Sharing a classification of information stations do not spend money to make money to promote the pro

do stand for more than a year, and share some of the ways to promote their own local classification station, effective invalid according to the local market to decide. I do the classification of small cities in Shanxi, Linfen information network turned into (Linfen search network) life classification information based platform. Promotion efforts to pay attention to the construction of content. Site in the context of sufficient content in the promotion. Down to say I would like to promote the method, for reference only.


method is very simple, do have to make their own posters, leaflets. We start with a single page.

first: the design of a single page to have the characteristics of the contents of a single page of a certain value to the customer. Think of ways to get your customers to keep your single page for later.

second: run the business on our single page advertising.

third: printing, distribution…… .

the first step is the most critical, the contents of the design of a single page content and the content to be placed, I think so. We are the information website, first of all, I divided the A4 into three points, such as the proportion of a single page of ninety percent off under three to save. 6 aspects of positive and negative. The 2 section is set aside propaganda content, site of the back cover, the remaining four side convenience phone commonly used area, making the rest of life service calls (such as moving company, cleaning, water, name card, advertising, maintenance, installation, dredging, errands, tailor, and other related phone), single the page lists the public telephone, and some common life service calls, and distributed free of charge to the street shops, have certain value for businesses. General business will not be thrown away like an ordinary single page.

second: run those services businesses (movers, cleaning, water, name card, advertising, maintenance, installation, dredging, errands, tailor) in our single page advertising, speak with us, we need 100 yuan advertising we will release 20000 copies for them, according to the different circumstances of their area print. It means that we give you 20000 ads and are distributed to the hands of each business, but also to ensure that the opportunity to retain a larger than the average single page. Each need only 100 yuan, (set their own price) so down to send out only one of the advertising costs of advertising costs of 2. It’s too cheap for the business.

Forum on business occupy the remaining three columns, each edition has 12 business types, there are three types of calls every following (such as moving company under section three can do the moving company advertising) there is a room for the choice of consumers. There are more than 30 kinds. Down almost 100 businesses advertising costs. A 100 yuan, the whole run is also a piece of the printing of the 20000 with less than 2000 pieces of 10 thousand. Website promotion also earn a penny out. Why not?. Do not understand can find me ready to figure. Address: QQ:284148123

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