How to effectively use the question and answer platform to promote products and websites

today, the traditional enterprises have to abandon the line promotion, thus slowly toward online promotion, display data from the Internet, the current small and medium enterprises to use the most promotion way is quiz promotion, you should believe that the extension staff is not strange to ask the enterprise promotion mode, you are only a short while ago to promote enterprise promotion through the Q & A the products, services, website and other information. In fact, the promotion of enterprise website to answer user questions by answering the question and answer form or simulate user promotion and publicity, for enterprises to enhance brand awareness, promote product sales and other benefits, the most mainstream quiz website Baidu know, Sina, you know, ask Sogou quiz, and Baidu know market share the highest, is also the enterprise promotion where most love.


have to say, Q & a site to do the promotion is very important to the enterprise, while the promotion of Q & A has also been recognized and widely used. I recently have been in the enterprise on the answering questions promotion, promotion is also slightly better, I believe we all know that the common promotion has two kinds, one is answering a question, the second is to answer, ask for the author to promote the process of three steps, the first step in a different IP registration number the second step, account for related problems, the third step to find new problems to be solved and then solve these three simple steps, just let the promotion personnel of many enterprises can not be competent, because the enterprise promotion and no mastery skills, not a professional training, so many enterprises to use Q & a promotion often gets not to target customers and accurate flow, said a very realistic topic, many enterprises do half out of the promotion. Then the author today with the promotion of enterprise staff communication author think skills, want to help the enterprise.

a, buy a high level of Baidu know account

first, companies can buy a high-level Baidu know account. General enterprise promotion are registered some account, but after the registration account because the level is too low a lot of functions is limited, after all, the lower level of account as high level account, is not to say that the lower level of the account is not good, at least their registered name account can be customized, but if you want to a full-featured enterprise can go to buy high grade Taobao account, so you don’t have any obstacles in response to the time, enterprises want to do not believe this quiz promotion some money.

example: I do not want to register the account to buy low grade level 10 Baidu know account, then I go to Taobao right now, I had bought, if all of a sudden the purchase of a number of funds can also be a lot cheaper, find a few good vest know that not only buy account, saved that level of Kung Fu is for enterprises to quickly do publicity and promotion.

two, do not answer too many questions every day

then, don’t ask too many questions every day. In order to better control

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