Double 11 to come your marketing method ready

is originally a single day of dogs, but changed to child dog days, this is not, once a year the double eleven coming up! Double eleven online shopping Carnival originated from Taobao held promotional activities, and later became a fixed date Tmall held large-scale promotional activities. In recent years, the eleven has become an annual event in China’s e-commerce industry, and gradually affect the international e-commerce industry.

everyone knows the business has always been good at making section, what "double eleven" and "shuangshier" and "3.7 girls Festival" and so on, it is trying to make the hand chop party "buy buy buy". To put it plainly, is to look for a time by the price, advertising, users wanton abuse, but have to say, this is really effective.

double 11 war, countless local elevator propaganda from the subway, bus station, advertising, a thick smoke that can sniff out. Brands have started to attract consumers to exhaust all the skills, but the nodes in such a marketing focus on the outbreak of the competition, you want to highlight how difficult the siege.

what are some simple ways to promote it,


a. Poster propaganda

poster is the most intuitive way, but the same, how to make your poster looks high-end atmosphere on the grade?.


bright colors with a reasonable composition, even if just a few simple things, also can let a person shine at the moment, will be cast into the shade in many map.

two. Shopping coupon

shopping voucher is a good way, but it is important to note that you must set the threshold according to the full conditions of different category setting will take effect in the double 11 day, including commodity and non commodity activities activities.

three. Copy

compared to the picture eye-catching, copywriting is absolutely not inferior, a classic words will let you remember, if and the poster with, will complement each other.

1, 364 days are to fight me, this day can also spell! I must double 11,


2, if the money can not buy happiness, it is not the way to spend money. 11 this day, I want to splurge on


3, 90 have come out to buy it. My double 11, be sure to spell


4 single, how? This day, I have to fill the hearts of all vacant! I double 11, a hot



has six years of history, double the consumption boom, can not afford to indulge in the rising number of bubbles in the year. If you want to get considerable development, both businesses and consumers must have more rational. Only in this way, will not let the double eleven become a waste of consumption carnival.


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