Food safety or business weakness online shopping food need to be cautious

recently, Jingdong and Yonghui supermarket in Hefei have accused, said the illegal addition of a food additive in food. Food safety has been related to the problems about food beneficial to the people’s livelihood, and numerous cases, especially some copycat food, can be said to harm no end of trouble for the future. For example: in some rural areas, find a lot of food in the snack shop to copycat, are generally copycat other well-known brands. Like milk, Yili milk, and packaging are extremely similar, if you do not look carefully, may be deceived. Similarly, Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, many snacks can not guarantee the quality of products and sources, so online shopping food must be cautious.

snacks, fruits occupy a huge electricity supplier market share

in Taobao and Jingdong two big business platform, snacks, fruit occupy a lot of market share, and for the food shops, in addition to a small number of official flagship store, the rest are almost no what brand of food store. As for the supply of these shops come from, I am afraid that only the owner himself clearly, like some spicy bars, biscuits and other common snacks, cottage goods very much. The snack shop profit is relatively small, so there are some unscrupulous merchants will be cheap manufactured goods, in fact, are some of the small workshop production. But it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the quality of food from the packaging is qualified, Taobao food products are not safe.

Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform for food regulation lax

Taobao, Tmall on the supply of confusion, there are some regular manufacturers, there are many small workshops. For food, it is related to the life and health of consumers, so we must pay attention to it. If I buy a clothes can accept in Taobao, bought some food might get sick in Taobao, is certainly not acceptable. As the electronic business platform itself, has an unshirkable responsibility, must increase the intensity of supervision of food products. Of course, this also involves the involvement of the relevant departments, with the electricity supplier platform to complete the supervision of food products.

electronic business platform on food stores need a shuffle

for Taobao, Tmall on the food store, perhaps will usher in a reshuffle of the industry, or the conversion of food to sell formal channels, or face bankruptcy. Like some local specialty shops, can be said to sell a lot of fakes, I do not know how many shops are under the name of a local brand. And then cry up wine and sell vinegar, deceive some foreign customers or consumers, the same is true of the shop. Buyers may confuse the products they buy is not genuine, this shop you can profit from the seller. Reduce the cost of purchase, the price is the same as genuine.

Taobao has been trying to combat, which is the hardest hit clothing goods, but ignored the food products. These two areas are among the hardest hit, and food is more serious than clothing, the impact is greater, so the electricity supplier should focus on selling food and supervision and management. This paper is based on ht>

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