Brand marketing remember not to challenge the public bottom line

recently, has always been low-key show the China auto rental released some posters at micro-blog, Hai Qing, Wu Xiubo and other public figures in "Beat U! I’m afraid of black" slogans, directed from abroad into domestic car market but a series of casual visitor Uber advertising appears, caused widespread controversy in micro-blog, social the network, but the Shenzhou is unexpected, most users have all stood in the opponent side, even played "boycott Shenzhou car" slogan. Whatever Uber is not black, foreign software is not reliable, but the China marketing really give the opponent to do a free publicity, many netizens said, "China’s advertising, want to download Uber." "Please carefully make their own products, don’t think so many crooked ways"! Full Uber company did not make any response in the online marketing become the winner, inadvertently harvest a lot of public support, expand the visibility and win sympathy. Therefore, a good brand marketing is not to attack opponents, but to use the brand strength to conquer the consumer, can not touch the moral bottom line.

so, what about the real brand marketing?

, the first child molester became strange Shu Li "

in advertising copy is popular typo, unacceptable, willingly or not, is a failure. For the typo copy, Uber official humor response, not only to win the support, and made a publicity for their.

second, pay attention to the user experience

is now the Internet companies in new media marketing seems to meet the "dead end", that is the tear forced marketing, will mainly focus on combat opponents, that exclude competitors, will be able to monopolize an industry, become the market winner, this is an extreme idea. Modern new media marketing should focus on the user experience, to understand the real needs of consumers, allowing users to feel the unique highlights of the business from the ad. And the divine although invited Wu Xiubo, Hai Qing and other big names to help out, but it was a lot of friends of the attack, said "delete China auto rental, with Uber, the marketing not only play the role of publicity, but also cause the user antipathy, The loss outweighs the gain.

third, ignore the attitude of users

Uber is not in the car, there is no security on this thing, in fact, China should not be conclusive, users have their own judgment, and the "black car" itself is very sensitive to the concept, there is not a standard to judge, there is no absolute meaning of the "black car", especially as a business this argument, more will let customers feel disgusted, in the mobile Internet era changing, the user’s choice gradually increased, many people enjoy the right to choose, and China but with powerful advertising and star effect for users to make a choice, to make them that Uber is black, caused most of the opposition.

the awkward marketing will push the China auto rental in the teeth of the storm.

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