Analysis millet marketing core points little known quality

millet success is often the industry Jinjin talk talk, behind is a lot of learning and reference, millet marketing this subversive thinking that other companies have to follow and copy, involving network has become a new direction of enterprise marketing, but also to help push the traditional industry marketing new changes. Millet from behind the question to the front recognition, naturally there will be people who give the third degree, core millet marketing mode where? Some people say millet first use of social marketing success, some people say that Lei Jun is good at this kind of "hunger" marketing. But in any case, the success of millet after all, there is a need to ponder the place for the individual or team, the success of millet is no reference and reference value.

the first step, quality and marketing coexist. The first step of the millet marketing is different from the ordinary, every step is not according to the normal routine play, play is the marketing idea, because these ideas created millet success today is no exaggeration. Millet is the experience of the product value and brand building of the two process, many people ignore the millet investment in terms of products, in fact, this energy consumption far exceeds the investment in marketing, with a good product, with a good reputation, the two are complementary. An enterprise has a good product, you need to develop their own brand, no brand awareness, the enterprise is an empty shell, millet in this regard is paid first is WoXinChangDan, and finally is steadily raising Rui Tao ray. Marketing is playing tricks, is the attitude is to improve the quality. Millet every product is launched using the best hardware configuration, is a very tempting attractions sales price, is the direct sales network makes millet benefit, it quickly became the first major power brand network marketing.

second steps, quality and sales with. None of the product is absolutely no problem, millet also have this problem, after all, is in a period of development, but millet took a social network marketing mode, to obtain the trust of users, there is speculation factor, but speculation is not a goal, which is to promote the enterprise brand. Millet has never cheated and use the user’s trust, but the user responsible, this is more valuable, which is why there is such a huge fan behind millet. The enterprise Jingxiaxinlai reflection fan marketing, of course, millet did make some marketing show the most incisive, in addition millet sales in strictly, pay attention to sales Limited sales play, so many businesses have become confused, known as the "hunger marketing", regardless of the same meaning, or against, but ultimately it is the strategy the success of the. Millet feedback for users, but also very important, through the collection and collation of the system, to facilitate the next step to upgrade and develop products, millet product quality and service quality is constantly improving.

third steps, the quality and effect of integration. The use of the lowest cost to maximize the cost of marketing communication. Millet technology as a new development of enterprises, can be short

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