After the merger of QQ music and marine music NetEase cloud music intends to finance 1 billion

NetEase cloud music revenue grew rapidly in 2015, to Q4 earnings reached 16 million, but is expected in 2016 will be a loss of $33 million, the reason for the loss of NetEase cloud music is copyright investment increased.

lady Lei Jianping July 20th reported


in Tencent’s QQ music and Chinese Music Group (Marine Music) merger, the online music market is quietly changing.

lady today exclusively learned that NetEase cloud music is launching a round of financing, the total size of 1 billion yuan, Wang Yiyun music investment valuation of 7 billion, investment valuation 8 billion. NetEase cloud music this round of choice is mainly strategic investors.

this time before investment, NetEase owned by NetEase cloud music, if the completion of this round of financing, the NetEase will release 12% cloud music to 15% of the shares of the NetEase is still the largest shareholder of NetEase cloud music, shares accounted for more than 85%.

NetEase cloud music this round of financing the main purposes are:

1, to the industrial chain, to buy the copyright, especially exclusive copyright, form a certain offensive posture, the establishment of a moat advantage;

2, the use of the existing mass of products and the advantages of large data users, support and contract independent studios and artists, create their own copyright, which can be purchased in the early period of the low price of the exclusive copyright;

3, the next line in the city of students, white-collar workers and the middle class to promote the market, relying on the existing industry reputation, and large-scale marketing, the product will advance to the industry’s top three;


4, expand and strengthen the team to meet the requirements of the project to operate independently of the company entity;

5, active in the field of intelligent hardware to explore and master the hardware entrance music products.


According to

reports, the NetEase has cloud music and the world’s three largest record companies, more than 135 copyright cooperation, the library has 5 million 800 thousand songs, the overall coverage rate of over 90%, Rui Ming also has exclusive copyright products, unlimited star 28 party copyright.

according to an investment circles of Leidi network broke the news, NetEase cloud music in 2015 revenue growth quickly, to Q4 earnings reached 16 million, but is expected to be a loss of 33 million yuan in 2016, NetEase is the loss of reason cloud music copyright investment.

NetEase cloud music to raise funds to increase investment behind the music copyright, there should be a combination of QQ music and sea music caused by the meaning of extrusion. NetEase cloud music also has its own independent listing plan, however, to solve the problem of music copyright is imperative.

last week, with the Tencent’s QQ music and Chinese music group, Tencent through asset replacement equity into the new music group is the largest shareholder, the new music company IPO plan is not suspended in after the completion of the integration.

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