Tell the story behind the site 17tech and Techweb

      17tech and techweb are dead friends. First techweb and then tech together to see a lot of stories about their fights. See the power of information and pinch from them. Today inadvertently in the home page to see 2 17tech pinch story.


according to industry sources, Zhu Zhijun has recently begun to actively operate, plans to sell Techweb. The source said, Zhu Zhijun gave Techweb shares of the, please help to promote the acquisition of sina technology or find other buyers.

            the sources, Zhu Zhijun proved himself to play techweb, always keep going by painstaking effort. Because of the departure of Liu Xingliang and generous consultation in limbo. Only rely on some time to live a hard time. 51CTO has no future. According to the sources, Zhu Zhijun is still to Lei Jun, as long as the techweb promises to find buyers can get 3-8% of the shares of income.

            Cnet in early 08 had a bid of $300 thousand acquisition of Techweb, Zhu Zhijun declined. After techweb with the departure of Liu Xingliang, a sudden turn for the worse situation. (end)

        Cnet in early 08 had bid $300 thousand acquisition of Techweb  this sentence into the techweb into the hell of the 18, only a mere $300 thousand, that is less than 2 million yuan. Previously learned that TW had been invested more than 500 thousand U.S. dollars, as well as a team of people struggling for the past 4 years of sweat and blood in the past 50 years.

      plus a TW internal personnel changes. This is a combat knife with blood. Http:// 


    17tech; why is this one up, henzhao. Kill in invisible opponents at home practice is what happened?The new editor in chief 17tech

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