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The birth of WeChat

platform, itself can have today’s beyond all expectations, brilliant, can not be said to be a miracle, from a shake, a lot of people fell in love with this new WeChat chat tool, with the rapid increase of popularity, also brewing on the Feng shui. As found in the new world, every business wants to come in a meal points. Today, the environment also seems to have changed slowly, muddy smell in the business circle of friends and the public account, all kinds of marketing advertising frequently pushed to the WeChat mobile phone users, many users feel like a ride on an overloaded bus does not run fast, many people call all day and the suffering. The information in the waste flow.

WeChat marketing is indeed a good way, excellent concealment. This is perhaps the reason people suddenly discovered the new world, everyone is a user of WeChat, pour in, so that WeChat can realize the ambition in marketing. It is these resources in the nurturing of WeChat marketers, they can through this new marketing approach, earned pots full bowl, which is not absolute. First to find or the first batch of followers in the early period is a big gain, so it attracted a large number of gold rush to come, and the more the future will be more and more thin profits. Wait until we all crowded in, the original environment is slowly changed, now WeChat marketing not as we imagine it, this is a piece of Feng Shui, not everyone can live forever. Here’s a simple analysis of why this happens.

first, WeChat marketing has its own personality. Because of its personality determines its limitations, it is not suitable for every marketing goods. This is a good piece, the scenery here is not good, but there are popular, the rapid growth of users, attract a lot of marketers. But WeChat users to join, just enough here to experience a new communication effect, but not in order to be able to pay attention to your so-called marketing. Of course, be sure to push every day, one hundred people will be interested in some of your marketing goods?. But as a WeChat user, you do not want to be such a huge amount of harassment every day, from the personality factor on the decision, not every commodity is suitable for WeChat marketing.

second, WeChat marketing restrictions. Familiar with WeChat marketing users know that WeChat marketing mode is mainly divided into six kinds of path, circle of friends, the public number, bottles, signature, scan two-dimensional code, open platform and so on, is nothing more than to rely on these methods, estimation can also and to some marketing effect. Before a lot of people feel the new experience has led to a lot of driving effect, such as shaking, sweep the two-dimensional code, etc., did drive the entire environment, the effect is obvious. But now, after three minutes after warm Jin, WeChat circle has been restored calm in the past. In addition, these marketing methods in some degree, it is not a high grade, but it does have a very deep marketing skills. But here, even if the content is good, the user will only be a glance, if you are too frequent to send information, engage

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