The explosion of the nternet we can also have one hundred thousand readers

often see a network of hundreds of thousands of documents to read the amount of reading, we grassroots people that really envy ah. Not so many fans, not so good copy ability, there is not so much energy and experience, it is difficult for ordinary people to create a fire all over the network burst.

said, there is no absolute. Not afraid of the grassroots grassroots large, even if it does not hold the tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of fans of resources. In the days when the right circumstances, our article can have hundreds of thousands of readers. Here, a lot of people think I’m bragging. I said so many eggs and I used to directly to the figure to support my statement is not in the blind boast.

this article published within 24 hours, the amount of reading is 172621, the recommended amount is 1460319. That is to say the title of this article in front of the reader. About one million times, the article itself is read one hundred and seventy thousand times. Estimated in the next period of time, this article should be read more than three hundred thousand. You don’t think so much reading, that the quality of the article. I tell you, this article I just wanted to write essays, attraction of reading, the article itself is not wonderful, like this I believe that more than 90% of the webmaster can write. Look at the title of my article again: the destruction of the network explosion of text, we can also have a few readers one hundred thousand. The lethality of an article on the Internet is worth dozens of articles. Why do I say, "we can have hundreds of thousands of readers," rather than "I" personally? Because, I believe that even I can do, most of the webmaster can do.

of course I didn’t say that you don’t do anything one day, write an article at random and have one hundred thousand readers. To do this, Zhu Haitao personal opinion, at least to do the following:

1, relying on a good platform

good platform like a good big brother, the eldest brother can take advantage of their prestige to bring us more attention, but also allows us to be more quickly excavated. And a good platform has three elements: 1) the influence is big enough for 2) was included in the speed of Baidu fast to be able to give us the article, such as the exposure of more than 3. Of course, there are many platforms, micro-blog, WeChat and other various media platforms. For example, Baidu hundred, Sohu from the media and today’s headlines. This is my three most valued, Baidu’s biggest advantage is to rely on the big brother behind Baidu, Baidu, of course, is favored by their own products, traffic is also a priority to import Baidu hundred. Sohu from the media since many media is doing better, Baidu included speed and ranking in addition to hundreds of Baidu and outside relatively is also possible, more important is the Sohu from the media can take the anchor link directly to your blog site drainage. Today’s headlines is one of the largest users from the media, and the reader is almost all mobile terminal. An article published in today’s headlines on the reading of tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. I said above that I read 170 thousand of the article is released today

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