Personal webmaster AD skill Lonely Nine Sword

this article is some website promotion skills, you can in the original promotion on the icing on the cake, help you to let more people know your site!

a, picture type.

color map is the best way to promote entertainment sites. Commonly used methods are: to make a picture, make a connection on the ok. But I do not recommend the use of too exposed pictures, under normal circumstances. People see that the size of the picture is the most suitable measurements! There are other ways to promote the image: for example: put the address on the picture! It is best to write the address above the picture clearly, with a thick black based, of course, if your site has a certain size, you can choose the color of the address can be shallow! In this way to promote the industry also has the effect of the station, but need to master the skills! First of all, do not use beautiful pictures, and now on the Internet, beauty and the virus is to associate the two, so that you have not been promoted to go out of the station, their first punishment. Secondly, the image is not just the best to your hair, and related web forum, pictures with strange and eccentric attractive best! You can send some color maps on these forums can be, but pay attention to, do not mad ah, ha ha!

two, title.

title is actually text AD. To the web site or the inside of a good article to get a good title is a good way to promote! Unfortunately, a lot of people know. I suggest that you may wish to own a blockbuster title page article! Or the meaning of the content to write exaggerated, it is necessary to pay attention to, do not write pornography, otherwise it is the same as the picture ad – – there is a virus! Here, I strongly suggest you take pictures and the title of the combined method, using the picture to attract visitors to our website, and then write a good title to allow users to stay in our station, and might use to post it!

three, answer.

This technique is the use of

Baidu know, specific methods are as follows: if your station is it industry, you can go to Baidu know or Post Bar above computer network problems, see some good questions (as for articles), or you can answer, the answer is immediately made a page. Then register a baidu account, answer the previous part, and then write on the back: want to see the detailed information and related information, please go to (small AD). This approach is the highest value of the flow of any kind of publicity methods are not as good as this one, he is to bring you the highest rate of visitors! At the same time, is also the highest cost!



this skill is to see someone to do on the, ha ha, to map king ad. The specific method is: if your station is a music station, you stand above the ring tone advertising. To register a Baidu know account, to ask a question: where there is a good ringtone download? Okay, and then after a few hours

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