Talking about the social media word of mouth marketing

a, " Web 2 President " Obama’s victory, it really can not ignore the contribution of the network community to make. Social media has gradually entered the eyes of many individuals and businesses.

two, the day of Christmas Facebook on the same day as the flow of more than Google, which is a lot of people are surprised that one thing

three, over the past year, the happy network to steal food, hair micro-blog, has become the norm of urban white-collar workers. If you don’t do anything, you’re really OUT.

community began to move forward to the product, the introduction of the introduction of the happy network institutions, Sina micro-blog open enterprise or personal certification. The issue of social concern in the SNS site, the micro blog era is infinite spread. So many Internet users in the use of social media, what are they talking about?

banner group has created a set of professional community search and analysis technology, real-time search and monitoring of about 700000 active Chinese Forum, more than 100 thousand elite blog and the mainstream of the domestic video sites 7. The results show that: in 2009, Chinese netizens posted posts, blogs, videos and other user original content (UGC) has reached 1 billion 130 million, an increase of more than 3.14 times in 2008. One of the topics of social concern netizens reached 760 million. In the social class of topics, students’ employment, health care, hitting the three hot topics in the fastest-growing; several social hot topics of the year 2009 in most network, Internet users attention and affect the progress of the event, for example: Deng Yujiao events, Hangzhou 70 yards event, Shanghai building collapse incident, and some positive focus the topic, for example: 60 anniversary of the national day of Daqing, Hubei college students to save deeds, Chongqing hitting events also caused widespread sympathy on the internet.

according to the "2009 annual social media China development report" revealed: 2009 nearly 370 million Internet users in online publishing the relevant business class topic, 2.28 times more than that of 2008. For businesses, whether you know or not, whether you want to hear, consumers are talking about you at any time and place, we have entered the era of word of mouth decided to purchase power.

but the attendant problems are obvious, and the water is not affixed to the authenticity of the gun is also intensified, this phenomenon is also a serious damage to the majority of Internet users the right to speak. One thing how to hold the puzzlement of social media marketing is also a large number of enterprises.

from the United States, the Facebook Twitter is the most popular, the bright younger generation. China should be regarded as Sina collar and happy nets, the Internet has also been speculation China social network has entered the era of great collar, slogan, process is still very long, but don’t worry about social media marketing applied to the daily marketing activities of the company. Everyone is in use, but few people in the use of their commercial operations, to produce benefits, engage in high brand awareness.

on the one hand because of this

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