n order to allow customers to take the initiative to find you trust you how should we do marketing

marketing methods from the promotion of

now make friends network marketing more and more, they can master all kinds of means, is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, novices envy them, envy, hate. See master one by one is a lot of money into the pockets, eyes red, but to do marketing themselves, 12 hours every day to send a message to the user, he is tired to death, but did not find their customers to do the project, did not receive a single heart, in addition to the master sometimes envy, scold a few TMD, how these people are receiving so many projects? Long time began to doubt their ability, feel like not suitable for this line, this line opened difficult, some anxious, some think that master to make money, so the eyes stared at the network marketing training. The heart began to think is not need to learn to become a part of the novice master, with this in mind, go astray, fooled the past, in fact, their idea is not wrong, but he They chose the wrong learning objectives, that is the lack of analysis, if they do every day of master, I believe it will not be long before the customer automatically find on their own, no more customers do not believe that you.

empathy, change marketing strategy

network promotion is not limited to a few people to make reference materials, the learning material is needed before the analysis and query of the author, if you search for some materials and did not investigate this man’s strength in Baidu, I believe you have fifty percent possible is misleading, and you will become the author of a a stepping stone to success. No time before you learn the important information you need to figure out the author, then the author in the investigation of strength, if he is a powerful man I believe his encyclopedia should be very rich and his work very much, but in other people’s work there will be a lot of people mentioned him this person, so you can tell the strength in order to know whether the circle. Learn from these after learning. In the process of learning to pay much attention to some controversial problems of decomposition, it is likely that those are misleading you, such as many writers, he is not a professional SEO or not professional promotion, but their writing is good, there is a new deliberately misleading hand, allow yourself to reduce the opponent. Baidu the algorithm of short time often talk about, in fact, think that, in order to combat algorithm is actually the black hat SEO, as long as we abide by the rules of Baidu SEO do not need to consider the user experience, its algorithms are taken into account, so it is more secure.

let customers trust you he will take the initiative to find you

customers want to believe you, then the customer what should I believe you? Is your hair message to him, he will see that you? If you, would you believe someone you receive such a message? Surely you don’t believe him, customers do not want to believe you, if the customer needs to find him a search in the search network, or choose from the cognitive brand, you suddenly send such a message, guest >

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