How to let Baidu fast included your station

  now many friends are in the new station, but the new Baidu not included in Baidu, China’s brother, unless you are X station can not rely on other Baidu station can be said more than 90% GG included 500 thousand pages will not flow ah ~ to several people under the eaves, had to bow. Good! Here we have to research how to call Baidu fast included new. If this machine debugging site, must take the wrong all done, it is important to avoid dead connection, new sites don’t go to SEO as long as the excessive optimization optimization at the page label page description is clear (

key)Do not hang any ads after the

site, the space must be stable for a while not open two will not open if the spider climb to your station just do not open he will give up on your station search crawl.


website completely stable to do friendship connection do not 2-3 good to find your site with similar station to connect the station to find new fast PR a little higher than at least 23 as you stand tall but you are the new person is certainly not willing to give you a connection to ~. You make a ~ link to friendship with the way, write to each other webmaster

format is as follows

XXX webmaster Hello ~

first introduce myself I am a webmaster, I love the site very much, now I build a station to your station content match, please add a link to your station station connection is ready please check the address while I was new sites but I was a rookie dedicated station I will put my the site fresh to my best

!The following

I would not say it? Polite ~ although some webmaster Poser but can be said to him, I would give you hang up the connection is not what trouble ~ right in the powerful webmaster is webmaster is in cattle with unchanging devotion to the motherland will always be moved ~ I don’t believe he is the stone heart! This way tried N times


link fix the next step outside to do connection external connections to the site to update and ranking if your site is included in a batch of high quality external connection to your site’s ranking is very good! Looking for external connection station ~ looking for fast updating in spider stay on the station, some people ask how to find the station? What is the

?Use your head to

search engine is the best teacher search forum Webmaster Station Admin5 behind you go ~ in the home are updated daily in search of any word as long as you can hang up the connection line of course blog in 07 years when the 45 month weight is very high, but now declined but is a good external connection! ~ good use can also have a certain effect on


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