On the issue of security alliance and brand treasure three grassroots webmaster oral

introduction: two days ago, there are a number of friends told me that such a problem, I chose three typical, all the contents of this article are from users of oral, Lou loose records, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, for the following I completely copy the chat records, so this paper will have to read the statement impassability.

problem: free users long period

.The following is the

broke people home Ping Ping oral: interception and releasing



here I would like to say that Baidu cited security alliance data issues.

I was a site a month ago, was linked to the black chain, was blocked by the security alliance, that is, Baidu search my site, Baidu will load the security alliance risk warning.

after verification, I deleted the entire site, and the program to upgrade to the latest version of the Discuz X3.2, all the security risks are cleared. The use of Security Alliance Web site detection, are up to 100 out (Baidu webmaster platform for the detection of a score of 100, and Baidu cloud observation ce.baidu.com detection is no security risks).

in the exclusion of all security risks, I went to the security alliance for deblocking, submitted in June 12th, until now the security alliance did not give me. So so far in Baidu search my site or site results are presented with a security risk, and suggested that users do not visit. It’s been 20 days.

is the most important point is that I joined the security alliance official QQ group, security alliance commitment is 1-7 day release site, but nearly 20 days, they are not closed, I reflect the situation in the group, they actually put me out of their QQ group T.

at the same time, I also made a complaint on Baidu, so that Baidu direct security tips, but Baidu has not responded.


originally there is a security alliance chats, put me out of their group T out of the information


figure just to prove that I was removed from their group, anyway, I have been out of their T, chat records can not be found.

here I ask the forum administrator to look at my website, please release my website style tips. Although the security alliance is not a webmaster good company, but Baidu and it cannot. Thank you

about an hour after the Ping Ping said:



is mainly called on Baidu to allow them to call their own cloud observation data. Or even call security >

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