Slowly all marketing and promotion have been crowned interactive the main label

Which Which sandwich every sale, donate a; Nongfushangquan each bottle for the disaster area donate a penny…… In many successful business cases, we seem to be able to sum up a set of marketing rules.

but all these "create new styles", had not left the core of "interactive marketing".


in recent years, the Internet to join has completely changed the relationship between the consumer and the brand marketing, interactive techniques have begun to appear in this great change, all the changes in it implies two major factors: one is whether caused by interaction, a what caused the interaction.

let’s take a look at how to get the necessary elements in marketing".

these new marketing words are hidden interaction: social media marketing, social media marketing, new media marketing,

can be said that behind all the success of the marketing must be hidden with the user interactive elements, and in all the emerging marketing methods, but also to the "interaction" as the center.

social media marketing: ALS ice bucket challenge

A 2014

ALS ice bucket challenge Huobian network, it led the participants to accept the "ice water" challenge, or to donate $100 for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, many participants following the challenge, also donated money. In the ice bucket challenge process, can promote the cause of users to participate in interactive: simple and easy to accept, but has almost unknown value degree is very strong, it is easy to attract the eye, to be filter elements.

social media marketing: Sibelius undercover sea fishing classic story

The humanized service

sea fishing Hot pot swept to almost just as everyone knows, Sibelius fire in a corner, sea fishing, one of the competitors. But a "Sibelius employee undercover sea fishing diary" words not only tells the story of two commercial rivals the idea that the story is driven by micro-blog, WeChat instant spontaneous communication and community of users, finally completed a successful marketing sibelius. So, what is the role of this article as a reflection of the social media marketing interactive nature of

?The story of the protagonist

sea fishing concern, this is an eye-catching, difficult to automatically filter the user’s topic, but the idea that the story interesting.

new media marketing mainly refers to the nearly two emerging from the media, composed of small groups of new media, the relevant case not for example, it is worth noting that the new media marketing depends on all kinds of social platforms, media column channel, personal blog and community, through a package, create new media marketing, will also have its all their qualities.

concluded that "interactive" needs to have the characteristics of marketing are: easy to digest, difficult to filter, value transfer, >

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