New site 10 days let Google included the experience of the 800 page

Oh, this morning up, we found the Google has a collection of 800 pages in fact yesterday to see the 26000 page today adjusted to page 800. Good Complete=1& hl=zh-CN& newwindow=1& meta=& aq=f 

has always insisted on updating the article, and finally have a good result of the

In fact, our

team sent the only more than 3 thousand articles, why would such a short period of time to be included so much quality.. this is due to the novel! In classic novels at the same time, our team will send some latest novel! I love novels.

Before the

behind Admin5 wrote an article, the next few days, found that there are more than and 10 stations reproduced in this article, the source is signed: love reading, oh, no wonder our site visit rate will slowly increase!


so, adhere to the update of the road, is the most fundamental way to develop the site, we will continue to take the green road without advertising, to provide you with more free novels as well as the domestic no visual reading!!

following a few experience:

method 1: swap links

exchange Links as we all know, the traditional way is to find some related websites and their content, contact each other webmaster in exchange for logo links, but many old station early links are not willing to swap with you…… In fact, there is a method called "self-help chain", that is through the third party platform between multiple sites by clicking on the exchange of visits or popups. Once you click or pop up on another site, your site will get the same amount of access. Join self-help chain not only bring lasting traffic, and in the early site, you can search included strength, because the self-help chain itself PR is usually high, you can also join after you ascend certain PR value, has a very important effect on the search ranking will.

method 2: post promotion

if you are not afraid of hard work, you can use this method. Prepare a website on your web site and logo, to Sohu, Sina, Baidu and other big Post Bar! What? 08 years so soil propaganda!? well, if your writing level is high enough, you can write an article on the website of the soft to the outsider’s perspective (AD) sent to the relevant forum or Post Bar, chances are removed will be much smaller, and write good words have the chance to be other websites, (not write if you can find me, ha ha *_*) also like Sohu, sina>

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