Women’s clothing custom website Bow & Drape assembled new fashion for women



recently, the women’s clothing company Bow & Drape to the traditional fashion industry launched a technical impact. Through the online ordering service, customers can outline on the skirt (bell, low waist, skirt, etc.), color and decorative sleeve (such as beads) select the various parts of the assembly". At the same time, the site also use 2-3 tool (Fit Kit) to obtain customer size information, to ensure that the finished product in the hands of customers rushed to the end of the clothes fit. Currently, Bow & Drape has provided more than 30 thousand kinds of ritual skirt portfolio.

according to the reporter for Bow & Drape custom service test feedback, each skirt costs an average of $120 to $180 (no shipping). The finished product is not only very fit, but also on the material left (by the fashion industry identification).

can be combined into so many styles, women don’t have to worry about with others Zhuangshan, founder of Aubrie Pagano · (Aubrie Pagano) said: "we each custom is out and out of the original product." Bow & Drape is located in the United States, Boston, and the United States major retail clothing outsourcing production is different, each of its products are produced locally.

in order to solve the most difficult size problem, the company will give customers a special free of charge to send their Kit tool (Fit). According to the custom of dress, "fit tools" will not only provide 3 kinds of selected style size model (general material) for customers to try, but also provide customized piece of fabric. In this way, customers in the future to ensure that the finished product fit at the same time, can also be aware of the fabric color texture. Preinstalled in the fit tool box paid return envelope, Bow & Drape require customers to 5 working days after receipt of the tool box, must be in the single online or select "fit tools" return. Otherwise, the company will from the customer’s credit card charge late fees.

now, fast fashion company H& M and Zara have clothing as fast food consumption, female friends even embarrassed Zhuangshan, are not "the same tune" predicament. To this end, Bow & Drape said the company hopes to female customers to re expression and control of their clothes, let the company produce unique clothing fit for the unique relationship between women and reshape the previous tailor. Currently, Bow & Drape is working to provide customers with more color and customization options. (compile: @ LIANG Qing)

article source: TechCrunch

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