Tao the Amoy Promotion Forum promotion method


forum is to promote a more common method, but also our guest guest is required, how to bring more traffic within the shortest period of time reflects the Forum promotion effect.

1, guest forum, forum selection follow the following points:

A. guest is the target population, Taobao account, Alipay online payment. That is, people who buy things at Taobao. So choose the forum to consider this person often in what forum bubble.

B, on the basis of baby category to push you to choose your forum. For example: I pushed a sheepskin shoes shoes are very good, then I would like to find a forum on shoes or more men.

B. selected Forum’s popularity and traffic to be high, the forum is not a waste of time, and no one to see your posts made the effect will not be good.

C. now forum registration is very convenient, but some forums have some restrictions on new members just registered for example: a few hours after registration can post, replies, some messages need to be activated so we must first press A-B to select the forum for re registration. Don’t waste your time.

D, the forum should not choose too much control in the 1-3 home can fight for the establishment of their own popularity in these forums.

2, registered account

registered account, the user name should not be too casual, although it is used to do the promotion, but do not let people feel that you are doing a promotional account.

a lot of forum login name is the name of your post, and can not be modified after registration. So the registration name has the best publicity, for example, I have a website called "Amoy net", OK I registered ID called "Amoy net" or Taokshop.com, when I was in the forum post, everyone can see, nature plays the role of propaganda.

3, set their own forum information

A, head of the forum set, making a 150*150 head of your propaganda information! Here is equivalent to a free advertising picture! Because you post he displays.

B, BBS signature, according to your needs to write, let the link in the signature, you must do the link, do not let the advertising language. This is a free advertising area must use oh.

4, abide by the rules of the Forum: people under the eaves, had to bow, since the choice to go to this forum bubble, which you have to understand the rules.

The flow rate of

is high, the popularity of the forum must be the moderator in the management, and each section has different rules, so had registered wait with post, the top post, first read the rules, so as to avoid posting unruly deleted. Wasting time.

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