From online shopping to buy environment change innovation

looked at CCTV, who is crazy for the network, I think for a few days. Some 8848 why hold less than now, later Taobao is popular? Create light company age PPG, why let the group purchase websites VANCL across the seas catch up from behind? Why until now, thousands of war group


thought for a few days, and finally I got a result. Innovation does not go beyond the environment, it is difficult to change the environment, more only because of the environment and change innovation. Because any innovation must be based on reality, should be borne by the environment. If you do not have the reality, even if you look forward to innovation, you can not turn it into wealth, you can not change the environment, and finally you will fail.

suddenly thought, Ma Huateng almost sold the Tencent. If he can think of today, he certainly would not want to sell. But he could not see the future, he did not know how QQ will develop. Although this is not the original Tencent, but also regarded as a leader in the country. 8848 retrospect old banyan, if all investors are aware, changes in today’s environment, everything was missing, are able to find it, who would watch 8848 close? I believe that no one would be willing to, they will do what they can to save. What a pity!

some people say that Taobao changed the environment. I won’t deny. Because Taobao has innovative means of payment, since Alipay, only to Taobao the leaping development. But if there is not a realistic environment, Taobao can develop today? Today has no if, but Taobao’s success, had to thank the environment changes. At least until the advent of Taobao, there are already eBay paving the way. At least when Taobao appeared, the logistics system has changed. At least when Taobao appeared, many people have tried online shopping.

can not say that Taobao does not innovate, but it can not be said that Taobao good luck. Maybe it’s a little bit of luck. If PPG can slow down a little perspective, to continue down, I want to sleep a few VANCL will be less soundly. Unfortunately, PPG expansion too fast, but it is beyond the environment at that time. No one can catch PPG, he fell and paved the way for the people behind. But I still have to say, PPG is a great, glorious company. It’s glory, already be cast into the shade.

look at the Group buy site! Many people say that the cottage Grouporn. I do not deny. In the form of the website, the domestic group purchase websites are Chinese version. But the network group purchase mode, early on in the domestic, but no sound. Only in the circumstances at that time, this is a leading innovation. The guy I already do not remember the name, give me time to the site at the time, my first reaction is to think that is very good, but then I feel boring, is not to fight? Finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

but after a few years, Grouporn in the United States

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