Talk about my website promotion experience

website promotion is any webmaster has to face the problem, I do for the promotion of the site owners, has been in the research on this aspect to study hard, after several experiments, a small increase, below and share


network has a lot of good experience, I also talk about some of them, many of them variants, huh, huh,

1 soft grammar

I’ll soft class in the first place, the reason for this is that this method does an important role can not imagine when I promote the site, soft bring you not only flow, as well as optimization is very important in the external links! About how to soft Wen creation, this person only the original, not spend a few money for ideas, other people’s money to rewrite the heartache, it does not work, then the translation of foreign related articles, on the promotion of soft paper, here I talk about attention, published articles related to station class in your web site, don’t send it the webmaster site, you can do no effect to the flow that is of no use, if you to see the high flow to meet their own, find me, I’ll give you a brush flow Tool. I A5 not once saw some people will own the break site show out, broken links that have what use? Attract spiders, jokes, deceive ourselves.

2 link method

Links is a very good promotion website, with Links means that you are not the only person in the promotion of your site, on how to find Links, you do not hope you use PR0 for your PR1, even if there is little, honest, and you find the same industry the same PR link to change, Links not 3.5 can be, once an expert told me Links no 50 do not play the effect, so much change, here an advertisement, I do Links station (, PR2-3 webmaster, I PR3, hey! Unless you pay attention mainly to improve PR, or try not to change is not related to link

3 resource class

I believe that any person has his own core resources, to provide free service to others with your core resources, at the same time to promote your website, I believe everyone is to accept your website on how to operate, due to the different human resources, here I do not give a specific process, but here I can a few examples, my website is about how to promote the site’s webmaster, and I in this area a little experience, I write the article to share my experience, the other owners in a way that is free, I believe that many readers back to my site. This method we have to explore their own


4 ranking optimization

this has a certain technology, I am learning, but the effect >

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