Alipay license plate problem still no solution Ali denied that the acquisition of Minsheng Bank


Alibaba will further clarify the basic position of Alipay platform, and as "the implementation of the core of Taobao".

is the largest independent third party payment platform (Alipay China) Network Technology Co. Ltd. announced that the Alibaba group will be in the next 5 years to invest 5 billion yuan, making Alipay take more tasks in the "Taobao" strategy.

this is by far the largest investment in the history of the third party payment. There are signs that the Alibaba of Alipay in the role in the overall strategy to further clarify, in the next few years will serve as a cross platform, undertake communication with the Alibaba even chain and ecological chain role in the field of electronic commerce.

big Taobao strategy to implement the core

5 billion yuan investment will allow the online shopping market in the domestic demand to speed up the outbreak." Ali group chief human officer, Alipay CEO Peng Lei said.

domestic online shopping market size reached 267 billion yuan in 2009, nearly 300 times in 2003. In 2003 Alipay Taobao was born, to solve the problem of trust and payment of the domestic online shopping market to guarantee transaction mode. After the end of March, Alipay announced that the number of users exceeded 300 million, daily turnover exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan, has been providing payment services in the B2C shopping, online games, ticket business and logistics, insurance and other fields; at present, 5 million transactions.

confirmed the investment, Alibaba will further clarify the basic position of Alipay platform, and as "the implementation of the core of Taobao". According to plan, the new investment of 5 billion yuan will be used mainly for Alipay in talent, technology, equipment and other aspects of the expansion and upgrade, optimize the user experience. Insiders pointed out that the strategic positioning of Alibaba Alipay, further clear, will be key to the success of Taobao "strategy.

Prior to

, Ma had said that the era of e-commerce, payment platform similar to the water and electricity and other infrastructure. There is news that Alipay has been approached in the customer, and part of the government public service industry companies, in order to use the technology and resources into basic services, from the field of electronic commerce to the field of public service, become a commodity".

will intervene in the future super online banking

bank and third party payment are attributable to the central bank, the "super online banking" launch will not break our way of life, but Alipay will get greater development space." Alipay said that the 5 billion yuan investment plan and the central bank launched the "super online banking" has nothing to do, but the Alibaba within the group strategy.

2009, the central bank research and development of the second generation payment system super online banking, through the construction of a little access, multi-point docking system architecture, to achieve one-stop online banking financial management. It is understood that the super online banking in addition to individuals and units

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