6 methods of local portal promotion

The promotion of

local portal has been the main web site operators, and the promotion of gateway is a double-edged sword, ready for the development of the portal setting sail, do not fall into the transition investment trap, are likely to die prematurely portal, this also is the common fault of the entire Internet industry.

its reasons, many people believe that the promotion is the traditional advertising, but the promotion of the portal can not simply do this, this is also the characteristics of its industry. If so, not only does not work for the promotion, but will consume a large amount of capital in a short time.

after 5 years of operation of hundreds of local portal summary, the city of China to promote local portal has its own understanding and products.

its core philosophy is: to promote not to spend money, to make money, take the road of cooperation, business promotion. Let the promotion into a product, rather than the portal of consumer goods, the money trap.

(1) Internet cafes to promote

cafe is the focus of attention of many network operators, if the home page of the Internet cafes can be all for me, then not only to solve the problem of portal promotion, but also the first time to contact the most active Internet users.

Internet cafes cooperation difficulties:

1, cooperation difficult

so-called cooperation is difficult, it is difficult to put the old version of the Internet cafe to let the home page to the site operators, unless there are administrative requirements, exchange of interests, qualifications and security (so that the safety of Internet cafes trust sites) and other conditions.

, however, is beneficial, the Internet cafes for the old version of the old version of the Internet is idle resources, if someone can make the idle resources of Internet cafes to generate profits to talk about, or to build some new competitive advantages of Internet cafes. This is the network operators need to think and dig.

2, keep hard


website operators through various channels, such as administrative practices, exchange of interests, and even purchase etc., to obtain a preliminary internet homepage, but want to maintain very hard, often a month or months will "fall" Internet home page, the reason is that administrative means can not always effective, because the Internet itself is. And resisted this, one will have the opportunity to "defection"; the profit of exchange, for a long time, the old version of Internet cafes will think less trouble, cooperation and commitment expected profits can not meet the requirements and so on. In the new Internet cafes to do the system when forget the promise of cooperation and return to the original.

(2) prizes promotion


users to our website, if you have free prizes you can get, so what better than this attraction? The key to the prize promotion website operators products, rather than out of their own pockets, or do more die faster.

city of China has promoted the development of prizes into products, build a win-win situation for users and businesses

prize promotion is relying on the launch of the business treasure products: Jiabao is a local portal sales to local businesses a network of products, >

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