Data analysis to explore the commercial value of QQ space

as the most widely used chat tools in China, almost all users are using QQ. Therefore, QQ space has a very large user groups. According to Analysys International monitoring data show that in June 2011, the main Chinese SNS operator independent access to the user scale, QQ space, and friends network occupy the top three markets position. QQ space in Chinese SNS social networking site users ranked first. No potential commercial value of QQ space less than micro-blog, micro-blog recently real name system restrictions and CSDN600 million leaking account, micro-blog can fire long is hard to say, but QQ space so far is the prosperous. In order to further explore the commercial value of QQ space, data analysis of 20 industries in the top5QQ space.


a, QQ space day views TOP10


views reflect the attractiveness of popularity and the content of QQ space, surprise in Douding network hits first (77541), than originally thought should be the first female QQ space more than twice (36087). In addition, the popularity of fashion astrology is very high (58608). QQ space theme Douding network share documents found [is] value, are mainly to provide professional knowledge of astrology astrological aspects, while women provide beauty, makeup, clothing, fashion, emotional content, the content of women. From the perspective of browsing and ranking and the type of QQ space, the current QQ space for the main crowd of 80 white-collar class based, like constellation, focus on fashion, pay more attention to enhance their ability and quality.

two, QQ space fans number TOP10


entertainment is not the number of space fans (9037878) in the first place, more than twice the number of female fans (4061556) more than second. Douding network, YOKA have no obvious difference. Combined with the day to see the contrast, QQ space users are very concerned about the entertainment aspects of the information, but not to read. Whether it is on the traffic and the number of fans, and women Douding network is among the top three.

three, micro-blog listener TOP10


is surprised, baby, women are not open micro-blog, QQ and micro-blog open space, traffic is quite amazing, because when the statistical data of the NBA is not started, so not many hits. In addition, the number of people concerned about NBA micro-blog far higher than the number of people concerned about NBA space. Description of the news comments like the screen used to browse the portal.

four, relay TOP10


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