Baidu underlying marketing related search you caught it

recently made a blog because Baidu for new sites included is not very good that no good ranking, but I still want to let Baidu for my blog can bring a little traffic, so how to do? I believe that many owners also, sometimes their own websites in the Baidu home page no ranking, especially like today’s Baidu a big update even if there is a good ranking sometimes is not stable. Did not know that you have observed the Baidu search below, when you enter a Baidu keyword, the following relevant search will show some relevant keywords, after I found this in some related search keywords and can bring the traffic to the site, although not ranked in the home of traffic but, if the relevant search is done well it can also bring good marketing effect.

what is Baidu related search

Baidu Baidu search is more convenient for the users to search, when users enter the desired keywords, shown above is some corresponding website keywords, then there will be a search at the bottom, and a total of 10 relevant search results, the user clicks on the relevant search keywords can jump directly to the corresponding keyword search results page. The relevant search is similar to a search results index, a large number of users to search the input word segmentation and indexing, and then when each time to search, to search for the "search keyword index", it has been search.

related search brings marketing benefits

for some key words, then the results will be compared to the results of the user search, and then observe the bottom of the relevant search a contrast, this time the relevant search to show its unique value. For example, a key word of my blog is "Zhengzhou SEO", when others Baidu search Zhengzhou SEO at the bottom of the search is this:


when the user’s eyes moved to the bottom of the search when he will find a ranking of second related search keywords "Zhengzhou SEO Xu Jinsheng", which will stimulate the user’s access to psychological, and then to click the jump to the "Zhengzhou SEO Xu Sheng Jin" Baidu search results, and is ranked first in my website. This search marketing success.

related search is how to do the

see the above marketing method is also want to do their own web site to do the relevant search inside of course, this is also very simple, according to the principle of the relevant search to operate. First of all we want to know the Baidu search data is related to how to call out, first we enter a keyword, and then the relevant search and is similar to a long tail keywords results we enter the keywords, which is related to the search keyword must include the original search keywords, so that when the original key can we want to display relevant search key.

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