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      today, a friend asked me, let me give a definition of a network, I was silent for a long time, in fact, the problem in private I have asked myself many times, they had been unsuccessful.
      in order to eliminate the doubts of friends, friends to give a more clear direction, I put these years in the network’s experience was summed up, by virtue of my rough understanding of the network gives a superficial definition:
      do the traditional media to the network as the extension of the media.
      do network marketing network will be seen as an extension of traditional marketing.
     …… This is actually a snub to the network..

      friend asked: "why is the network so difficult to define?"
      how many kinds of traditional industries, how many copies of the network will be, or even more. This fusion of many industries in a common network platform, presented by the characteristics can not imagine, they are different, but there are similarities in the differential. The network is still in the early stages of development, many places are not mature, so it is necessary to give an accurate definition of some reluctance.

      friend asked: "how do you see the difference between traditional marketing and Internet marketing?"
      network marketing is like a magnetic ball like traditional marketing without a magnetic ball
      network marketing effect of the life cycle of relatively persistent and the effect of unpredictable factors more
  instead of traditional marketing effect the life cycle is relatively short,

      a friend asked: "why is defined as the network media to the network neglect?"
      yes, there are a lot of people now think of the network as a new media, on this basis to do their own projects.
      now the characteristics of the network appears mostly has the characteristics of the media on the inside, but the two are essentially different, if the traditional media as a triangle, the network media is an inverted triangle, more to the back wider. The active power of the traditional media is in the resource side, while on the contrary, the life cycle of the media effect on the network has been enlarged and extended.

      friend asked: "the network project >

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