Serious doubts about Durex switched to copy Wei long spicy

arguably, brand style should be relatively stable

is just a dragon but who do not play by the rules of exception


if you had a little bit of the official website of the official flagship store yesterday

will doubt whether the computer is poisoned…

the following content, under eighteen years of age please leave

this public number is subject to national law…


I guess, Wei Long’s planning team is estimated to be

a few days ago chewing spicy side of the meeting to discuss the program

creative director pass after losing 999 serious proposals

designer A little whispered muttering the phrase:

, this is not the line that can not do, simply make a small yellow site good

creative director eyes naked one Shan, "right! Just do it!"

so there are the following flash blind titanium alloy dog eye visual effect

as well as the connotation to the non descriptive copy…


"Weilong insert boot"

"I initiated a request for a special service"

"into your body, not into your life"


Introduction of

products is the same desirable

"thick and long old man"

"warm next door old pill"

foot control benefits

excited point of foot control benefits

do you give me chicken?



"see my other little baby"

cool to twist, spicy to code

"we are all adults, and occasionally eat meat very normal"


customer service before two Qiu Zi, Mao Xiaomao, Juan Zi, comrade

was also brutally laid off, replaced by

"grinding goblins, mischievous Pink Panther, playfully small lift, tender kitten"

finally there is a warm reminder

"you’re shopping for Taobao, not the kind you want,"

yeah, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted…

from September to the present, just three months time,

dragon flag >

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