Jd com wine wine festival opened over the same period of mother’s Day gift

news May 3rd, following Guo Degang "cloud wine Jingdong" landing platform to raise the public, Jingdong to join music as its ecological network network Jingdong jointly open the third session of the international wine festival. Activities will be officially opened in May 4th, has now started 1 Yuan Bao Bao, big spike and other activities.


over the line of Chile dew dry face, the little mermaid French manor, Lafite and other variety of overseas direct mining Wine products, make mother’s day to add more fresh sea amoy.

first step Ali joint Jingdong network network to start a wine festival

music as its ecological network network blockbuster joined Jingdong Third International Wine festival.

April 28th, a wine festival warm-up period Chile dew dry face, like a raging fire, the little mermaid manor, France Lafite, silk as sparkling wine, Seebach, Penfolds Bin series, yellow tail, hundreds of overseas sellers centralized login of Jingdong. Network network of Jingdong’s flagship store launched buy 6 6 overseas direct mining Wine put price limit".

May 4th Wine Festival officially opened after the network network will also support the Jingdong International Wine Festival, launched 1 yuan grab treasure and other activities. In addition, in the network network Jingdong flagship store to purchase wine users can also enjoy the full 300 by 60, the full 600 minus 150 discount. Preferential enough to be called ".

In the

network network boost, Jingdong International Wine Festival first at Tmall global wine festival to meet with consumers, let consumers enjoy the real world Wine feast in advance. Earlier, the chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba and the Prime Minister of Italy in the international top wine show Vinitaly announced on September 9th this year, Alibaba will open the first Tmall global wine festival".

two pronged approach to market

Wine conspiracy

Jingdong, network network to join the sprint Wine Festival is to see the prospects of the market Wine.

this year, Jingdong moves in the field of red wine. Earlier this year, Liu Qiangdong revealed that in 2016 Jingdong will be introduced by its own gatekeeper of the new channel business". The industry believes that the move to subversion and reconstruction of traditional retail channels, and has long been the domestic content with staying where one is liquor distribution channel system to generate touch.

day before, Guo Degang and Devon wine debut in Beijing and announced that the Jingdong launched to raise public platform, aims to provide a high quality of life for users.

Jingdong touched the field of wine, and music as the ecological quality of wine in the life of overseas vision consistent. Wine and LETV music as its ecological synchronization into overseas". In addition to the world’s largest manufacturer Wine exposure group launched CP2C single product "Rose", and music as sports jointly introduced German beer brand "Groot" series of movements, as the holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui has deeply in France, Germany, Britain, the United States and the world’s largest area of hinterland research mifang, in an attempt to from the upstream industry chain top >

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