n the end how to do personal game site

          in the end how to do personal gaming sites? I believe that this is a problem many people, I am a college student, because the study is a computer professional, so think of a website. One can exercise their own knowledge, to seek some change flower. So in the beginning, is ready to do about the contents of the original literature, made after a while feel as if there is no what the future development of Internet, people are mostly in the novels, but also to do the novel, a novel system so much to choose from, and very simple starting point, such as the above acquisition ok. But I of the novel is not cold, helpless, go home when a friend said that every day when playing online games but also to Baidu search some game Raiders like, then I do worry about is that content. At the instigation of a friend I do daze up, because what all don’t understand, just ask people on the Internet, with their knowledge of the specialty, the vague station http://s.www.qyge.com (elegant game) will do, look now, since the station has the real presentation layer is ugly, and classification is very fuzzy, now basically is to rely on Baidu to IP, usually also more than 2 thousand. So now think about waiting to be familiar with some of the technology, re apply for a domain name, good to do a stand, but the problem is coming.

                                                              & nbsp;;         in the end game website to do by the individual words can make what Yoko? Blind imitation of 17173, such as the PCGAME station, or to focus on some specific content, is now very confused!

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