Blog marketing topic planning is the core

blog marketing from the actual sense, is based on this blog network tools, with bloggers power to promote the enterprise, brand or product visibility, and promote product sales, but also can be a person by operating their own blog to shape their visibility.

this involves open blog, blog, blog promotion three main links. By winning the long-term practice of marketing planning agencies, we believe that in the blog marketing system, in general, can take two routes:


, launched to promote the work of how to use the existing personal blog or blog blog these tens of thousands of enterprises, have a certain amount of access and visibility, there is a considerable audience in a field, both of which have a loyal audience, there is also a new growth in visitor. The use of these blogs, can bring a considerable number of audience for the enterprise, and then expand the brand awareness of enterprises to promote product sales;

second, enterprises set up their own blog to promote products or brands, such as Sina, the Sohu in considerable flow of the founders of the website blog, or in the name of the enterprise opened the official blog, and then focus on some distinctive and attractive topic level of writing good articles to attract users to access, contact editor, to the wide range to promote official blog, attracted more and more users get access, visibility and influence.

has been aware of this blog from the media companies or individuals, in the two routes is at least one of the attempts. In the blog platform Sina blog, blog, Tencent, Sohu, and 51 space blog, Baidu space, search room, such as the focus of integrated or industry tens of thousands of active blog users, is a case in point. Here I want to say is, for small and medium enterprises, the core of the blog marketing what is the enterprise blog marketing, the most critical is to do what work?

through years of observation, practice and research analysis, Deng Chaoming believes that the topic of planning is the core of blog marketing, its power and value beyond the blog platform and blog communication channel resources.

blog topic planning in two ways, in most cases is to use cross media is a form of the 1 routines, the business news, dynamic, and express them with advantages of various forms of text, pictures and video, blogs directly tell the audience how powerful, how credible, how good. I do not choose, you can choose who, then make the article recommended by the power of public relations get home, bold or standard red, is the use of the power of the media and advertising effect. Of course, these news and articles to be tempting, write to be beautiful, heading up to catch the eye, content to be attractive, so the editors to push, netizens also love, and will be the inside of the product and view description. The importance of topic planning is reflected here.

two is a form of word of mouth, mainly to make full use of the industry >

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