Jiang Likun high conversion rate of mail promotion case

We believe that

‘s mailbox, more or less will receive some advertising messages, even spam. Don’t know how to deal with everyone? Is directly deleted, or open to see! For some sites recommend, or invite registered mail will click Register? Anyway I mailbox every day will receive N spam and spam, basically are deleted directly on the server. But just now, just now, I received an e-mail, in the know that he is advertising, I actually clicked, and registered. Why is this the reason why the idea of this email is so clever?.

This email is

SNS website "zhanzuo", the title is called: "your account activation success, please handle the friend request. "About the meaning of the text is an activated in occupy the account, belle of handsome young man will add me, let me be handled rapidly. As an Internet practitioner, of course, I know it is a lie, because I know this site, but never opened their pages. Because this mail is original, I decided to go and see, look in the end there is no belle of handsome young man to look for me, see them how round this lie.

first click on the link in the message, click here to deal with friends request links. After opening the page, prompted me because of a long time not logged in, your password has expired, please set a new password". In fact, I had not been registered at all, the password is expired, which is a quick registration page. I press the tip of the operation, as expected, the mailbox received a confirmation email. Then re-enter the password, login. Hey, don’t say, really have a beautiful student sister and my friends, and people in Beijing, and I a city. In addition to beauty, there are people who give me a message, as well as a group invitation.

here, have to admire occupy, this mail is too arrogant. Like I know that this is the people who have come in advertising registration, not to mention a lot of ordinary users. It should be said that this email is worth promoting staff learning, especially those who do email promotion and Email marketing students. Can a mail do so can let users so Art beats nature., natural to accept, but also in the immediate interaction, it is a kind of realm.

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features of this message:

, 1 kind of natural attractive Title line. Networking development to the present, basically a site requires registration, like the author, he has forgotten how many sites registered. So, like the title of this e-mail, it is easy to make people think that had previously registered.

2, the message is simple but full of temptation. The text is very concise, friendly, not much, but it is full of temptation, direct use of handsome guy to seduce you.


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