a month 45% interest, all bonuses are about 20% correction value, earnings up to 65%.

even if regulators repeatedly issued a warning, but in the temptation of high-yield, there are still investors involved. In this regard, Central University of Finance and Economics law school professor Huang Zhen told the Beijing Business Daily reporter, this kind of so-called financial mutual

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