News that Amazon has locked Tmall to discuss matters both in talking about

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Liu Yu) news that the U.S. electricity supplier gangster Amazon will adjust the development strategy in China, with the rival Ali group marriage, will be stationed in China’s business development Tmall. At the same time, Amazon has locked Tmall executives to negotiate in matters. For Amazon and Tmall or will expand cooperation yesterday, both sides said no comment. Previously, the United States and Dangdang electricity supplier just married Tmall.

although Amazon and Tmall have not been answered, but in the industry view, Amazon back traffic tree Tmall may be a good choice. It is understood that the current Dangdang, Gome online, shop No. 1 have been settled in Tmall, if Amazon overwhelmed by the rumors are true, then the pattern and competition between the electricity supplier will become increasingly clear and intense. In 2013 the U.S. electricity supplier retail show, Apple’s board of directors and senior adviser to Google Gore believes that with the rapid growth of population, the Asian electricity supplier market will play an increasingly important role. Commodity trading volume in the fourth quarter of last year, only Ali group on a more than the sum of and eBay."

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