Understanding of blog marketing

said blog marketing first to understand the concept of blog marketing:

blog marketing is the use of blog network applications such as the form of network marketing tools. Is the company, enterprise or individual to use this blog network interactive platform, the relevant survey and information release and update enterprises, companies or individuals, and pay close attention to and respond to customers on the platform for the enterprise or individual related questions and advice, and zero cost of search engine is a front row to help enterprises or companies through strong blog in order to achieve the purpose of publicity platform, marketing means.

first of all, I extracted a few key words: interactivity, zero cost, promotional purposes.

2, I explain what is marketing. Marketing, as its name implies is the operation and sales.

what is the operation of the blog, blog of course, is to write a log. Like farmers to cultivate the same as the banker, of course, their makers rely on their own to operate, the banker’s good or bad to show the quality of the farmers. So blog is the same, the blog management is to write the high quality of the log, not every day to update and update to write some simple and pure "daily Ichishi" to complete the task to make up the number of blog.

here I would like to say, "high quality is not necessarily a large amount, but a certain amount of high quality". The high quality of the log will be widely spread, a twenty hundred, user will be more and more blog gathered, many people will directly subscribe to the blog rss. For visitors, has the connotation of the log is a good experience of the spirit, can realize a blogger’s real feelings or to get some experience and lessons from it, feel the mood. Is not simply a text or a paragraph, no meaning no meaning, no empty. Such a log is a disguised form of destruction for visitors, after watching the fun of nothing, is a waste of time, is the form of deprivation of other people’s wealth.

look at my blog to learn more information (http://s.lmore8.cn), according to a log normal thinking if every point of view, are very much, after all, only then built more than 3 months, more than and 200 posts a day on average 2. Began to build Bo when the original ah, are copied paste, I do not know what is to build Bo, is to learn SEO, look at how keywords can go up. The amount is large, but the quality is not high, and no one often come over to see, every day before June is the amount of 20+ IP. Not what the user experience, the user came in to see what ah, a complete copy, nothing new, took many people’s wealth, this sincere apology to those users.

does not have high quality blog blog management is out of the question. Farm crops will have a good harvest of meticulous work, do things carelessly "bean Nanshan, Shing grass pea rare", you will not grow in good crops, not to mention good harvest.

take a look at the high quality of the blog, the Moonlight blog every day has a high quality of the original log out, are Bo essence >

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