Debate agriculture agricultural electricity supplier is the leader or death squads

this is an interesting topic: "agriculture" is the recent general secretary Xi Jinping presided over the study emphasis content.

is the core contradictions in this debate: the policy environment, to engage in agricultural electricity providers the vast army will die as the pack and the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore or a strong. In this regard, the point of the small network of beans made the following considerations.

agricultural electricity supplier threshold height can knock dead warriors


agricultural chain electronic business platform is a repeat of the hundred regiments war?

Whether there will be a real oligopoly

pack and


does not die, how to avoid self inflicted


agricultural chain business especially agricultural electricity supplier threshold is still very obvious with hard height.

in the central document clearly stated, when the general secretary Internet plus "concept, put forward the" agriculture "work instruction, the major electricity providers and traditional agricultural industry, the mood is very hot very excited. Many of them, such as Taobao, Jingdong and other industry giants. The stock market and the capital market is also very popular for the agricultural sector. For a time there has been a lot of agricultural business, agricultural business platform, bustling. Point bean network would like to remind you that the electricity supplier platform has always been a high threshold to be feared, in particular, emerging brands, the process of early training users to spend money like water. Not to mention the agricultural chain business platform users to farmers, user training is more difficult. Be cautious to avoid death, knock on the threshold.

chain of agricultural electricity supplier platform hundred battle has begun to take shape.

believes that a lot of people in the past few years, "hundred regiments" fresh memories: at that time, in the country’s 123 major cities, and even the county town, all kinds of brand "buy" service platform crazy. Market personnel are bloodthirsty, expansion efforts and speed is amazing. Patterns are varied, there are venture capital, there are partnerships, there are joined…… Now There is not much left. The soldiers swarmed into the sunrise industry, the surging tide of the scene is spectacular, and even after the breakdown of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore live down, very rare. Point bean network to say that the chain of agricultural electricity supplier platform can absorb its lessons. First, the online and offline can not be separated, not in order to quickly return the funds and skip the wrong online consumer guide. Second, the user experience is always paramount, not to escape the demands of the target user, product design is not engaged in art, practical is the most important. Third, the capital chain to pull long enough and not too long. Do not intend to long-term profitability, not with long-term profit.

is the industry "oligarchs" throw advertising gimmick, who also don’t want to unification.

current China, there is no real oligarchs. It has been said that agricultural electricity providers to oligopoly, and forecast will compete in what oligarch enterprises. Beans Xiaobian more rational objectively speaking, in the market microstructure, homogeneous competition intense today, the high cold who also don’t like the Regal isolationist. Various factors, such as the difference of operation ability, the difference of regional market, the difference of mode

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