Look at the low price guide site is how to move the Taobao cheese

day before Taobao and Shazhao, very harsh measures against the ultra cheap goods and business promotion drainage, but also on the so-called "accomplice" cheap shopping guide website (like zhe800) have been restricted. In fact, the author from the beginning of the day is expected to have such a day, cheap shopping guide website was suppressed sooner or later, but did not expect to come so fast. In the final analysis, the shopping guide website and moved Taobao cheese, so small partners are not happy, take measures that is positive. I try to interpret the following aspects, in the end how much of this impact on Taobao.

– to help some businesses using low-cost marketing strategy, other businesses hate injustice

is well known, SEO do a good job, from Taobao search into the store traffic is very impressive. In the search sort, the most easily controlled by the popularity and by the sales order. A business if you are willing to come up with a product at a very low price for the commodity sales promotion, users of the total collection and sales will suddenly brush up, is in the Taobao search, with the money commodity, if ordered by the "popularity" and "sales", the goods will be in the front row, if it after the re pricing activities than other items with low price, the user will click on the goods more. So that other businesses are not happy, think you are not normal competition, and finally only complaints to Taobao. In fact, the so-called Taobao vulnerabilities, businesses are aware of, we are also trying to use, but now the strength of the business out of the mess of other businesses Henzhao, did not eat, so the problem is to exposed to the.

– merchants scouring drainage, scouring the conventional promotional platform under impact


station itself also has regular promotion platform of their own, such as special offer every day, super discount, only chang group, but limited resources, you are willing to spend money but you may have to queue up for several weeks or even longer time to turn a rule not only complicated, but also with a small Amoy, and no risk of being engage in punishment. Amoy outside the shopping site is not the same, as long as you shop no problem, commodity prices enough awesome, will give priority to on-line sales, but also a number of platforms and application. For many seasonal merchandise, want to create explosion models, it is important to grasp the time node, so the strength of the businesses have to find out Amoy marketing channel, if the long term impact can not be discounted for Taobao station promotion platform.

— in a flagrant way to lure buyers out of Amoy, not Taobao to bring many new users

for the shopping guide website, participate in the activities of the goods, to the left of the page in the activity of merchandise and goods details. Hang website advertising, as in exchange for help website publicity, so that Taobao will direct buyers to enter the Taobao shopping guide web site, and then again, this is the most reluctant to Taobao see, before the rebate network is a good example. Taobao did not bring the user to grow, but also the original user diversion Taobao, who would like to ah.


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