A practical guide to the rapid development of small and medium sized enterprises

on the Internet network enterprises, the role of the brand is particularly important to the enterprise, the brand as a kind of intangible assets can bring great value to the value of business. With the continuous development of the market, the brand in the consumer mind more and more strong, we also joined the construction machinery industry brand strategy, establish the best stacking machine brand website. But now many companies understand the concept of the brand still has a lot of misunderstanding, is our best stacking machinery enterprises there are many errors, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, the need to create a strong brand strength

although we only palletisers enterprise brand construction has enough attention, but in the process of development, has been narrowed this brand to invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, so the investment for our enterprise is unable to bear, so for the brand construction work has been delayed.

2, committed to creating products to ignore the brand

before we only palletisers enterprise is committed to improve the competitiveness of products, to focus on the day-to-day running of the business, spend most of the time to create production and sales, products in the accumulation of capital, shaping the brand has been ignored.

3, the concept of brand promotion errors

we also have a period of time to do brand building, but not much effect to give up, do the brand is not an overnight thing, is in the process of enterprise development in the long-term accumulation and precipitation of wealth. It is the understanding of the concept of brand promotion there is a serious mistake, resulting in brand building process is not clear brand image.

in the above analysis of the problem, to determine the road of brand building, brand shaping work in the daily work.

1, the brand building into the product

We do not

in palletizing robot product operation, the brand into the product, a profound understanding of the relationship between product and brand. Mainly in: 1) to establish best stacking machine of http://s.www.fujiyusoki.com.hk/ product quality, which is the fundamental of brand building, brand building and quality are directly linked, but in terms of quality, brand building is not the cornerstone. 2) product packaging design with the brand concept, good packaging design will allow consumers more of our products only palletisers impressive, virtually will also promote the brand in the minds of consumers. So to be unified with the eye-catching logo products in the packaging design, and user awareness of the brand, the brand is continuously formed in the usual.

2, good after-sales service

now attaches great importance to the service of this piece, because the product is the fundamental competition in the enterprise, the quality of the product is not the user to check the amount of attention. We do not palletisers, is high quality requirement of the product, unless we don’t want to continue in the machinery industry, otherwise there is no perfect product quality, is a dead end.

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