Taobao shop promotion email weapon

e-mail group in the promotion process is very important in the shop, a good combination of e-mail group software, in order to achieve the multiplier effect!

a Taobao shop to do well, relying solely on Taobao’s own popularity is not enough, not to mention the majority of the shop in the Taobao site eye-catching flash almost very small. If no one to browse, no matter how good the goods, it is waste, no value.

how to promote Taobao shop? Choose what way? How to let the buyer to browse your Taobao store? Actually let buyers know your online address in Baidu, Google, YAHOO search ranking can of course (it is said that Taobao has blocked Baidu search), and one day to be Taobao website to recommend what you can (very little opportunity, so much money to buy Taobao seller, recommend a still do not buy it, with what to you?), but these are passive.

mail group is not the same, it can not only actively promote your site, and the cost is low, the only thing you need to pay, is to buy the mass mailing software and after-sales service costs. Mass software to stabilize. The use of mass mailing software, or need some professional knowledge, so the software of the server customer service is relatively heavy, Aibo mail message system is a good choice.

but the world is not secure things. Since it is the promotion of low-cost, they have to pay some labor. Email is a matter of time and patience to do. The current mainstream mail (SMTP) server, whether it is free or not, have restricted the amount of daily maximum transmission; and to build a server, the success rate is low, and the high probability of spam. So turn to, or to use the free SMTP server to do bulk mail, send out a letter is a letter, this is the characteristic of Aibo mail message system: more practical, don’t make the mystery.

free SMTP server access method is relatively simple, as long as the application to support the SMTP server can be Email. As for how to apply for the allocation of the Aibo mail message system personal edition and professional edition, enter the Email address, after the press F2 will automatically help you fill in, the operation is relatively simple. For large quantities of mail, you need to apply for thirty or forty e-mail account, of course, if you have a mailbox account, but also mixed in it.

We do not recommend

‘s full mailing. General mail servers are limited to the maximum amount of a single day, if you have reached the maximum number of days in a row, then no doubt will be suspected of sending spam, and temporarily close your account. The so-called maintenance, can be a lot of SMTP accounts, each account every day to send some appropriate, should pay attention to the "degree". As to which specific mailbox configuration, registered users can use the online customer service consulting Aibo mail message system.

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